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   Chapter 4 An Accident In The Office

Love Starts With A Mistake By Zhen Xiang Characters: 4098

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"Master, here we are." The driver stopped the car at the gate of the company and said to Benjamin.

Benjamin opened his eyes and looked out of the window. Then he unfastened his seat belt and was about to get off the car.

The driver kept his eyes on Benjamin and asked him respectfully, "Master, what else do you need? I'll prepare it right away. "

"Drive to the parking lot and get some wine for me in the chateau." Benjamin had handed the card of wine to the driver. The driver nodded slightly, and Benjamin had already walked into the company.

Seeing the appearance of Benjamin, Farley immediately rushed to the front of Benjamin, began to nod and bow to flatter him, and respectfully said, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Benjamin. I'm the manager of the company, Farley Feng. If you need anything, you can inform me."

Benjamin glanced at Farley and narrowed his eyes. He was not satisfied with Farley's attitude.

"Who told you to come down? You don't want to work in the company anymore, do you? " The roar came from Benjamin's mouth, and the surrounding temperature immediately dropped to zero.

"It's the manager who asked us to pick you up. You are a distinguished guest of the company, so we can't neglect you." Seeing that no one was willing to speak, Zoe came out at once.

Zoe looked into Benjamin's eyes, and Benjamin put his hands in his pockets when he saw such a fearless girl.

Taking a step forward, Benjamin looked at Zoe up and down and asked suspiciously, "Little girl, do you know who I am? I'm afraid it's not appropriate to say that to me. "

Zoe knew that the man in front of her was mocking her. She took a breath and continued to ask, "Mr. Benjamin, do you want all of the people in the company are those who flatter you? Instead of those working hard? "

Benjamin had walked up to Zoe, picked up the name card on her chest, and remembered Zoe's name in his mind.

"Good, come to my office with me. As for you, go back to work immediately. I don't want to see anyone who don't work, otherwise, get out

of the company immediately." After saying that, Benjamin immediately walked towards the elevator.

Zoe looked at him doubtfully, but still followed him. Everyone looked at the closed elevator with joking eyes, full of curiosity.

Farley looked viciously at the closed elevator. Lily had already walked in front of him, shaking her big breast, with obscenity in her eyes.

"Manager, Zoe is deliberately contradicting you. She knows that you care about this boss very much, but she still deliberately talks nonsense in front of him." Lily said on purpose, putting the blame on Zoe.

"That's enough. You don't have to remind me of this. Just do your own thing." Farley glared at Lily and left the hall. Everyone laughed and dispersed.

After all, Lily always liked to use her big chest to threaten others in the company. Now they had a way to deal with her.

The elevator opened. Benjamin walked out of the elevator and entered his office. Zoe followed him and dared not say a word.

"You were quite bold just now, but do you know what kind of situation you are in? You are just an ordinary employee in the company. " Benjamin entered the office and said immediately.

Benjamin walked to his chair and sat down. He looked at Zoe curiously. With a livid face, Zoe looked at Benjamin curiously.

"Do you think I did something wrong? We are all very busy every day. We shouldn't have left all our work behind and walked around you just because our boss came to the company. " Zoe didn't think she had done anything wrong and answered calmly.

"Would you mind pouring me a glass of wine?" Benjamin ordered, feeling his throat dry.

A smile appeared on Benjamin's face. He immediately pointed to the distance. Zoe turned around and walked to the wine cabinet in the distance, pouring a glass of wine for Benjamin.

"Mr. Benjamin, here... Ah... " Zoe stopped and looked at the cabinet full of good wine.

Zoe turned around and returned to Benjamin. She stumbled and fell to the ground, and the glass in her hand had disappeared.

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