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   Chapter 29 Flowers From Kevin

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Zoe's whole body was stiff. She pushed away the man in front of her hard and kept a distance from Benjamin. Her face darkened.

After taking a deep breath, Zoe finally said, "Mr. Benjamin, I understand your infatuation and I'm moved, but you still leave those to my sister and other women. A man like you who is not faithful to love is not suitable for me."

Zoe pretended to be angry and was about to rush out, but her wrist was held by Benjamin, and her face darkened.

"Do you want your sister to marry a rich man?" Afraid that she would leave soon, Benjamin stopped Zoe.

Squinting her eyes, Zoe withdrew her hand and let herself calm down. She didn't believe that Benjamin was serious to ask her. Since he said such words to her, it was impossible for him to be serious to her sister.

"What do you mean? You kept asking me a moment ago, but now you mentioned my sister. " Zoe looked at him, unable to see through Benjamin.

In an instant, Zoe's words attracted the ridicule of Benjamin. He approached her, pinched Zoe's chin, and the smile on his face continued to expand.

"You have refused me. I'm telling you now that you owe the company a project. You can't resign before completing the project. And if you want your sister to marry into the Jiang family smoothly, don't provoke me." Enraged, Benjamin said coldly.

Zoe felt that the man in front of her turned his face faster than turning a book. She quickly stepped back and kept a distance from Benjamin.

Zoe sniffed and calmed down. Then she looked into Benjamin's eyes and said, "Mr. Benjamin, I have finished what you asked me to do. It's time to go back to work."

Without saying anything, Benjamin could only look at Zoe's receding back. He didn't mean that just now. Why couldn't he help saying something like that to her?

"Master, breakfast is ready." Suddenly, a servant came in and said to Benjamin.

Benjamin turned around

and walked into the bathroom. He poured hot water on his head and calmed down. The servant stood outside the bathroom and watched the scene. Finally, she knew what Zoe meant to Benjamin.

"Zoe, since you want to choose a powerful man, I will let you know what a powerful man is." Looking at himself in the mirror, Benjamin muttered to himself. He didn't understand why he fell in love with a woman who looked down on him.

Zoe came to the company angrily, and everyone began to sigh when they saw her. She felt that the eyes of others were very strange, and could not help frowning and looking at them suspiciously.

"What are you doing?" The confusion was written on her face and she whispered to the receptionist.

The receptionist had already walked up to her with a bunch of flowers she had just received and put down the flowers in her hands.

"Mr. Kevin sent it here. You won't be surprised, will you?" The receptionist smiled, reminding the relationship between Zoe and Kevin.

Zoe looked at the flowers in her hand in astonishment, and immediately turned to the direction of the elevator, and walked towards it awkwardly. Many people had known her last night, and now Kevin was sending flowers to the company.

"Kevin, do you really love me? Or just like Benjamin, only want to play with me? " The murmur came out of Zoe's mouth. The elevator had opened, and Zoe walked out immediately.

Hanley had been waiting for her at her desk. Zoe sensed that something bad was about to happen, so she looked at Hanley warily.

"What are you doing here? Did Mr. Benjamin ask me to do something again? I've already done what he asked me to do. " Zoe sat on the chair, pretending to be fine, and treated Hanley indifferently.

Zoe's attitude had lost its enthusiasm, and her good temper had been tempered by Benjamin. Hanley had taken out a magazine from his briefcase and did not put it in front of her.

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