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   Chapter 3 The Company Was Acquired (Part Three)

Love Starts With A Mistake By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3442

Updated: 2020-07-21 00:03

Farley's angry roar came from the phone, causing Zoe to move the phone away from her ear while narrowing her eyes.

"Sir, please don't worry. I'm already in the elevator. I'll be in the office in just five seconds," Zoe begged and disconnected the call.

The moment she cut the call, the elevator doors opened. Zoe jumped out of the elevator, panting, and immediately rushed to Farley's office. She then pushed his door open and walked in.

With anger written all over his face, Farley glared at her and roared, "Zoe! Are you trying to undermine my work? I clearly told you last night that we have an inspection today and that our new CEO is visiting. Couldn't you have come sooner today?"

"I'm so sorry, sir. I did start early today, but I got stuck in traffic," Zoe explained in a rush. However, the more she tried to make him understand, the colder he became.

"Zoe, don't keep giving me silly excuses. Regardless of how many times I warn you, you never change. If I keep letting you go, others will question my authority. Do you want me to lose my job because of your stupid mistakes?" he yelled and banged the table with his fists. He looked so terrifying that Zoe took a step back and didn't dare to look him in the eye.

Was he being serious this time? 'His face is as dark as ink. I can tell he's fuming mad, ' Zoe thought to herself, feeling cranky.

"Zoe! What's on your mind? Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Farley roared. Looking at the absent-minded Zoe, he became so furious that he wanted to fire her at that very moment.

Suddenly, something occurred to Zoe, so she lifted her head and cautiously said to Farley, "Sir, our CEO will be here any minute now. Should I start preparing

for the inspection? If not, he will be heavily disappointed in us."

Although he wanted to say many things, Farley had no choice but to keep quiet for the moment. He reluctantly signaled to her to leave.

"Thank you, sir. This won't happen again, I promise," Zoe said quickly and rushed out of his office.

She was finally relieved, so she heaved a sigh. She then walked to her desk and began sorting the huge pile of documents on her desk.

"You're late every day, Zoe. I don't even know why Farley wastes his time on people like you. You should be fired," Lily Zhang said with a sneer. She then mocked her by flaunting her 36D breasts, making Zoe feel sick.

Zoe smiled and retorted, "Lily, technically, I'm not late. If you still want me to get fired, good luck with that."

With that, she started working. Her birthday was only six days away and she would turn 24. She couldn't lose her job now.

"Are you sure, Zoe? I don't think there's much hope for you this time. I heard that our new CEO is keen on cutting costs, so you'd better start being careful if you don't want to lose your job," Lily Zhang blurted out. As soon as Zoe heard those words, the pen in her hand fell to the floor and her face turned as pale as a corpse's.

"All right, everyone! Go downstairs and welcome our new CEO," Farley ordered all of a sudden, walking out of his office.

Everyone immediately stood up and followed Farley downstairs. Zoe stood in the back with a horrified expression. Lily Zhang's words had pierced deep into her heart.

Lily Zhang had told her that the new CEO was keen on cutting costs, which meant Zoe could lose her job, because she was late to work every day. Would he really fire her?

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