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   Chapter 28 Forget Your Identity

Heart Desires: Find You In Love Maze By Meng Xinyu Characters: 9490

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Elli raised her head and stared at York. Suddenly, Elli had a bad feeling.

Elli knew the strength of Gregory. 'In the whole A City, almost no company dared to compete with WDF Company, except Lin Group....

Does York belong to the Lin Group?'

"York, I..." Elli was about to explain.

"Well, let's not talk about it anymore. Since we are destined to know each other, if you want to visit Gregory, I will drive you there." York looked at Elli and said reluctantly even though he was unwilling.


"Don't say anything else. Let's go. The rain is less heavily now." York said with a smile.

Looking at York's expression, Elli had an indescribable feeling.

Of course, York and Elli had the same feeling.

After the two got in the car, York drove to the hospital where Gregory was.

As there was too much water, the car couldn't drive too fast. The windshield swayed crazily, but the window was still covered with a layer of

lli, are you ordering me?" Gregory said coldly.

"I..." For a moment, Elli didn't know how to respond. 'At this moment, I just want York to leave safely.

After all, York is innocent. I don't want to get others involved in the matter between me and Gregory.'

"Elli, don't waste your time on such a person. Leave now!" York shouted at Elli.


"Humph, you two really have a deep relationship! Elli, it seems that you have really forgotten your identity. Well, in that case, don't blame being cruel." Gregory said coldly.

As soon as Gregory finished speaking, he glanced at the bodyguards and ordered, "Beat him!"

As soon as Gregory gave the order, the two men beside him stepped forward and punched York.

Instantly, a trace of bright red blood leaked from the corner of York's mouth.

"Stop! Stop! Are you crazy, Gregory?" Elli shouted, rushed forward and stood in front of York. "York, are you okay? Are you okay?"

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