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   Chapter 2 Pregnant

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Ella crossed her legs as she returned Raymond's steely look with a bright, cheerful smile. She was on the brink of a nervous breakdown, but she wasn't about to let him know that. Her heart hammered in her chest as she said mildly, "Raymond, we signed an agreement before our marriage. Our agreement clearly states that you can't divorce me if I haven't disgraced you or the Xia family in any way."

"Well, I'm sure you'll agree that the circumstances have changed." Raymond's tone was nonchalant, but the way he towered over her with his forbidding aura made Ella squirm in her seat.

Ella knew Raymond better than anyone. He wasn't the type to get ahead of himself and jump to conclusions; he was a man who acted according to logic and hard facts.

His calm, assured manner meant that he had irrefutable evidence of her "affair," but Ella found that difficult to believe. How could he have proof of it, when she, the person who had been in the hotel room the entire time, didn't even know what had actually happened? It was all a hazy blur to her. Had she merely walked into the wrong room and fallen asleep in the bed? Or was it possible that she had actually slept with another man?

Raymond, noting the skeptical look on Ella's face, took out his phone and showed it to her. It was an intimate photo of a man and a woman in bed.

The man was wearing a bathrobe. He was handsome, but Ella wasn't in the mood to admire his good looks. There was a woman sound asleep in his arms, and her heart almost stopped when she recognized her own features. Horrified, she slapped the phone out of Raymond's hand and shot him a look of disbelief. "Raymond Xia, is that the best you can do? Your Photoshop skills are terrible! My fans can do better than that."

It didn't matter what proof he had. She wasn't going to admit it. Over her dead body!

She had been an orphan for eighteen years. Then the Sheng family had found her and it turned out she was their second daughter. Though she had been taken back to the family, she was unloved by her family. She had thought she had finally found her place when she met Raymond Xia, but in an ironic twist of fate, she had become the other woman, and her family had turned their backs on her for good.

She was Mrs. Xia, but the title meant nothing.

Raymond hated her guts.

Ella looked at Raymond, half-expecting him to lash out at her after her angry outburst. But he retrieved his phone without comment, his attitude relaxed and indifferent. "Ella Sheng, it looks like we'll have to settle this in court."

"If I can prove my innocence, will you stop all this nonsense about getting a divorce?" Ella pleaded tearfully.

"What's the point? You drove her away and wedged yourself into my life for the last two years. Haven't you had enough? Aren't you satisfied? Must you torture me for the rest of my life? Ella Sheng..." Raymond's throat tightened and he trailed off, unable to continue.

It was a rare display of raw, unfiltered emotion from him.

"Raymond." Ella's voice was gentle but determined. "You love me. Don't you know that?"

The edge in his gaze disappeared, replaced by a look of amusement. He looked as if Ella had just told him the joke of the century. He slowly got back into the car, lit a cigarette, and rested his elbow on the open car window. He didn't say anything, but the lines of his face hardened as he took a drag on his cigarette and slowly breathed out the smoke.

His strange, pensive mood unnerved Ella, but she knew she had to keep up the fight. She said softly, "Raymond, I know you can tell me apart from my sister. I have a place in your heart, but you've been confusing me for my sister the entire time. You love me, not my sister."

She reached out and placed a shy, uncertain hand on his chest, over his heart. She could feel the warmth of his skin and the beating of his heart under her palm. Tears welled in her eyes; in that beautiful moment she could feel a connection with him, and she wished the moment would never end.

She smiled. "Raymond, your heart's beating so fast. Listen."

She leaned in to put her ear on his chest, but Raymond shoved her away without warning. The cigarette in his hand grazed her neck, and Ella shrank back from the sudden burning pain.

She touched the burn on her neck and flinched. The pain seemed to be getting worse.

Alarmed, Raymond snuffed the cigarette out and tossed it into ashtray. He lifted Ella's hair away from her neck, and saw that the cigarette had left an ugly burn mark on her otherwise flawless skin.

She was an actress, and a famous one at that. An unsightly scar on her neck might very well end her career.

