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   Chapter 26 Dilemma For Benjamin

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"Yes, it is. Or how can I be promoted from an ordinary employee? And now I have been the special assistant of the president. " Zoe sneered, thinking that Lindy was getting more and more annoying.

Every time Lindy seemed to provoke her on purpose. Lindy's face turned livid and she turned back to her seat.

Zoe had a relationship with Kevin, and she was getting more and more arrogant. Did she really think that she was Kevin's real girlfriend? Now, Kevin hadn't admitted her identity in front of the major media, and people didn't know who his real girlfriend was.

The phone suddenly rang. Zoe hurriedly took it out of her bag and put it beside her ear, listening to the voice on the phone.

"Hello, I'm Zoe." She answered the phone and wanted to know who it was.

"Zoe? It's me. Do you have time tonight? There is a charity party tonight. I hope I can take you with me. " The voice of Kevin came through the phone, which was very gentle.

Astonishment appeared on Zoe's face, but she quickly refused Kevin in a euphemistic tone, "I'm sorry, I have work to do tonight, I'm sorry."

The person on the other end of the phone immediately calmed down. Kevin said nothing and hung up the phone. Zoe looked at the phone in her hand with a pale face. She held the phone tightly in her hands. It was all Benjamin's fault. What on earth did he want to do?

At six o'clock in the afternoon, Lindy finished dealing with the documents on the desk. After tidying them up, she walked to the door of the office and gently knocked on it.

"Come in." Benjamin's voice came from the office.

Lindy took a deep breath and walked into the office immediately. Be

njamin was still buried in his work.

"Mr. Benjamin, I have finished my work. What else can I do for you?" Lindy kept her eyes on Benjamin, eager to know everything between him and Zoe.

"Nothing. You can leave now." Benjamin said coldly.

Embarrassment appeared on Lindy's face. She turned around and left his office. She became more and more curious.

Why did Mr. Benjamin only have a special feeling for Zoe, and he was indifferent to others? Why?

Looking at the closed door, Benjamin took a deep breath and immediately turned his eyes to the door. He took a deep breath and immediately walked to the window, pulled up the blinds and looked out of the office through the glass. Then he smiled.

All of a sudden, a figure appeared in his sight. His face immediately darkened, and he clenched the blinds with one hand.

"Zoe." A magnetic male voice resounded in front of Zoe.

Zoe immediately raised her head and stared at the man in front of her. She opened her eyes wide in astonishment and asked, "Ke... Mr. Kevin, aren't you going to the charity party? Why are you here? "

All of a sudden, Kevin frowned and approached Zoe. He was unhappy because he didn't like her to call him like that.

"I have already said that you are my girlfriend. You don't need to call me like that." Kevin frowned and approached [Zoe. He looked unhappy. He didn't like her to call him like this.

"How can I? You are Mr. Kevin. If Mr. Benjamin knows it, I will have a hard time. " Zoe gnashed her teeth when she mentioned Benjamin.

The door of the office had been forcefully opened. Benjamin looked at Zoe angrily, walked up to her and pulled her over.

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