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   Chapter 28 Became His Personal Servant

Love Starts With A Mistake By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3607

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The next day, standing outside Benjamin's house, Zoe kept silent for a while. Then she walked to the gate and rang the doorbell. Immediately, a servant came to the door and opened it.

"Miss, who are you looking for?" The servant looked at Zoe up and down, full of doubts in her heart.

Embarrassed, Zoe took out her employee card. She had many complaints in her heart, but she had no choice but to show her identity.

Zoe smiled and said to the servant, "I'm Mr. Benjamin's special assistant. He asked me to wake him up this morning."

The servant looked at the woman in front of her, and her heart was full of astonishment. She did not understand why their master would let a special assistant to deal with it, which was clearly what the servant wanted to do?

"Please come in. Master is still sleeping. The servants usually wake master up. I really don't understand why master let you come here." The servant muttered and immediately took Zoe to the villa.

Zoe's face darkened. She suppressed her anger and walked into the villa.

Looking at the huge house in front of her, she widened her eyes. She couldn't afford everything here in her life.

"Miss, why are you standing here all the time? We are going upstairs. " The servant frowned when she saw Zoe standing still.

Zoe came to her senses and followed the servant upstairs. When she was about to see Benjamin, the servant suddenly stopped in front of the door and turned to look at Zoe.

"Miss Zoe, you can go in now. Master is resting in this room. If you have any questions, you can call me immediately." The servant nodded slightly to Zoe and opened the door for Zoe.

Zoe walked into the room and heard the sound of snore. She pursed her lips and slowly approached Benjamin.

Standing by the bed, she took a deep bre

ath and called Benjamin in a low voice, "Mr. Benjamin."

Zoe looked at Benjamin quietly and found that at this moment, he looked like an innocent child. She couldn't help reaching out her hand and sticking it on his face.

Suddenly, Benjamin opened his eyes, with a weird smile on his face. He pulled Zoe into his arms, and Zoe began to struggle.

"Do you like to touch my face so much? Why didn't you say goodbye to me that morning and left? " The smile on Benjamin's face widened, and the smile at the corners of his eyes began to expand.

Zoe had sensed that his breath was constantly coming at her. She pushed away Benjamin with all her strength and glared at him angrily.

"You've gone too far. I came here to wake you up and go to the company as you said." Zoe angrily picked up a pillow and hit him hard on the face.

"Oh, I forgot. I thought you came here to throw yourself at me, didn't you?" Benjamin laughed at Zoe deliberately.

Zoe turned around angrily and was about to leave, but Benjamin lifted the quilt and hugged Zoe tightly from behind.

Seeing that Zoe was angry, Benjamin apologized to Zoe, "don't be angry. I'm just kidding. There's no need to be angry about these things."

Zoe's body stiffened and she closed her eyes helplessly. There was a voice in her mind that warned her not to have any improper desire as he was her sister's man, or the consequences would be very serious.

"Let go of me. I have made it clear to you that I have nothing to do with you." Zoe closed her eyes and thumped his chest with her hands.

"Zoe, do you know how many women want to be with me? I have given you so many opportunities, but you still turn a blind eye to me?" Hearing her words, Benjamin's face became even worse. He moved her body hard to make Zoe look at him.

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