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   Chapter 29 There Must Be Something Special

Heart Desires: Find You In Love Maze By Chang Du Characters: 7636

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York shook his head slightly and said in a much weaker voice, "Elli, don't worry. I'm fine."

"York..." Elli's eyes were full of worry.

Seeing this, Gregory was even angrier, "Beat him! Who told you to stop? Pull her away!" Gregory scolded.

Hearing this, the bodyguards came forward again and pulled Elli aside to control her. Then they punched York again.

"Stop!" Elli shouted helplessly, but Gregory ignored her.

Seeing that York was beaten, Elli felt very sad. "What do you want, Gregory? If you are angry, just come at me. It has nothing to do with him!"

This time, Gregory was even angrier. 'Last night, in order to find Elli and be injured, Elli didn't even care about me at all. In the early morning, she shouted in front of me with a man. How could I bear it?'

Gregory took a few steps forward and pinched Elli's chin. "Elli, do you feel sorry for him? Just a skittish woman like you, there must be something special about this man, right?"

Elli glared at Gregory with anger. 'It turns out that I am such a person in Gregory's heart.'

"Well, even if I am such a person, can I? Please let him go. For people like me, Mr. Gregory, I'm sure you won't waste your time to be angry." Elli sneered. 'Now that Gregory has misunderstood me, I don't bother to explain. What's more, the most important thing right now is to save York.'

"You admitted it. Good! Do you want me to let him go?" said Gregory, he nodded vigorously.

At this moment, Gregory was on the verge of breaking down. 'I had thought that Elli would refute, but...'

"Yes." Elli made no secret of it.

"If you want me to let him go, you can beg me." Gregory said coldly.

Elli looked up at Gregory for a while, and then looked back at York, who was seriously injured.

Elli really had no other choice. She closed her eyes slightly and then opened them again.

"No, Elli!" York stopped her.

"No? Okay, keep beating!" A trace of coldness appeared on Gregory's evil and attractive face, and his eyes seemed to be able to see through everything.

"Stop!" Elli hurriedly said, "I beg you."

When Gregory heard the three words from Elli, his heart trembled. 'I really don't want to hear them.'

"I can't hear you. Speak louder." Gregory tried hard to control his emotion.

Elli ra

loves you very much. The problem between you two is that no one is willing to give in..."

"Elli, in fact, Mr. Gregory really cares about you..." Added Alma.

'Unwilling to give in? Haven't I made a concession yet? Care about me? If he really cared about me, how could he torture me like this?

I had decided to let go of the past and start over with him, but what did he do? He still flirted around with other women and tortured me.'

Thinking of what had happened recently, Elli became emotional.

"Alma, don't say that again. I don't want to hear it. Now that things have come to this, it doesn't matter what you say." Elli stopped Alma and said. As Elli spoke, an embarrassed smile appeared on her face.

"But..." Obviously, Alma was worried.

"Okay, I know. Don't worry, Alma." Elli said in a hurry.

On the other side, York was thrown into an old room after being taught a lesson by Gregory.

After struggling for a while, York was able to leave.

York knew that if he came to Gregory alone now, Gregory would definitely not let Elli go and might even pose a greater threat to Elli. In that case, it could only strike a stone with an egg.

Although York was worried, he was reasonable. Helplessly, York had to go home. When he arrived home, he called his brother Yates directly and told Yates what had happened today.

At this time, Yates Lin was talking about cooperation in another city. Hearing the news that York had been beaten by Gregory, Yates immediately rushed back from another city.

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