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   Chapter 4 Honeymoon (Part Two)

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Austin hiccuped and said in a daze, "I'm at home. I just woke up and found my phone."

Hearing what he said, Vitaie felt that something was wrong with him. She asked with concern, "What's wrong with you? According to your strict attitude towards life, how could you wake up so late? "

"You are so annoying! It's so annoying! "

Austin went crazy after drinking. He threw his phone away and continued drinking. Vitaie found that the phone had been hung up. She called him again, but his phone was turned off.

'What is he doing?'

Vitaie was worried about him, so she immediately drove from her own home to his villa. After all, she was his agent, so she naturally had the key to his house. As soon as she opened the door with the key, she saw Austin sleeping soundly on the floor of the hall! There was a broken phone not far away!

Vitaie frowned at the beer cans in the room. He should take a flight to Sanya to shoot a commercial today! Why was he so drunk?

Vitaie had no choice but to find a jar of honey, make a cup of warm honey water and feed it to him.

After a while, seeing that Austin was still in a coma, she had to wipe his face with a wet towel before waking him up.

Confused, Austin looked at the her and asked, "Why are you here?"

"How dare you ask! Have you forgotten that you are going to Sanya by plane today? Fortunately, I called you and felt something was wrong with you. Or how long are you going to be drunk? " Vitaie felt a headache when she saw him like this! Fortunately, it was a night flight, and it was not too late to leave now. Otherwise, it would be terrible!

"Sanya? No, I'm not going to Sanya. I'm going to Beijing... " He was going to find her. He wouldn't give up until he was sure.

"Austin, stop it. Why do you want to go to Beijing? Go take a shower and go to Sanya with me. You have work there! " Vitaie didn't know why Austin wanted to leave for Beijing all of a sudden. She thought he was still in a coma, so she pushed him into the bathroom.

Seeing that his agent rejected his decision to go to Beijing, Austin could only smile bitterly. He thought, 'I'd better solve the problem in England first!' Anyway, the contract with the company was about to expire. With his reputation in the entertainment circle, it was not difficult to set up a studio!

Having made up his mind, he immediately took a hot shower and then appeared in front of the long waiting Vitaie in a good mood.

Seeing that Austin was in high spirits, Vitaie felt relieved! She said with tears in her eyes, "Thank God, you're completely awake! You almost scared me to death by playing tricks on me when we were about to set out! "

"Vitaie, you are a qualified agent! How can you panic because of such a trifle? " There was a gentle smile on Austin's face.

"Forget it. I won't talk nonsense with you anymore! What are you going to do next? The contract you signed with the company is about to expire! " Vitaie raised her eyebrows and looked at him with inquiring eyes. She really didn't know what this popular star would do next.

"I want to develop my business in Beijing."

Austin's indifferent answer startled the Vitaie! "Are you going to develop your business in China?"

"Yes, you didn't mishear! I will set up my own studio in China. Will you come with me? I remember that you are not an agent of a company. "

Austin threw another bomb at Vitaie, which made her so surprised that she didn't know what to say! After a while, she said, "Austin, what happened to you? Why are you always keen on China? Is it because your mother is Chinese? By the way, does your mother know about it? Have you discussed with her? "

Vitaie bombarded Austin with questions one after another, which almost drove him crazy. Finally, he said, "I've made up my mind. I'll talk to my mother."

Seeing that Austin was unwilling to tell her the reason why he wanted to develop his business in China, Vitaie stopped asking. After thinking for a while, she said, "In fact, it's not bad for you to develop your business in China! The movies in which you previously played as a guest performer in China were all very popular! It doesn't matter if you don't want to tell me the reason now. I'll wait for the day you are willing to tell me! We are brothers! "

"Okay, thank you, bro! Thank you for supporting me! " A sincere smile appeared on Austin's face. He was very clear that his success was inseparable from the efforts and help of the Vitaie!

If an artist wanted to be famous, he not only had to have his own talent, but also had to have professional promotion!

