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   Chapter 4 Numerous Schemes

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"I didn't know that you haven't had dinner yet. Aunt Li told me that you were tired these days, so I chose some of your favorite dishes. Eat them before they get cold! I don't want to see you starving! " Jean said hypocritically, with a kind look on her face, which was totally different from the resolute and cold appearance when she left just now. Her quick change made Elli feel uncomfortable all over.

"Mom, I have no appetite now. I really can't eat anything." Elli said in a low voice.

"You have to eat even if you have no appetite. In fact, I was too anxious just now. I really didn't consider your feelings. Don't blame me, or I will feel guilty." Tears streamed down Jean's face.

Seeing that Jean was so sad, Elli's heart softened. She quickly took up her bowl and said, "Mom, I'll eat. I'll eat, okay?"

Then she picked up the bowl and began to eat. She was quite hungry. During the breakfast, she was teased by Gregory and didn't eat much. Now her body really needs some food.

Seeing her eating obediently, Jean nodded with a satisfied smile. She told her to eat more and left. When she walked out of the door, she turned her face a little. A trace of viciousness appeared on her kind face.

While eating, Elli felt thirsty. She picked up the juice sent by Jean and drank it. Then she lay on the bed, but the feeling of dryness and heat made her more and more uneasy. Her eyes were blurred, and she wondered what was going on.

"Creak!" All of a sudden, the door was opened, which made her feel restless. Did Gregory come at this time?

However, the footsteps were very light, and Gregory never walked like this. As the footsteps got closer, the strong sense of strangeness made Elli frown frequently. But because of the heat and weakness of her body, she had no strength to avoid the sudden hug of the man.

Pierce watched Elli with flirting eyes in the darkness. In fact, he had already been interested in her for a long time, but he couldn't get her. Just now, Jean said that she wanted to make a connection between them, and he was excited. If she was pregnant with his child, not only her, but also the money of the Mo clan would belong to him!

"Little beauty, don't be afraid. I will be very gentle to you..."

Elli was shocked for a while. She tried to push him away, but found that she had no strength at all.

What was going on?

"Stop! Let me go! I'm the young mistress of the Mo clan!"

She shouted with all her strength, reminding him not to touch her, otherwise……

However, Pierce didn't pay attention to her at all. He approached Elli with an evil smile, so that she could recognized him. Then he said with a smirk, "Jacob is already dead. I'm just trying to help you. You'd better be quite and never reveal our relationship, or Jean won't let your family go."

Hearing this, Elli was speechless.

Thinking of the previous juice and Jean's attentive attitude It seemed that all these were well-arranged!

Ignoring her silence, Pierce thought she was just bluffed. Feeling extremely excited, he began to touch her body restlessly and tore off her clothes in her weak resistance. Then, her snow-white shoulder was exposed, and he lowered his head and kissed her.

Bang! The door was kicked open from the outside.

Gregory came in from the outside and turned on the light. He stared coldly at Pierce with fury in his eyes.

"It's you?" Pierce certainly knew Gregory, but he was not that afraid because of Jean. He just sneered at the man in front of him and said, "Young master, I advise you to mind your own business!"

Without saying a word, Gregory just walked forward and stared at Pierce with his cold eyes. Then he pulled his collar and lifted her up fiercely, "Who the hell are you? Remember, I'm the senior young master of the Mo clan. I have the final say in this family. Even with Jean backing you up, you are also a shameless bastard! "

"You!" Pierce was so angry that his lips were trembling. However, he failed to escape from the handle of Gregory as he was quite powerful. When Gregory loosened his grip, Pierce fell to the ground, grimacing in pain, he totally lost the dignity of a playboy at all.

"You'd better watch your own behavior, or I dare say you can't afford the consequences! " Gregory said coldly.

Pierce felt aggrieved, but he didn't dare to go against him. After all, he was the eldest son of the Mo clan, so it was better not to provoke him.

He also felt strange as he had sent Gregory a woman, but he ignored her.

There were also a lot of women throwing themselves at him at the party, and he refused them all. Why was he so abnormal today? Why was he so interested in this woman?

"Fuck off!"! Seeing through his mind, Gregory rebuked.

Pierce was frightened and went out in dejection. Her face was pale, but he was not convinced. 'Gregory, just wait and see!' He thought as he went out.

On the other side, Elli was lying on the bed with a pale face. Seeing her dull eyes, Gregory felt a little sorry for her, but then a sinister smile flashed across his eyes.

