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   Chapter 2 His Entanglement With Her

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This man was no other than Elli's ex-boyfriend. In order to save the family's business, she had no choice but to break up with him. They hadn't seen each other for many years, but she didn't expect that they would meet in this place

"Gregory, I'm sorry for what happened that year, but our relationship is over!" Elli said with tears in her eyes. In fact, she knew better than anyone else that she still loved him, but she couldn't help it.

With a hint of disdain and mockery in his handsome eyes, he gripped her wrist and got closer and closer to her. "You dumped me so ruthlessly that year. Are you going to just say sorry to me and end everything between us? You really believe that it would be so simple? "

"Or what? I'm the young mistress of the Mo clan now. It's impossible for us to be together. Why are you still entangling me? " Biting her pink lips, Elli felt sad, but she pretended to be angry.

"Entangle? This is my home. I can do whatever I want. " Gregary said coldly. He couldn't help hating her when he thought of the hurt she had done to him in the past. Now that he finally got this opportunity, how could he easily let it go?

Elli's face turned pale. Hearing this, she was stunned.

He, he is…

At this time, Elli suddenly thought of something. A few days ago, her father-in-law told Jean that the Mo clan had found the eldest son, Gregory who had been lost twenty-five years ago. For this reason, the Mo clan had held a grand banquet, but he did not attend it because he was not feeling well at that time. But she could not believe that the eldest son of the Mo clan would be him!

"You don't have to guess. Don't you have an answer in your heart?" A brilliant smile appeared on Gregory's handsome face. He gently swept across her lips, and then burst into laughter in her panic. "You dumped me by all means and married him. In the end, you got such a result… And I, the worst poor boy in the past, have become the only heir of the Mo clan now, which is beyond your imagination, right?"

"Listen to me..." Elli wanted to say something, but she swallowed it in the end. What was the point of saying it?

"Tell me, what do you want to say?" Gregory looked at her coldly. In fact, he hoped that she could give him an explanation, but he finally got nothing.

Seeing that he was going to continue, Elli was afraid that her mother-in-law and servants would hear her, so she grabbed his arm and dragged him into the study.

"What do you want?" After saying that, a trace of panic flashed through Elli's eyes. She trembled her lips and said, "I've said that we're over. Even if you make trouble and pester me, you'll only let everyone know about this scandal. I'm afraid it won't be good for you to spread it out, young master!"

It was too late to explain anything now. He may hate her, she would be a bad person anyway for the rest of her life! Why must he imprint her in his heart and torture both of them?

"Well, Elli, your explanation is really perfect!" At first, a hint of disappointment flashed across his face, but then he restrained his emotions in an instant. His cold eyes were full of hatred. "Scandal? Well, what is this? It's just a piece of cake compared with that when you left me regardless of everything! "


"Elli, I took good care of you and loved you every day. I thought I had at least a little position in your heart and felt that I could finally hold your hand and make you happy, but you tell me why? Why did all these make me a pathetic joke in the end! " His eyes darkened, and his sad expression made people feel sorry from the bottom of their hearts. Then an evil smile appeared on his face, "Elli, you are destined to be my woman all your life."

"Please don't say anything more. I beg you." Elli said in a hoarse voice.

"Beg me? What right do you have to beg me? Do you remember? What did you do to me before? " The eyes of Gregory were sharp, and the flames of hatred were flickering on his face. He said in an extremely cruel tone, "You not only dislike my lowly origin, but were also trying to kill me just to marry a rich man!"

Elli was shocked. What happened?

"I loved you so much! I can sacrifice everything for you, but you betrayed me so cruelly! But... " Step by step, Gregory pushed her into a corner. His powerful aura made her tremble all over, but he didn't realize that he had frightened her at all. Instead, he pushed her even harder. "You can't think of this situation, can you? I'm still alive and can stand in front of you unwounded? "

Elli's heart was stung by what he said word by word. At this moment, Gregory was not only full of hatred, but also helpless and confused. However, Elli really could not give him an answer. After all, the situation had changed. "I have already forgotten everything in the past, and now I have become the daughter-in

-law of the Mo clan…… Besides, I am your sister-in-law now. I just hope that you can restrain your behavior, in case that others will see you and gossiping about us. "

"Ha ha, what a good reason to escape from me!" Gregory sneered and suddenly approached her ear. With a smile on his thin and tender lips, he said coldly, "Don't forget that you were with other man on your wedding night…… Fortunately, this man was me. You are still the daughter-in-law of the Mo clan anyway. "

Elli's eyes widened and her face turned pale with fear. The man in the bridal chamber was indeed him?! !

