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   Chapter 29 How Did You Get Ivan

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They could not believe what they saw.

Ivan, who always kept a distance from women and hated women for bringing trouble, was serving food for this one? He even carefully cut the fish into small pieces. This scene was really inconceivable to them.

"Oh, thank you." When Flora came to her senses, she quickly thanked him with a smile.

As a matter of fact, it seemed that Ivan took good care of her every time. He cut the fish and shrimps for her. Although he acted expressionlessly and naturally, she could feel his affection. Looking at his beautiful face, Flora finally felt relieved.

She took a look at Ivan and smiled before she lowered her head to eat.

James was stunned and muttered, "what did I see just now? Is something wrong with my vision?"

"No." Allen, who was standing aside, also found it incredible.

In the past, Ivan hated them for bringing women to dinner together. Once, James brought a woman here. At the beginning, Ivan endured the their intimacy, but in the middle of the meal, Ivan put down his chopsticks and left. In the following month, he refused to eat at the same table with James until James swore that he would not take a woman to dinner with them anymore.

It was not that Ivan could not stand their gooey romance, it was just that he loathed women in general. Whereas, now, Ivan suddenly said that he was going to get married, not only did he took her on a vacation, but he also even served food for her? So, did Flora turn Ivan into a normal man?

"I couldn't believe my eyes." James whispered to the people beside him.

"Me, either." Allen said.

"But if my woman were as considerate and lovely as Flora, I would serve food for her, too."

"Don't you always do those things to please women?"

"Do I?" It seemed that James was unaware.

"Well, it's just like when you say to every woman that she's the one. Isn't that a common thing?"

"Okay..." James was lost in thought.

'All the women I hooked up with were attractive, yet Ivan didn't even look at them. It seemed that this Flora was really something. There could be something fun to kill boredom.' ——Thinking of this, James smiled.

After dinner, everyone went back to their room to have a rest. Flora was lead by Ivan to the room. When she saw two suitcases in there, she knew that she had to share a room with him.


Since they were going to get married, they would share a room sooner or later.

She thought she'd better get used to it as soon as possible.

"Do you want to take a shower?"

Ivan asked politely when he realised that he was not alone in the room.

"It doesn't matter. You take a shower first. I'll just unpack."

Without raising her head, she started to unpack her luggage. After hanging the clothes in the wardrobe and tidying up the dressing table, she took a look at Ivan's suitcase and thought, 'it seems that he likes to be alone. I'm afraid he doesn't like others to touch his stuffs, meanwhile, I'm not used to helping others with these things, so it's better not to touch it.'.

She picked up her phone and replied to the messages from Miya and Lucy. She found that the room of those two girls was under the sea. From the

video they sent, she could see the fish through the glass. She was very curious and excited, saying that she wanted to go see it. So the three of them decided that Flora should go to find them after taking the photos tomorrow. She didn't know how to get there, so she planned to ask the housekeeper.

As soon as she walked out of the room, she ran into James.

"Flora, come with me." He looked mysteriously at the door behind her and asked softly, "where is Ivan?"

"He is taking a shower." This guy was sneaky and Flora didn't know what he wanted to do.

"Good timing. Come here. I have something to ask you."


Then he pulled her towards the swimming pool.

Although Flora thought that James always did things abruptly, she didn't mind. She had no choice but to see what he wanted to ask.

"Can you teach me?"

James said suddenly.

"What? What can I teach you? "

"How did you get Ivan?"

"What? You like him?" She was quite surprised.

"What?" Seeing her misunderstandings, James said hastily, "No, I like women."

"Then why did you ask me that?"

"I met a cold woman like him. I tried every means, but she kept ignoring me."

Instead of feeling embarrassed, James frowned and began to think.

"That's good. You will not hurt her."

"What are you talking about?"

Seeing her smiling and gloating, James became unhappy.

"But it's not always about hurt. Just like those mermaids, they should hope you to have something with them." After all, he and Ivan were bros, so she tried not to offend him.

"Well, I like it when you say that. I can satisfy their needs."

"So they are really good, too, making James be willing to satisfy their needs." Flora pretended to admire them.

Hearing what she said, James was stunned.

'Shouldn't she admire me instead of those mermaids? In the past decade, he had easily made women fall for him. How could he change women like changing clothes if he weren't so awesome at it?

"No, no, it's my needs. With my charm, they are willing to satisfy my needs." How could he lose face.

"Maybe it's mutual?" She smiled faintly and seemed to appreciate the bewilderment on his face. "You see, you need women, and they need men and money. Besides, you are handsome and can pay them. If it weren't for you, they could only be with some fat old men, who are not as generous as you. Why shouldn't they be happy? "

Hearing this, he was stunned. He thought that she was right.

First of all, it was undeniable that Flora had a good taste to say he was handsome and had a good figure. Those women also praised him for what he had. In that case, it seemed that he was taken advantage of.

"HMM... Your words seemed to wake me up in a daydream. " James took a serious look at her and dialed a number with a trace of emotion, but this time he was very polite.

"Ladies, shall we cancel the show at two o'clock tonight?"


Hearing the sweet but surprised voice on the other end of the phone, Flora was curious and wanted to ask if it was the mermaid ladies. But they were having a conversation over the phone, which she had to listen to patiently.


"So... What about the money? "

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