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   Chapter 56 Causing Jealousy (Part One)

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The two of them walked out of the office one after the other. Looking at her back, Harry felt that she looked more and more like Zoe.

"Do you have any sisters?" Harry asked abruptly.

"No. I heard from Mr. Lyman that I am an orphan." Zoe didn't know why Harry asked such a weird question.

"Sorry, I don't know." As a matter of fact, Harry had asked Noah to investigate her for a long time, but to no avail.

"It doesn't matter. The elevator has arrived." Zoe smiled politely and walked in.

Harry was almost distracted by her smile. She really looked like Zoe!

'It is said that something lost would never come back. Then when I find someone who looks exactly like you again, I will never let you go.'

Zoe was flustered by the ferocious gaze of Harry. she should really stay away from him in the future!

It didn't take long for the elevator to reach the first floor. Zoe also felt better. As soon as she heard the elevator door open, she rushed out.

Looking at her escaping face in silence, Harry smiled. 'Even if you run away today, you can't escape from me!'

Zoe ran to the gate and stood there. As soon as she saw Harry, she said, "Mr. Harry, I'm sending you here. Please take care."

"Well, I'll pick you up in two days. You have to read the script carefully!" Harry didn't seem to see that Zoe was actually eager for him to leave as soon as possible. On the contrary, he seemed to care about her.

"I see." 'Why do you start nagging? Like a mother-in-law.'

Seeing the impatience on Zoe's face, Harry's smile widened! He liked to break the gentleness of her and wanted to see her brandishing her teeth and claws.

"Okay, I'll go now." Harry's eyes we

ally fall in love with that little girl.

Why? You don't like me?'

In the next two days, Zoe spent a lot of time and energy in reciting the script and studying it, until Harry came to call on her in the office.

There was a knock on the door. Zoe raised her head, moved away from her seat and went to open the door.

"Mr. Harry." Zoe looked at him, still lost in the script. There was still her infatuation with the CEO in her eyes.

"If you look at me like this, I will think that you have fallen in love with me." Harry joked. In fact, he didn't tell her anything important big.

"I'm just studying the script and going deep into the role of Nina!" She wouldn't have any interest in this cunning wolf who looked dangerous!

Harry just smiled and didn't say anything. Didn't she know that explanation was a disguise?

"Are you taking me to the set today? I can leave after I clean up. " In order not to prevent Harry from looking at her with strange eyes again, Zoe broke the silence first.

Harry looked at the script on the table as soon as Zoe finished her words, and the smile in his eyes deepened.

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