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   Chapter 54 The Best New Actress Award

Choice Of Love: Nobody But You By Xia Yingxi Characters: 9751

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"Well, it's late now. Go to bed early. Aren't you going to attend the award of the Shanghai Film Review Association tomorrow? " Austin knew that it was enough, so he chose to end the topic at this moment.

Love was like the sand in one's hand. The tighter one held it, the faster it flowed. Therefore, he was not in a hurry. He waited for Zoe to fall in love with him slowly.

He had been looking for her for fifteen years, and he didn't mind waiting for another two years.

He had enough patience and time for her.

"Good night." Zoe didn't want to talk about this topic anymore, so she was led by Austin involuntarily.

After hanging up the phone of Austin, Zoe went to bed. She had to get up early tomorrow and go to Shanghai to have fun.

On the second day, Zoe went out with clothes, passport, money and other things she needed to wear for the award of Shanghai Film Review Association.

Along the way, Zoe was in a good mood. She didn't change her face un

t with the fans who like you. "

"I'm leaving now." Zoe didn't know how long they two would talk, so she interrupted them impolitely.

"Okay. Be careful on the road." Austin knew that she didn't want to see him now, so he said goodbye to Zoe.

Zoe left without saying anything, which confused Vitaie.

"You two have kissed, but she still doesn't accept you?" When did Austin become so unattractive? No, it seemed that except for the special Zoe, no one would not like him.

"Don't talk nonsense with me!" Austin was a little depressed when he saw the gloating look on Vitaie's face.

"Well, let's stop here. But you have to focus on your work even if you are chasing your wife! You went to Shanghai without informing me. How dare you leave such a big studio to me? "

"Well, it's all my fault. Let's go back."

Seeing that Austin took the initiative to admit his mistake, Vitaie felt even more strange. What was wrong with him? Why did he look so strange?

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