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   Chapter 28 An Iceberg Baby

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James said in a childish tone. As soon as he finished his words, Ivan frowned. Then James saw the girl coming out from the corner. He smiled awkwardly and then looked at Allen. The latter could not smile and regained his indifference.

"Hey, why didn't you tell us that you brought Flora here?" James was a little afraid of Ivan. If Ivan lost his temper, he would throw him out.

Sending a woman to a bro happened to be seen by the bro's fiancee, he was afraid that Ivan would be forced to end their friendship. On the other side, Allen was also very serious. The three of them looked at Flora at the same time.

Her eyes were full of curiosity, as if she hadn't heard the "she's all yours." he said.

She moved her eyes and stopped on one of the mermaids, then she smiled brightly and clapped her hand. "I heard that eating mermaid's meat can make one live forever."

As soon as Flora showed up, James stopped playing. Everyone knew what was going on and they all looked at her in silence. The mermaid was so frightened that she wagged her tail and held the shore with one hand.

Everyone was not sure whether Flora's smile was true, but she felt the atmosphere was strange. Then she realised that everyone was looking at her in silence. The three mermaids were a little scared. James was embarrassed, and there was a strange man with a serious face. Then she looked at Ivan, who was looking at her expressionlessly.

What's happening? Did she say something wrong? Or did they feel uncomfortable because they were not familiar with her?

However, the atmosphere was indeed a little tense.

"The dinner should be ready. Let's have dinner." It was the strange man who broke the silence.

Flora felt that she seemed to have met the man somewhere before, but she couldn't remember where.

"Yes, let's go, I'm hungry after playing all afternoon." James said, and he then turned to the three mermaids and said, "well, you girls can go somewhere to have dinner and have a rest. We have other business tonight, so you don't have to come."

"What? They're not coming? "

Seeing that she was looking at the mermaids, James was afraid that she would really hurt these ladies. He quickly said, "we were just playing with water. We have other business at night, so they are not needed."

"Okay." She still wanted to come back to see these mermaids after dinner. She didn't know if they would perform a show in the water.

"Are you Flora?" The strange man put on his clothes and came over to greet her. "I'm Ivan's uncle."


She was a little surprised, because this man looked about the same age as Ivan.

"Hello. My name is Flora. I am... " She introduced herself subconsciously, but she didn't know how to explain the relationship . It was too early to say that she was Ivan's wife, and it seemed strange to say that she was his fiancee or girlfriend.

Fortunately, when she stopped talking, James came over happily. "Flora, my name is James, we had dinner together last time."

"Hello, James. I remember you."

James was easy to get along with. He was like a big boy and quite spontaneous. Although she only met him a few times, she knew that he did things according to his own preference.

"My name is James, or you can call me baby just like those ladies do. Ah! "

After saying the word "baby", James was knocked on the back of his head by Allen.

"What are you doing?" It seemed that James wanted to beat up Allen, but he was stopped by him.


Flora calls you 'baby', then what does she call Ivan? Did you get drunk after drinking the pool water the whole afternoon? "


James scratched his head and smiled awkwardly at Flora, "I'm used to saying that when I see beautiful women. Don't take it personally"

Baby? She didn't even call Ivan baby. In fact, she only called Miya and those girls baby. It was so strange to call an iceberg baby.

"It doesn't matter." She waved her hand.

Ivan, who had been silent all the time, said, "let's go eat."

They came to the dining room one after another, and the dinner had been served. Flora's mood became better after seeing the food. The mermaid thing quickly was forgotten.

She didn't know if it was always so quiet when they were having dinner, but it was the same when she was having dinner with Ivan recently, so she didn't feel embarrassed. She had been eating very carefully and in a good condition. But when she was served with the fried fish, her mind began to wander.

The fish should have been a very big one, otherwise how could there be such a large piece of fish without bones? If only it were mermaid's flesh. She still remembered that half a year ago, her parents wanted to arrange blind dates for her, and she was very resistant.

"I don't want to get married. Did you raise me up just to send me to someone else's house as a nanny?"

"What are you talking about? Who doesn't need to do housework after getting married? "

"But the family belongs to every member. Why is it always the women who are doing it?"

"Then find someone who is willing to share the housework with you."

"That's not gonna happen. They marry a woman to help them cook and wash dishes. Why should I do that? I can support myself. I find someone to take care of him, but he dislikes me. Am I crazy? "

"Flora How could you say something so capricious? You should get married and have your own child, what if you get old in the future? Who will take care of you? "

"I can take care of myself. I don't need others to take care of me. Besides, even if you have a child, he or she may not take care of you. It always happen that several children fight over who should be responsible for taking care of their parents."

"You You are still young and can take care of yourself. When you get old in the future, you can't walk anymore, or maybe you have a stroke, at that time you won't say this. "

"Not everyone has the chance to get old. Many people died at a young age, and maybe I can't live that old. If I really lie on the bed and can't move, I will take medicine to commit suicide."


Although Flora said those, she knew that one day she would get old, and what her mother said might also happen. However, she also knew that marrying a man didn't mean having support. Many women got married to be protected from troubles in life. But in the end, they found that all the troubles were given by the man called husband.

If only this dish was Mermaid meat, then she could live forever. As long as she didn't age, she could take care of herself indefinitely. And she didn't need to worry about the future.

Staring blankly at the new fish, she didn't move for a while. It was the first time that Ivan saw her showing sadness instead of happiness during a meal. Following her gaze, he looked at the fish, cut a few pieces for her, and then put them into her bowl.

Everything was done naturally. However, both Allen and James were stunned by this scene.

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