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   Chapter 22 You Are My Woman

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"Can you tell me how to deal with Kevin now? He has been urging us. If anything happens to this project, ... " Hanley's words were stopped by Benjamin.

"The contract has been signed. If he wants to terminate the contract now, it will be a violation of the contract. If he really wants to terminate the contract, he can only be sued." Benjamin snorted coldly. As far as he knew, Kevin was not such an impulsive person.

But Hanley looked at him worriedly. He was so willful now. It seemed that Zoe was a scourge.

"Well, I know what to do. I'll go back to work first." Hanley answered.

The next moment, Hanley turned around and left his office. Benjamin went back to his desk and put his hands on it, with many thoughts flashing through his mind.

"Zoe, let me see what tricks you can play. I'll play this game with you." Benjamin stressed his tone, casting a sharp light in his eyes.

He must let Zoe pay for what she had done, so that she could not escape.

In the afternoon, when there was no one at home, Zoe returned home slowly. She didn't expect that Ava had already sat in the living room and waited for her.

"Stop!" A deep roar resounded through the air. Ava stood behind Zoe and looked at her.

Zoe stopped and looked at her strong sister coldly. She asked awkwardly, "Sister, why are you at home? Didn't you invite some ladies to have tea today? Is it possible that someone else is not available? You... "

"Shut up! Can't you say something nice to me? Why did you leave the company all of a sudden? " Ava immediately changed the topic and spoke to her in an angry tone.

Zoe's face was full of anger. She knew that Benjamin had said something to her sister again. She walked to the sofa in the distance and sat down, throwing her bag on t

he sofa.

"I've decided to resign. No matter what Benjamin says to you, I won't consider it." Sitting on the sofa, Zoe looked up at Ava and couldn't help but speak out her thoughts.

"Resign? It's not easy for me to ask Benjamin to give you a chance. Now you are going to resign. Are you hurting me? " When Ava heard her explanation, an angry look appeared on her face.

Zoe looked at her angrily. She knew that Benjamin didn't rely on her ability, but on her sister.

"I knew that Benjamin hated me so much. Why did he transfer me to the CEO office? It turns out that you are the one who did it. Do you know how much pressure I was under?" Zoe looked at Ava reproachfully, which made Ava frown more tightly and look at her sister with a sneer.

Being condemned by her, Ava couldn't help but roar, "What do you mean now? Are you blaming me for your work? "

Zoe didn't want to say anything. She stood up and walked towards her room.

Only then did Mrs. Carolina buy something and return home. At the door, she had heard the quarrel between the two sisters. She scolded, "What the hell are you doing? I can hear you quarreling at the door. "

"Mom, don't you scold Zoe? I finally asked Benjamin to give her a good position, but she told me that she wanted to resign. Is she deliberately framing me? " Ava was furious. Every time her mother would help Zoe.

Mrs. Carolina face darkened. She walked to the door of Zoe and slammed it to let Zoe open the door.

"Open the door now. Don't think you'll be fine." Mrs. Carolina's tone became softer and she wanted to know what had happened.

After a long time, Zoe's voice came from the room. She didn't want to talk to them at all. Was there really no place for her to stay except for Benjamin's company?

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