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   Chapter 1 The Sensational Wedding (Part One)

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It was February 14th.

An unprecedentedly grand wedding would be held in the Phoenix Mansion. Zoe Jimo, the daughter of the Jimo Group's chairman, was getting married.

The Jimo Group was a world-famous company. With her status in life, Zoe Jimo should have been a renowned celebrity. But her father never let her show up in public. She was not introduced to the business world. Because of this, the outside world was very curious about her.

But today, everyone could finally see her mysterious face. They all wondered how beautiful and unworldly she could be.

Almost all media was there to witness and feature the wedding ceremony. While they were waiting, a white landaulet pulled over in front of them. Many reporters lurking outside the Phoenix Mansion grabbed the opportunity to quickly take photos of this scene.

The couple had finally arrived.

As soon as the eye-catching car stopped, a large group of reporters rushed over. Even the well-trained security guards were not able to stop them.

At this time, the bridegroom, Harry Ji, got out of the car and opened the door to the bride's side. He bent over and said in a gentle voice, "Zoe, get out of the car, please."

Zoe Jimo stared blankly at Harry Ji's hand before she timidly accepted it. She then got out of the car, being supported by him.

Since it was the first that they would see her face, all the reporters waited for her appearance unblinkingly.

And they were wonderstruck to see Zoe Jimo, who was around 1.66 meters tall, wearing a snow-white laced wedding dress embellished with pearls. It must be very expensive. She had a standard oval face with big round eyes, pointed nose, and thin lips. The dimples on her cheeks added to her charm. As she was approaching the crowd with Harry Ji, there was a trace of fear in her eyes, making her look like an innocent child.

The reporters hurriedly took photos of the couples as if they didn't want to miss anything. But the flashes of their cameras frightened Zoe Jimo. She was on the verge of tears as she grasped on Harry Ji's tuxedo tightly. She then said in a low voice, "Harry, what is this? They look so horrible. I'm scared."

Harry Ji, who had always been gentle to her, comforted her in a low voice. He then turned to the crowd with an embarrassed smile and said, "Please stop taking photos of her. My wife is a bit shy."

Harry Ji thought that he could make the reporters believe that Zoe Jimo was only shy. But the reporters didn't think it that way. Seeing the reaction on her face, they had the impression that Zoe Jimo was no different from an idiot child.

No wonder her father hid her all this time. It turned out she was an ignorant woman.

This breaking news was more interesting than her grand wedding.

"If you have any questions to ask, you can ask me after the wedding ceremony. I will answer everything." Knowing that the reporters wouldn't spare Zoe Jimo, Harry Ji had to sacrifice a part of his privacy to protect her from being the target of the news.

"Thank you, Mr. Ji." The reporters held on to his words, so they all stepped back and stopped pestering Zoe Jimo.


rry Ji breathed a sigh of relief when he was finally able to stop the reporters from bothering her. They reached the wedding hall in peace.

On the stage, the emcee was already giving her opening remarks. Harry Ji lowered his head and whispered, "Zoe, do you already know what to do later? Just be obedient and cooperate with me, okay?"

"Will you give me candies if I obey you?" Zoe Jimo asked innocently.

Afraid that the guests would overhear them, Harry Ji nodded awkwardly. "Yes, of course. As long as you listen to me, you will have a reward later."

Harry Ji deliberately made the wedding ceremony simple because he was afraid that Zoe Jimo would make a mistake. He was also scared that she would embarrass him in public, especially when people found out that she was a chucklehead.

The emcee quickly called out James Jimo. "Let's all welcome on stage the chairman of Jimo Group to give us a toast."

With the cheerful applause from the crowd, James Jimo walked up the stage and took the microphone. He looked at the couple and said with a smile, "Hello, everyone. I'm James Jimo. Actually, I've prepared thousands of words for my daughter's wedding. But at this moment, I just want to wish her to be happy. I've decided that after this wedding, the Jimo Group will be fully handed over to my son-in-law, Harry Ji. He would be responsible for everything in the company, and I hope that you will also give him your full support. Thank you."

Zoe Jimo didn't understand the weight of her father's words. She just smiled innocently despite the people's uproar below the stage.

Everyone was in disbelief. They didn't expect that James Jimo would just leave such a big company in the hands of his new son-in-law so easily.

James Jimo didn't seem to mind people's reaction. After his announcement, he gently took his daughter's small hand and handed it to Harry Ji. He then said seriously, "Promise me that you will make her happy for the rest of her life."

"I will, Dad," Harry Ji answered sincerely while holding her hand. But in his heart, he was more excited that James Jimo had given him the company.

Finally, the Jimo Group was now under his control.

Looking at his calm face, James Jimo didn't even notice the hatred that suddenly flashed through Harry Ji's eyes. Since he really believed that Harry Ji would take care of his daughter, he nodded with relief.

The emcee then said, "Now that everything is settled, we would like to request a kiss from the new couple as their wedding gift to the public."

It was followed by the crowd's chant. "Kiss! Kiss!"

Zoe Jimo didn't know what to do. She just stood there at a loss. Harry Ji gave in to the crowd's request and kissed her red lips.

As soon as the crowd cheered, Zoe Jimo ran down the stage shyly. Harry Ji then ran after her with a smile.

Seeing that the new couple looked so happy, James Jimo smiled. He took the microphone from the emcee and announced the end of the wedding ceremony. "Everyone, please pick up your glass and have a toast with me again. Let's wish the new couple a happy married life. I also wish each of us a happy life.

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