"My brother will never come back, so we can play the game slowly!" After saying that, he took a cold glance at Elli in the corner. An evil and attractive smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, which made his handsome face more enchanting and cold.

"You'd better not mess around!" Elli had realized that the man in front of her was no longer the young man who only loved her back then, and he had become extremely terrible. It would be unimaginable if she didn't stop him.

With a sneer, he moved closer to her and said, "Don't refuse me in a hurry. You enjoyed yourself in the wedding room. Why didn't you refuse at that time?"

"Shameless!" Elli wanted to slap him, but he dodged. Then he said with an evil smile, "That makes the two of us. At least I was not the one who gave up our relationship!"

Elli didn't know how to reply, but she felt sad for his appearance and words. Why did he become like this.

"I will return the pain you brought to me little by little. Do you like the cat and mouse game? I will play with you slowly! " Gregory looked at her coldly and put his slender fingers around her waist. Seeing her panic face under her hair, he was determined to force her into a corner.

At this moment, there was a rush of footsteps coming from the stairs, which scared Elli out of her wits.

Subconsciously, Elli pushed Gregory away, and then saw Jean coming down from the second floor. When she approached, the complicated expression on her kind face had already faded away.

"Mom, why are you coming down? Didn't I tell you to have a good rest? " Elli stammered. She was worried that Jean might have noticed something.

"I can't stop worrying and just go downstairs to see if there is any news You'd better go to bed early, too. I am afraid that Jacob may never back. " The madam said to Elli gently. There was a trace of sadness in her tone and resentment in her sad eyes, but she held back everything, as if nothing had happened when she looked down from the stairs.

Elli nodded slightly and went upstairs uneasily. But when she went upstairs, she could still feel the coldness in the eyes from behind.

On the second morning, the sun shone into the room and became brighter.

In fact, Elli didn't sleep the whole night. She thought of her wedding night, and she didn't expect that someone would pester her. Not only that person was her ex-boyfriend, but also her husband was gone. She felt that the God was playing tricks on her.

"Young madam, it's time for breakfast."

"Oh! I'll go downstairs soon. You can go ahead with your work. " Elli replied politely. Then she put on her clothes and got out of bed to have a simple wash.

She randomly selected a pink strapless dress in a delicate wardrobe made of solid wood, and roughly combed her hair, barely forcing a smile to the mirror.

Elli went downstairs slowly and found that there was only Gregory eating breakfast on the table. She paused, turned around and walked back along the stairs.

"What? Are you so afraid of facing me? !" Gregory's cold and provocative words pierced through the whole hall. He looked at her with his beautiful eyes.

Although she didn't sleep all night and looked very haggard, her pale face was still very beautiful. She has tiny chin, cherry lips, clear and seductive eyes. Her long curled hair was scattered on her shoulders, and the open collar made her beautiful collarbone indistinctly visible. With the shining gem necklace and the gorgeous and elegant dress, she looked beautiful and elegant, gentle and lovely.

Elli didn't want to argue with him, but as soon as she took a step forward, her disappointing stomach growled.

The blush on her face was more obvious, and extended all the way to her neck. She lowered her head shyly.

'You have to face it sooner or later. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, ' she encouraged herself.

Biting her pink thin lips, she summoned up all her courage and slowly walked to the table and sat opposite to Gregory. She picked up the chopsticks and lowered her head, noticing on the food. But no matter how hard she tried, she could not ignore his extremely evil eyes.

Elli didn't dare to look up. She quickly ate the cakes on the table. When she was about to pick up a piece fried egg,

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