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   Chapter 5 One After Another

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"I will," answered Gregory without hesitation.

The vicar asked Elli the same question again. She stared at the face of Gregory, but didn't say anything. Why did he do that? Didn't he hate her? Why would he marry her? Was it because he wanted to torture her even more?

At this time, the audience shouted at her in unison, "I do, I do..."

Elli's knitted eyebrows slowly relaxed and opened her mouth slightly, "I..."

Before she could finish her words, a man's angry voice suddenly came, "wait!"

All the guests were shocked. They all looked at the door and took a deep breath. Wasn't Jacob dead? Why did he show up again?!

"Jacob, why are you back?" Jean was the first one to rush forward, with tears rolling down from the corners of her wrinkled eyes. When she spoke again, she choked with sobs, "We've been looking for your body for a long time, but we haven't seen it. I thought you couldn't come back."

Elli's heart skipped a beat, and the flowers in her hands fell to the ground all of a sudden. Seeing her so-called husband, she had a mixed feeling at that moment, but only Gregory stayed calm. He stood beside her without saying a word, and held her in his arms tightly, as if telling her not to be afraid.

"Someone tried to kill me, but failed. Do you know who he is, brother?" Jacob glanced at his mother and then walked up to Gregory with murderous look in his eyes.

Everyone followed Jacob's eyes and looked at Gregory. Immediately, the crowd began to discuss. Some people had already guessed the meaning of his words. After all, no one could make it clear about the affairs of the rich and powerful clans. They began to question why this handsome young master Gregory would be so vicious!

Jean was slightly stunned, and then said sadly, "Gregory, is what he said true? Then it was not an accident, it was a murder…… How can you do that? No matter what, he is your brother! Why did you trying to kill him? "

At this time, Gregory did not say anything, nor did he make any explanation. He just sneered.

Looking at the scene in front of her, Elli thought of all the things Gregory had done to her after she came to the Mo clan. In addition, Jean had told her that the person who had hurt Jacob was very likely to be him. It really made sense if they were connected. What happened to him that changed this good man so much?

"Gregory, you really disappoint me!" The master pointed at Gregory with a gloomy face. As a decent old man of a large clan, he couldn't bear what had happened today.

After a while, the master was about to settle the matter peacefully under the crowd's sarcastic remarks. But just then, the police came, and the crowd's discussion became even more heated. The endless sound of the crowd made the master sweat involuntarily. It seemed that he couldn't hide the family scandal anymore.

"Who is Jacob here?" The policeman came in with a serious expression.

"I am Jacob," answered Jacob.

"Did you call the police? What happened? " The policeman asked.

Jacob looked calm, as the police gave him the psychologic crutch. He said unhurriedly, "Here is the thing. When I was in danger, I found the watch which belonged to the killer. And this watch is my brother's."

"Watch?" The master murmured and glanced at Gregory, "Gregory, where is the Rolex watch I gave you the day you came back? Why don't you wear it these days? "

Jean wiped off the tears on her face, looked up and added, "Is it the piece that Jacob got… Then, is Gregory really the one who tried to kill him? "

Hearing this, the master's face became more gloomy. He didn't say anything, but anger flashed in his scheming eyes. Now one knew what he was thinking, but it's obvious that he was really angry.

Even so, Gregory was not afraid. His face was still peaceful, as if everything happened had nothing to do with him.

Seeing that Gregory didn't say anything, Jacob thought he was feeling guilty and was getting even more angry. In fact, he didn't bore his brother no ill will, but he really couldn't understand why Gregory wanted to kill him.

In that case, he would not show any mercy to him.

Jacob took out the watch he had found from the pocket of his shirt and waved it at him. He deliberately raised his voice and said, "Brother, have you ever thought of what would happened today? When you hurt me, you should dropped such a thing on the ground, and then I used it as evidence for your murder. You are so cruel. I am your younger brother. Why did you do that to me? "

Seeing this, the crowd burst into an uproar. Someone said, "Tut, tut, I really didn't expect that the upright young master would do such a terrible thing!"

"You are right. If the junior young master didn't come back alive, the property of the Mo clan would fall into the hands of Gregory!"

"From my view, this young master of the Mo clan is suspicious himself. Maybe his identity was a fake one?"

