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   Chapter 27 What Happened Between You And Benjamin

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"She still has work to do. Don't you think it's too difficult for her?" Benjamin had forgotten his identity and pulled her back to his side.

Kevin looked at Benjamin angrily and saw different feelings in his eyes.

"Mr. Benjamin, do you keep her by your side for business or personal affairs?" With his hands in his pockets, Kevin asked.

Benjamin's face darkened and his eyes fell on this woman.

"No matter what you say, I'm not only her boss, but also her future brother-in-law. I won't let her leave with another man so late." Benjamin deliberately made an excuse.

Kevin narrowed his eyes and looked at Benjamin coldly. Then he pulled Zoe back to his side in front of him.

Kevin laughed and asked him with cold eyes. "Now that you are just her future brother-in-law and it's time to get off work, I have the right to take my girlfriend away, right?"

In an instant, Benjamin closed his mouth and looked at Kevin angrily. Kevin's face had darkened. Seeing that he was not willing to fight for her, Zoe was a little disappointed.

"Mr. Kevin, I'm hungry. Since Mr. Benjamin has nothing to say, let's go first." Zoe picked up her bag from her seat and left the company on purpose, holding the hand of Kevin.

"Zoe, I don't believe that Kevin really likes you and wants to announce his feelings for you to everyone." The blue veins on Benjamin's forehead were obvious. Did she deliberately show off their love in front of him?

After leaving the company, Zoe let go of his hand awkwardly, forced a smile on her face and apologized to Kevin, "I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself just now, so I used you to hit Mr. Benjamin."

"Are you using me? Or do you really like Benjamin so much that no one can replace him? " Kevin guessed.

Zoe waved her hand hard, trying to deny that she really cared about Benjamin, and even herself was surprised.

"You are wrong. I just don't like him to be so domineering. He thinks everyone has to listen to him. Besides, he is my future brother-in-law. It's impossible for him to have such a relationship with me." Zoe smiled awkwardly.

Kevin saw the smile on her face was not so sincere. Did something happen to them after that night?

"What happened between you and Benjamin? Why do I feel that you have changed a lot since that night? " For the first time, Kevin had a strange feeling and wanted to know.

All of a sudden, Zoe's face turned ghastly pale. Kevin was right about his guess. He stopped talking and continued to move forward.

"I'll drive you home right away. I'm worried about you going home alone at this late hour." Kevin reached out his hand and said to her like a gentleman.

"Didn't you ask me to go to the party with you?" Zoe looked at Kevin in astonishment. She didn't know what she said was wrong. He was angry with her, so he said to send her home.

"Since you don't want to go to the party with me, I can't let you go home alone." There was no anger on the face of Kevin. He could only blame Benjamin.

Zoe suddenly stepped forward and held the hand of Kevin, with an apologetic look on her face.

"I'm sorry. I've been so annoyed by my work recently that I can't cheer up. Is it still too late?" Pursing her lips, Zoe stared at Kevin.

After saying the last sentence, Kevin walked to the distance and opened the door. He considerately invited her to get in the car. "It's too late now. I hope you can treat me as your real boyfriend from tonight on, not perfunctory. I'll drive you back first."

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