"What? Are you feeling unhappy that I drive him away?" With an ambi

guous smile, he walked up to Elli and pinched her chin, getting closer and closer to her. "Didn't I tell you to wait for me to come back this morning? Why are you so impatient? Is it because I came back too late? "

The man who was gentle to her in her mind had changed a lot. The feeling of pain and regret filled her heart. If it weren't for her fault, how could their relationship come to this point?

However, what Gregory said really hurt her heart. She couldn't help saying angrily, "You are such a shameless person."

"Shh, keep your voice down. What do you think Jean will think if other people were attracted here?"

Suddenly, Elli caught a glimpse of the door from the corner of her eyes. She found that Pierce didn't close the door when she went out, and a sound of footsteps seemed to be getting closer and closer. A bad feeling rose in her heart. Sure enough, the people outside stopped at the door. It was the master, Jean and some other people.

"You You two! " The master's old voice was somewhat angry. Seeing this scene, he seemed to be surprised and tried hard to restrain his fury.

Elli pushed Gregory away and asked in a trembling voice, "Dad, why are you here?"

"You should believe me this time. I really dare not lie to you!" At this time, Pierce's voice sounded, stirring up trouble towards the master.

Needless to ask, it must be Pierce who sent the message, and Jean also wanted to take this chance to kick Gregory out of the Mo clan.

"I…… I didn't do anything with the senior young master…… Nothing happened. Please don't think too much. " Elli explained anxiously.

The master frowned in deep thought, but he didn't say anything.

"Master, you have to forgive the two young men for their ignorance, although Jacob had just died days ago…… But after all, it's hard to break up the relationship between the two children in the past. It's inevitable that they will do something out of impulsion when they meet again. " Jean seemed to plead for mercy, but her words pushed Elli and Gregory to the edge of the storm.

The master said calmly, "Gregory, how do you explain it?"

"Uncle, you don't need to explain anything to him. At first, I didn't want to say anything about it, but given what happened today, I cannot hide it from you any more..."

"Shut up!" Jean stopped Pierce.

The master glanced at Jean and squinted, "Let him continue!"

"I hate to tell you these things. Let Aunt Li tell you." Pierce winked at Aunt Li. Aunt Li had no choice but to step forward and hesitated for a long time. It was not until she saw the fierce eyes from Jean in private that she stammered, "The junior young master…… Something happen on the night when Junior young master got married. I, I heard there was man's voice in the junior lady's room. "

Hearing this, the master frowned more deeply. He just raised his head and looked at Gregory. It seemed that he wanted him to give a reasonable explanation.

With her lips trembling, Elli took a look at Aunt Li and the others. Except for the master, everyone else cooperated to set the trap for her.

"Dad, now that you've found it out, I won't hide it anymore. Now my brother is gone, Elli's marriage was cancelled. Even if she is willing to stay single for the rest of her life, it's inevitable that rumors will damage the reputation of our Mo clan. How about we wait until the influence of the accident ends and then…… I'll marry her. " When Gregory said the last three words, he obviously put a stress. On the surface, he was asking for his father's permission, but the fact was that he wanted to his father to satisfy his requirement.

Hearing this, Elli was stunned. What did he say? Marry her? She was about to defend herself in the next moment.

"Elli has not lost her virginity to Jacob…… Our family scandal can't be publicized. Since you two are both in love with each other, you can choose a date to hold the wedding ceremony after these days." The master said indifferently, turned around and left, leaving no chance for Elli to explain.

Elli broke down at once. Why did the master agree to this marriage and why everything changed so fast?

Of course, Elli was not the only one who was shocked. Jean had never thought that the master would agree with Gregory. It took her a long time to go downstairs numbly.

Three months later.

In the magnificent church, a grand wedding ceremony was held as scheduled. The red carpet extended to the stage like blood. The spacious hall was full of people, and they all looked at the couple with congratulatory eyes.

On the other side of the carpet, Elli was wearing a white strapless wedding dress, a string of pearl necklace hanging on her chest, and her pink little face was extremely cute. Moreover, Gregory was more than handsome, with deep black eyes, high nose bridge, and a black suit. They walked on the red carpet hand in hand like a couple blessed by the God.

As the wedding march sounded, the priest coughed to indicate everyone to be quiet, and then asked, "Mr. Gregory, would you like to take Elli as your wife? For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health? "

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