"What are you talking about! I'm on your side. You are the

first and only artist I've worked for. I will be with you in the future. " Vitaie expressed her attitude.

"Okay." Austin agreed while walking. Finally, he walked to the door and opened it.

"Didn't you say that we would catch the plane? Then I'll leave my suitcase to you. I'm leaving now! " As soon as Austin finished his words, he slipped out, which made Vitaie feel so depressed that she jumped her feet! 'This guy is really sly! ' She was captivated by him! No wonder he was a female killer!

Another two hours later, Zoe was gently wakened up by Harry. "Zoe, get up. We're here."

Zoe rubbed her sleepy eyes and blinked at Harry. "Here we are?"

"Yes, lazy pig." Looking at the lazy look on her face, Harry showed his affection that he didn't even notice.

Hearing that, Zoe pouted, but still obediently followed him out of the plane and went to take their suitcases.

After the two walked out of the airport, they hailed a taxi. Harry put the suitcase in the trunk, took Zoe into the car and went to the Yalong Bay national tourist resort.

Sanya was indeed a place where many newly married couples would choose to spend their honeymoon! It could be said that it was a place spoiled by nature! The most suitable climate, the most fresh and pleasant air, the most warm and bright sunshine, the most blue and clear sea water, the whitest and exquisite beach, the most fascinating minority, and the most moving seafood cuisine of ten fingers Everything here showed how wonderful it was to stay here!

Harry took Zoe to the Butterfly Valley first. There were more than six hundred and fifty kinds of butterflies in Sanya! It was even more than Yunnan and Hong kong, which were known as the butterfly kingdom! It was ranked first in the country.

In the Butterfly Valley, there were short bridges over streams, birds singing and cicadas calling, and butterflies flying in the air. Everything was so beautiful.

"Where do you want to go? How about going to the marine world to see the fish? " Seeing that Zoe was obsessed with butterflies in the Butterfly Valley, Harry asked with a smile. He didn't know what's wrong with him. How could he be so good to Zoe? She was the daughter of his enemy, wasn't she?

"Okay, let's go to see the fish!" As soon as Zoe heard that they were going to the undersea world to see the fish, she became interested and pulled Harry.

Absent-minded, Harry was dragged by Zoe. He didn't notice that someone had been following the two of them all the time!

It was Emily! She was unwilling to give up, and she couldn't believe that he would really take a fool to spend the honeymoon! He was so nice to that idiot all the way! The tenderness, consideration and love in his eyes were something that she had never experienced by his side! But his good was all given to that idiot! This was something that Emily would never allow or accept! She would find an opportunity to get rid of Zoe.

The three of them came to the undersea world one after another. In order not to be discovered by the two of them, Emily did not dive. On the other hand, under the persuasion of Harry patiently, Zoe went to the marine world with him to see a lot of fish.

After strolling around several interesting places, Zoe was tired and hungry. She clamored to have dinner, so Harry took her to a nearby restaurant and ordered some special snacks of Sanya.

Zoe liked the coconut cake very much. Later, Harry specially asked for another one to pack and take away, in order to satisfy Zoe's appetite when she was hungry.

When they were about to leave after dinner, Harry went to the bathroom. Zoe waited for him in the private room alone. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and then a woman's voice said, "Miss, the man with you just came out of the bathroom. When he was about to walk to the box, he ran into me and asked me to call you to the stairs. He is waiting for you there!"

After all, Zoe was a fool. How could she know the huge loophole in her words? She opened the door of the box and walked out without hesitation.

Zoe had just walked a few steps. When she was wondering why she didn't see Harry, she was pushed mercilessly by Emily! In front of her was the stairs. Without a doubt, Zoe fell down and then fell into a pool of blood.

As soon as Emily pushed her down, she ran away. She was not even sure whether Zoe was dead or not.

Emily ran away without looking back in case Zoe should see her face, or Harry should suddenly come back from the bathroom and see her, or she should be found out by waiters nearby.

Therefore, Emily had to run away as soon as possible when there was no one around.

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