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   Chapter 5 Zoe Fell Down The Stairs (Part One)

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When Harry came out of the bathroom, he went back to their private room to get Zoe. He planned to take her around Sanya to see the night view of the place while it was still early. But when he got closer to their private room, he noticed that the door was open. He instantly felt that something was wrong.

Harry walked towards the room nervously. His heartbeat went abnormally fast when he found out the Zoe was not there. He felt dizzy, wondering what was going on. Zoe had always been obedient to him. She would never go out and run around without him.

Just as he was about to walk out of the room to look for her, he heard someone scream outside. When he went out to check, he saw that a lot of people gathered around the foot of the stairs. He noticed a large pool of blood on the floor.

One of the waitresses who came to check the situation was the waitress in charge of Harry and Zoe's private room. As soon as she saw Harry, she said, "Mr. Ji, the woman lying there seems to be your wife."

Harry rushed over and clearly saw the woman lying at the foot of the stairs. "Have you called the ambulance? How long has she been lying here?" His voice was full of worry and anxiety when he saw Zoe lying unconscious. He had the same feeling when she fell to the lake on the day of their wedding.

The waitress replied at once, "Yes. I called an ambulance right away when I found her here. The hospital is not so far away from. I'm sure that it should be here soon."

Harry held Zoe in his arms. As he looked at her pale face, he felt a sudden pang in his heart. Although he wasn't saying anything, everyone around them could see the deep sadness in his eyes.

Soon enough, the ambulance arrived. They put Zoe on the stretcher and carried her to the vehicle. Harry followed them silently.

Harry waited outside the operating room. The red light above the door was still on. Zoe had been taken inside the operating room for a long time now. Despair filled his eyes as he looked at the door from time to time, hoping that someone would come out. In the emergency room just now, the doctor said that Zoe was fine, but she hit her head when she fell down the stairs, so she had to undergo a surgery. Harry's shoulders sagged. He knew how important the brain was. If Zoe's injury was severe, she would be paralyzed even if she didn't die.

While Harry was still waiting outside the operating room, Austin and Wyatt's plane had just landed in Sanya from the UK.

It was already three o'clock in the morning. Wyatt had planned to find a hotel for Austin, so he could take a rest before they met with the staff at noon. But after pushing his luggage a few steps forward, he noticed that he was not following behind her.

"Austin? What are you doing?" Wyatt asked. He didn't get any response from him.

A few moments later, Austin showed up and walked over to him. He then said, "Let's go to the hospital. I need to see someone."

"Who are you going to see?" Wyatt asked casually, trying to grab his hand. But Austin didn't answer him.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?" he asked as he tried to catch up with him. But Austin was so anxious that he ignored him.

Worse was, Austin didn't know the exact hospital. As a result, Wyatt followed him to several hospitals in a row. Every time they entered a hospital, he would ask if someone named Zoe Jimo was rushed into the emergency room. Unfortunately, they all got negative results.

Austin had just walked out of the last hospital they went to. He didn't know where to go next. Wyatt, who was following him behind, couldn't take it anymore, so he asked, "Austin, who on earth is Zoe? Why do you have to check every hospital to see her?" After being with Austin for a while, he couldn't remember that Austin knew a woman named Zoe. Her name sounded Chinese.

"It's none of your business. I must find Zoe, no matter what." Austin was going crazy. He wanted to see Zoe so bad. He had thought that he would find her when he was a

vailable. But he didn't expect her to be in danger. Although he didn't know which hospital she was right now, he knew that she was fighting for her life. Austin couldn't help wondering how Zoe's husband had been taking care of her. It seemed that bad things were happening to her recently. First, she fell into the lake and almost drowned. Now, she fell down the stairs and broke her head.

Wyatt gave Austin a strange look. Austin always had a sunny disposition and took things gently. He had never been so restless, just like right now. No matter how much he racked his brains, he really couldn't remember who Zoe was. He didn't know why that Zoe had caused Austin to behave weirdly.

"Austin, will you please calm down first? How can I help you if you don't tell me anything? We are both not familiar with this place. How can we find her if we keep on searching blindly? And it's almost dawn now. We still have to shoot your TV commercial." Seeing that Austin was still going to look for Zoe, Wyatt held his hand and tried to persuade him.

"At the worst, I won't shoot that commercial. Zoe's life is still in danger now. I really want to know about her current situation."

Austin's voice sounded so fragile and sad. Wyatt had never heard him speak this way before. The Austin he knew had always been radiant and energetic.

"Austin, please tell me what happened to her. I can easily help you if I know the details. Breaking the contract with the company will not help you solve this problem. It will just worsen the situation."

Austin looked at Wyatt's eyes and saw care in there. Eventually, he sighed and said, "Let's talk while walking to save time. I heard that there is another hospital not far away from here."

"Okay." Wyatt dragged his suitcase and walked beside him, ready to listen.

In the hospital, Harry was still waiting outside the operating room. Frustration was starting to overwhelm him when his phone rang. Seeing James' name on the screen, he felt sorry for James for the first time.

"Hello, Dad?" he greeted as soon as he answered.

"Harry Ji, what happened to Zoe? Is this how you take care of her? I've just seen it on the news. Why did she fall down the stairs?" James rarely called him by his full name. Obviously, James was very disappointed in him this time.

"Dad, I'm so sorry. I went to the bathroom and left Zoe in our private room. But when I came back, she wasn't there anymore. The waitress found her lying unconsciously at the foot of the stairs. She is in the operating room now. I have been waiting here outside." Harry didn't dare to tell James that Zoe hit her head. He was afraid that James couldn't bear the brunt of it.

At this time, Harry had truly worried. He had completely forgotten that he should be happy to see James in such a desperate state. James made him lost his father. Now was the time to let him taste the pain of losing a family member. But it wasn't what Harry felt right now.

"I'm on my way to Sanya now. If anything happens to Zoe, make sure that you can give me an acceptable explanation." As soon as James finished his words, he hung up. It was only then that Harry realized, James seemed to be at the airport when he called.

A few moments later, the light above the door of the operating room went out. Harry stood up in a hurry and waited for the doctor to come out, hoping that the operation was successful.

As soon as the door opened, a nurse pushed Zoe's stretcher out, followed by the doctor who performed the surgery. Harry rushed over and asked, "Doctor, how is she? Was the operation successful?"

The doctor seemed to think that it was a miracle as he said to Harry, "She hit her head heavily, so I knew that the chance of a successful operation was very low. But much to my surprise, aside from the successful operation, she also regained her consciousness. I think she is now in her right mind. She is no longer a fool."

"Doctor, are you serious?" Harry asked in disbelief.

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