For a moment, different opinions appeared on the accident, but it was sure

that the Mo clan has already become the laughing stock of the public.

Elli listened to the discussions of the crowd in silence. She looked up at Gregory beside her with confusing eyes. Was him such a jerk like the others described?

Three years ago, she abandoned Gregory. Although they hadn't been together for a long time, she knew that his love for her was true at that time Over the years, he had changed too much. He was cold, ruthless, cruel and bloodthirsty to a point that she did not know, but she still did not believe that he would do such a thing.

Holding his hand, Elli felt her palms sweating. She didn't know why she was even more anxious and scared than him.

"Greg, is that true?" It was the first time that Elli called his name so intimately since he came back. Her eyes were full of expectation. She really hoped that it was not him.

However, Gregory didn't answer her. He just smiled lightly, showing a trace of contempt, as if everyone was deadly drunk and he woke up alone. Then he looked disdainfully at the watch in Jacob hand and said coldly, "You must have made a mistake, aren't you? This watch is not mine. "

"That's impossible. It is a gift from dad. Don't you want to admit it?" Jacob looked at Gregory and said affirmatively. It seemed that no one was allowed to question his words.

"Humph! You think I can't I recognize my own belongings? " Gregory's cold voice sounded fearless, as if the watch was really not his. Now no one could tell whether it was true or not.

"Let me have a look!" Jean stepped forward and took the watch to have a look. Before she went there, there was a hint of chuckling in her eyes, thinking that she could finally defeat Gregory with this watch. But beyond her expectation, when she saw the watch and the letters carved on the back of it, her face turned pale and she took two steps back unconscientiously.

What happened? Why is this watch the same as Pierce's? The two letters were the abbreviation of Pierce's name!

Was Jacob playing some tricks with Gregory? It should be impossible, but this was the reality in front of her. She didn't dare to think about it anymore.

"What's wrong? Is it from Gregory?" Seeing the panic on Jean's face, the master asked.

Jean didn't know how to answer at the moment. Would she answer that it was Pierce's watch? No, of course not. Pierce was her biological…

"Yes, it's Gregory's!" Jean kept silent for a long time and finally answered with the thought that she might be able to muddle through.

The people present was not that surprised as the answer was what they expected.

However, as the master was on the edge of rage, Gregory suddenly stepped forward coldly. He walked up to Jean and asked in a contemptuous tone, "Really? Is it mine? "

Then he pulled his sleeve and showed his wrist. A watch the same as the one in Jean's hand was shown in front of everyone.

Everyone was confused at this moment, and the master was also confused. It was not strange that there were two identical watches. What was strange was that he remembered these two watches, and one of them seemed to be given to Jean.

He looked up at Jean. Although the master didn't say anything, his eyes has indicated too much.

Jean didn't know how to explain all these, but she immediately showed a smile and calmed down. "Gregory, although such a watch is expensive, it is not a limited edition. And if common people can't afford it, with the support of our clan, it's not a big deal if you lose it and buy another one."

She tried to indicate that the watch on Gregory's wrist was newly bought by him

"You're right, but this watch happened to be a limited edition. Our father customized two watches in total, and gave one to Jacob and me respectively. He hoped we could be as solitary as the watch hands. But Jacob don't like to wear it, so you gave it to Pierce. The two watches had been carved with the names of us. The names were under the watches. If you don't believe me, just show the watches to the public!"

Jean was finally speechless. At this time, the master came forward in person. As expected, he saw the abbreviation of Pierce engraved under the watch. His anger turned to Pierce.

Seeing this, Elli was finally relieved. She knew that Gregory wouldn't do such thing.

"As for the reason why the watch was in Jacob's hand, I think as he said, it was left by the person who hurt him, wasn't it?" Gregory cast a cold glance at Pierce, who was hiding behind Jean.

Pierce was also present. He was triumphant when all the evidences were pointed at Gregory before, but now the plot was turned over to him, so he couldn't keep calm any more.

"Even if the watch is in Jacob's hand, it doesn't mean that I made it!" With a twisty face, Pierce never thought that the watch he had been looking for for a long time would fall on the car where Jacob had an accident. Although he pretended to be calm, his eyes were so flustered that he didn't dare to look at people around.

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