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   Chapter 50 Make It Clear To Benjamin

Love Starts With A Mistake By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3670

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"Do you also feel it? I also think it's strange that Mr. Kevin would fall in love with an ordinary girl like Zoe. " Mocking voices were heard continuously.

The sound of discussion came out continuously. Lindy walked up to them and coughed. Everyone calmed down. They looked at Lindy in fear, and Lindy looked at the elevator.

"Don't get yourself into trouble. Zoe is not only Mr. Kevin's girlfriend, but also Mr. Benjamin's future sister-in-law. Don't embarrass yourself too much." Lindy said faintly.

The elevator opened all of a sudden. Lindy walked into the elevator at once. Everyone began to sigh. It turned out that Zoe had such a powerful background. No wonder Kevin looked at her differently.

"Don't say it anymore. Otherwise, it will be heard by the Mr. Benjamin." Everyone dispersed slowly, and no one dared to continue talking nonsense, but Benjamin had heard some rumors.

When they walked out of the elevator, Benjamin came to Lindy's desk and gently knocked on it. Lindy immediately stood up and looked at him respectfully.

"Mr. Benjamin, what can I do for you?" Lindy p

relationship was getting out of control.

"You are so horrible. You said you loved me while you were married to my sister. I want to resign. I want to leave you." Zoe seemed to be stimulated and turned to leave.

Benjamin rushed in front of her, held her face and kissed her hard. He wanted to keep Zoe by kissing to remind her of that night.

The crisp sound of slaps kept sounding, and Zoe's face darkened. She pushed away Benjamin, took a deep breath and said the last sentence.

Zoe took a deep breath, sniffed and scolded, "Tell you, I won't love you, never."

"You love Kevin? What do you love about him? He still has a fiancee. He won't marry you. " Benjamin changed his attitude and looked at Zoe sarcastically.

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