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   Chapter 27 She's All Yours Tonight

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"What do I think? What do you mean? " She didn't know what he was talking about.

"I'm asking your opinion on the empress's sending Changan to be a hostage."

This story was about the Warring States period. The Qin Kingdom took advantage of the political power transition of the Zhao Kingdom, attacked them and occupied three cities of the Zhao Kingdom. The Zhao Kingdom was in a critical situation, so they could only ask the Qi Kingdom for help. The Qi Kingdom agreed to rescue, but on the condition that the empress's youngest son, Changan, would be held hostage. Why did the Qi Kingdom choose Changan, instead of the empress's other sons?

Changan was the youngest son of the empress, and was doted on and even spoiled.

How could he be a hostage? Of course, the empress was unwilling. But if she didn't send Changan to the Qi Kingdom, the Qi Kingdom wouldn't send reinforcements, and the Zhao Kingdom would have no chance of winning the war against their rival. In such a critical moment, the minister of the time, persuaded the empress with the idea of "Long term planning for your beloved son", and sent Changan to the Qi Kingdom as a hostage. In the end, the Qi Kingdom dispatched troops, and the Qin Kingdom was defeated.

However, Flora didn't answer his question immediately, instead, she looked closely at his expressions. There seemed to be a strange emotion in his eyes, as if the history meant a lot to him.

"It's human nature for the empress to dote on her youngest son. Besides, sending Changan as a hostage also showed that she loved this child very much. "

It's true indeed that everyone hopes that their children become more outstanding. As for Changan, if he came back safe and sound, he would have high prestige in the court. However——

"To send Changan to be a hostage... It sounds easy, but it's not. "

Flora suddenly said, just when he thought he couldn't hear the opinion he wanted from her.

"What?" He was listening.

"It's easier said than done. Everyone knew it was good to have 'Long term planning for your beloved son', but it was difficult to let go. In that era, being a hostage meant the probability of dying in a foreign country. The empress was a mother, if her son was sent away, she might not see him again for the rest of her life. " Flora didn't remember if there was any further historical record of Changan , nor did she know if they met again later in their lives.

"Nowadays, many parents are afraid that, once going abroad, their children won't come back. Even if the child lives well on the other side of the earth, they still feel like they have no child. "

Ivan frowned slightly and thought for a while. Then he lowered his head so that no one could tell what his emotion was like.

Flora didn't expect him to further talk to her. Seeing that he was silent, she also kept her mouth shut. However, she was not a dull person. If she couldn't figure out something, she would always think about it.

"You're holding the book upside down."

Suddenly, his words made her stunned. Only then did she realise that she didn't read a word after she picked up the book. Instead, she kept guessing why he asked her the question.

It was impossible for a man like Ivan not to understand why the empress wanted his son to be a hostage. Also, it was impossible for him not to understand the story. Maybe he asked the question just because he wanted to talk to her? But if so, why was he silent after starting the topic?

What a strange man.

With a red face, Flora put the book in the right direction.

Ivan leaned against the back of the chair and closed his eyes to rest. After reading for a while, Flora put down the book. She yawned and also wanted to take a nap. When she turned around and saw his side face, she couldn't take her eyes off him.

His head was raised slightly and his hair was in front of his forehead. Occasionally, a trace of air flowed through, and his black hair gently swung in front of his fair forehead. When his eyes were open, they were so deep as if he could see through her, so brave as she was,

sometimes she did not dare to look in his eyes. Therefore, she had never had the chance to look at him so wantonly as now.

Because with his eyes closed, he no longer seemed to be a cold person. He was a man, but his face was as fair as a "canvas" with makeup. His bony nose made his side face very angular, and his thin lips were as red as a woman.

If he could have a gentle smile on the corner of his mouth, he would look more like Abe no Seimei , a character the Japanese author Baku Yumemakura created. His skin was fair and his lips were as red as wearing makeup.

In the words of Miya, "he is a real Adonis."

In Flora's opinion, if he was an Adonis, he was a rather terrible one. Because there was always a look of insight in his eyes. It was obvious that without saying a word, he revealed his sharpness and dignity.

What she didn't know was that the expression on his face when asking the question just now was almost impossible to be seen by others.

She was lost in thought for a long time and suddenly showed a faint smile.

There was a sweet smile in her eyes.

Maybe God was so kind that he sent Ivan to her? Just like the saying that maybe she had saved the earth, to be given the opportunity to sit next to him at this very moment.

She leaned against the back of the chair and looked out of the window. The blue sky was dotted with white clouds, as clear and bright as her mood. She remembered that he was sleeping, so she closed the curtain. Then she again leaned against the back of the chair and closed her eyes to rest.

Flora didn't notice that after she closed her eyes, the man next to her opened his, with complex emotions inside, and then his eyes were closed again gently, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

Maybe she was not that bad. ——It was the first time that Ivan made a comment on her, though only in his heart.

After getting off the plane, Flora followed him. At the baggage claim, he took both of their suitcases,

and pushed them easily. Flora couldn't help but marvel in her heart, 'this fiance is really helpful.'.

It seemed that someone had been waiting for him for a long time, because as soon as they walked out, he was greeted by a Chinese, who was very familiar with him and respectfully called him "Mr. Ivan."

"Do we wait for them?" Flora asked, because a lot of information popped up on her mobile phone. They were from Miya and Lucy. Since they couldn't find her, she was a little anxious.

"We don't live in the same place, so I asked Ethan to pick them up."


Ivan must have booked a hotel first before she proposed that they would also come, so they could only live in a different place.

When they arrived at the hotel, it was already in the evening.

Someone greeted them at the door.

Ivan asked, "where are they?"


While following him and thinking about who he was talking about. Suddenly, Flora stumbled over the stairs and bumped into his back.

She rubbed her head.

The guide answered Ivan, "Mr. Qin and others are at the swimming pool."

"Okay." Ivan replied and walked towards a place he was familiar with.

After entering the gate, there was a yard, then a hall, and after bypassing the hall, there was another yard. And there were no other guests here. So, this should not be a hotel, but a resort villa?

There was a faint burst of laughter, men and women. The closer they got, the louder their voices sounded. Ivan seemed to walk slowly, but his legs were long, so she couldn't keep up with him. He turned a corner and it should be the swimming pool over there.

In the swimming pool, the water waves were shining under the light. There were three 'mermaids'. In the pool, there was also a man playing with the 'mermaids'. Another man on the shore was lying in a chair and looking at the situation in the water with a smile.

In the water, the man James heard the footsteps and turned his head. When he saw Ivan, he came out of the water, and ran over excitedly. "Ivan, three mermaids, one for each. Mermaid sister said she is all yours tonight."

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