Ella shivered at the touch of his fingers on her neck. They had been married for the last two years, but they had on

ly been intimate once, and Raymond had gone to extreme lengths to avoid her ever since. In fact, he had never even set foot in the villa that was supposed to be their matrimonial home.

If the burning pain on her neck was the price she had to pay for the warmth of his touch on her skin, she would gladly pay it again and again. It was well worth it.

Ella had already forgotten all about the pain in her delight. She hugged her husband and said sweetly, "Raymond, I'll never divorce you."

Raymond didn't reply. He turned to the chauffeur and said, "Take us to the hospital."

"Why are we going to the hospital?" Ella asked, bewildered.

"We're getting you a brain scan to see what's wrong with your head." Raymond's tone was sarcastic, but he made no move to push her away.

Ella was insulted, but she let the jab slide. There was still a chance she would be able to turn the situation around, and she wasn't about to destroy it by exchanging petty insults with her husband.

The thought lifted her spirits, and she arrived at the hospital in a pleasant mood. The doctor disinfected her wound, wrote her a prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs, and then sent her to the gynecology department.

Ella was confused. Why would the gynecologist want to see her because of a cigarette burn on her neck?

Bewildered but afraid to ask silly questions, she allowed the nurse to steer her to the gynecology department. Raymond followed nonchalantly after her.

Several couples were waiting for their turn outside the gynecology department. They saw Raymond and Ella, and surreptitiously took photos of them.

Raymond stood beside Ella with a hand in his pocket. He put his other hand around her waist and led her into the doctor's office.

The doctor was a middle-aged woman. As soon as she saw Raymond enter, she said loudly, "Women only! Men have to wait outside."

Raymond made no move to leave. The doctor adjusted her glasses and squinted at him, before breaking into a wrinkly smile. She put her pen down and said warmly, "Raymond! I didn't recognize you. Are you here to see your dear aunt, or is there something else I can help you with?"

Lora Xia was a single woman in her 50s. With no children of her own, she lavished her affections on Raymond, her favorite nephew. She looked Ella over with the eyes of a calculating hawk for a long moment before the light of recognition finally came into her eyes. "Oh, it's you. I completely forgot that Raymond married you."

Ella blushed with awkward embarrassment. She said meekly, "Hello, Aunt Lora."

Ella tugged at Raymond's sleeve and gave him a quizzical look. She hardly ever saw anyone from the Xia family; they didn't like her, and made no attempt to hide the fact that she wasn't welcome. This unexpected meeting with Lora Xia caught Ella off-guard, and she found herself tongue-tied.

Instead of coming to her rescue, however, Raymond merely told Ella that she needed a physical examination and left the room. Ella's heart gave a sudden leap as her thoughts raced ahead of her. Perhaps Raymond had had a sudden change of heart, and wanted a baby with her. Or perhaps he was feeling guilty about the way he had treated her in the last two years, and was now trying to make up for it with a show of concern for her well-being. Whatever it was, she was grateful for it, and Ella knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth. She would gladly endure Lora's unnerving gaze if that was what Raymond wanted.

Half an hour later, Ella returned to the car and let out a long sigh of relief. "Darling, I had no idea Aunt Lora takes her job so seriously. I was so afraid of annoying her I didn't dare say anything to her the entire time. And then she asked me to leave without giving me the report! The whole examination was so bizarre."

Raymond said nothing to that. He handed her the report as Ella fastened her seat belt and made herself comfortable.

She took one look at the report and almost dropped it. She was pregnant. She read it over again, unable to believe her eyes.

How was that possible?

She hadn't slept with Raymond in the last two years.


Ella suddenly thought of something, and her chest tightened. She struggled to keep her hands from trembling as she set the report down and looked at Raymond with her best attempt at a calm, dignified expression. "Raymond, this hospital visit wasn't about my cigarette burn at all. You asked your aunt to fabricate this pregnancy report as evidence that I cheated on you. Am I right?"

"Yes, you're right." Raymond's reply was flat and unsympathetic. He handed the divorce agreement to her, his handsome face stony and devoid of all emotion. "Ella Sheng, you have only one option. Get an abortion and sign the divorce agreement."

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