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   Chapter 53 Became Famous (Part Two)

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Looking at the missed number on the screen, Zoe answered, "Hello."

"Elma..." On the other side of the phone came Austin's gentle and magnetic voice.

"Austin?" Zoe was a little surprised. How did he know her phone number?

"I tried my best to find someone to ask. Don't worry. I won't disturb you. I just want to call and hear your voice. " Austin seemed to be by her side. He could tell what she was thinking from the voice of Zoe.


"If you have any problem, you can call me at any time. I will solve it for you." After saying that, Austin hung up the phone. He didn't want to hear her refusal.

"No, thanks. I..." Before Zoe finished her words, she found that he had hung up.

Then she hung up the phone again. Why was Austin so ambivalent?

Zoe shook her head speechlessly, put the phone on the table, turned off the light and went to sleep.

At eight o'clock in the morning, Zoe was woken up by her phone ring. She fumbled on the table.

"Hello." Zoe put the phone near her ear and said.

"Come to Star Entertainment as soon as possible. Now many advertising companies want you to act in their commercials!" Janice's voice was a little anxious, but there was a trace of joy in it.

"Okay, I see." After saying that, Zoe hung up the phone. She was about to get up.

Half an hour later, Janice ran to Zoe's apartment with breakfast.

"Have you done? I brought you breakfast! " Seeing that there was no one downstairs, Janice shouted upstairs.

"All right." Zoe went downstairs in casual clothes.

"Eat it on the way. I'll drive you to Star Entertainment now." After handing the breakfast to Zoe, Janice left desperately.

"Okay." Zoe followed her numbly.

What the hell? How could Janice be so good to her? Bring her breakfast?

When Zoe

It was the first time she called him on the initiative. Although it was for the advertisement, it did not affect his good mood.

"Well, it's all my fault. I'm doing this for your own good! If it weren't for the advertisement of the beautiful girl, would you be accepted by everyone? "

"If it weren't for what you said, I wouldn't have been shut out." Zoe insisted. There was a hint of coquetry in her complaint, which she didn't even realize herself.

"But what I said is true!" Austin pretended to be innocent. Oh, no, he was innocent.

"Damn you! Don't have too much contact with me in the future. Otherwise, I will cause the public indignation of women again and be banned! "

"No way! If I don't have any gossip with you, they will think that I'm not sincere enough to you! At that time, they may even blame you more, saying that you have been abandoned by me! " Austin didn't care what Zoe were worried about at all. As long as she agreed to be with him, he was sure that Zoe would be the happiest woman in the world!

"Uh..." Zoe felt speechless.

What should she do? She didn't want to have anything to do with Austin, but without him, she would be more miserable!

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