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   Chapter 30 The Competition Between Two Families

Heart Desires: Find You In Love Maze By Meng Xinyu Characters: 10140

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In the evening, Yates came back in a hurry. After knowing the details of the matter, he looked nervous and seemed to be thinking about something.

However, York, who had always been calm, became irritable. Restless, he clamored to fight with Gregory.

Yates was still calm. He just told York not to act rashly, and got up to go back to the company to prepare.

For the whole night, York didn't sleep well. He was always worried about Elli. In the early morning, York couldn't help but dial the number of Elli.

At this time, Elli was sleeping and was in a daze. When she heard the ringtone, she turned over and answered, "Hello..."

"Elli, are you okay?" Hearing Elli's voice, York asked happily.

A trace of helplessness flashed through Elli's eyes, but she still forced a smile and said, "I'm fine. What about you? Did Gregory do anything to you? I'm so sorry for what happened today..." Elli explained.

"Don't worry, Elli. I'll go to see you tomorrow. I'll take you away from him and leave. Don't let you suffer any more." Hearing the strange tone of Elli, York couldn't help saying.

'Leave? Where could I go now? There is probably no one in the A City who could compete with Gregory.

Even if I run away, where could I go?'

What's more, at this moment, Elli was not willing to leave.

After thinking for a few seconds, Elli shook her head and said, "Forget it, York. You don't know anything about me. It's good as long as you are fine. Don't come to me again."

Elli didn't want to hurt York because of her. 'What happened today is a lesson.'

"Elli, what's wrong with you? We are friends. How can I let you live under the threat of that devil? It's not easy for me to find a person to talk to for so many years. How can I let her be hurt?" York got emotional in an instant.

After hearing this, there was an indescribable feeling in her heart. Elli also felt that she could have a good talk with York. 'If I was still an honorable lady from the An family, I believed that we would become good friends. However, with my special identity, I could not allow such a thing to happen.'

"I'm fine, York. This is my own choice. No matter how difficult it is, I will keep going." Elli interrupted York.

"Elli..." York said reluctantly.

"Well, I'm going to bed." As soon as Elli finished speaking, she hung up the phone before York could speak. 'I don't dare to go on, fearing that I couldn't control my emotions. York's tenderness makes me want to rely on him.

But now my identity don't allow me to have any other thoughts.'

On the early morning of the second day, Elli was picked up by Gregory and went to the company. York was woken up by Yates and rushed to Gregory's company.

When they arrived at the company, Gregory still minded what happened yesterday and wanted to teach Elli a lesson, so he took the private elevator upstairs, leaving Elli waiting in line.

On the way to the CEO's office, several women around Elli discussed with a look of contempt. The vicious words came to Elli's ea

to find a way to live in which I am less tangled.'

"Work?" Gregory was shocked.

"What? Mr. Gregory, are you afraid? Are you afraid that I will know the confidential information of your company?" Elli sneered.

Hearing that, Gregory burst into laughter and said, "What a joke! What achievement do you think you can make?"

"In that case, Mr. Gregory, please arrange work for me." Elli took the opportunity to say.

Since Elli had said that, Gregory couldn't refuse. 'I want to see what tricks Elli could play.'

"Well, from now on, you can be my secretary. Angel is mainly responsible for the outside of the office, and you are mainly responsible for the inside." Gregory said coldly.

'Inside and outside the office?' Elli couldn't understand this, but she didn't bother to ask. At least, she knew her duty as a secretary. "Okay, that means I'm on the same level as Angel, right?"

"No, you are her superior. She and all the people in her office should listen to you." Gregory answered. At this moment, he felt a little uneasy and even scared.

Gregory was really afraid that Elli would leave him. This feeling was so strong at the moment when York appeared.

Elli was stunned and soon came to her senses. With a smile on her face, she said, "Okay, I see."

'Now that Gregory wants me to stay with him, I could stay, but I am unwilling to be a pushover. I want to fight back. I want to win Gregory's heart and then throw it away, so that Gregory could experience what I had suffered. I want to teach those who wanted to hurt me and laugh at me....'

"Go to work if you understand. Sort them out before you get off work this afternoon." Gregory then threw a dozen of documents to Elli and said.

Elli looked at the document in her hand and asked, "That's all?"

Gregory raised his head and stared at Elli. Elli looked up and said, "I'm afraid it won't take an hour to do that, right?"

Hearing that, Gregory's face changed. He pointed to the side and said, "And those, sort them out in order."

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