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   Chapter 26 He Is Not Familiar With Her

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How could Ivan not hear these comments? Which one didn't Ethan remember? Ivan, however, said that if it didn't affect them too much, just let them be.

In fact, it meant that he might be secretly raising some unknown woman in secret. One minute he said that Mr. James was his true love, and then he said that he lacked family love...

Now he was single at this age, and there were countless rumors. These rumors affected his life, but Ivan was open-minded.

It seemed that the announcement of his vacation at the beginning of next month would have a shocking effect.

Thinking of this, Ethan smiled more kindly.

On the other side, seeing that Ivan did not answer her phone, Flora said awkwardly, "he may be busy. I'll ask him later."

"You can ask him on WeChat. He will reply to you when he is free." Miya said casually.

Flora was stunned. They didn't exchange WeChat account, did they?

"What's wrong with you?" Seeing that she looked a little strange, Lucy asked.

At this time, her phone suddenly rang.

Flora hurried to the balcony to answer the phone. The two stood at the balcony door, pricking their ears.

In the CEO's Office, Ivan came straight to the point and asked, "what's up?"

"Oh... Here is the thing. When we go to Maldives next month, can I bring my bridesmaid team with me? "

Bridesmaid team?

He didn't know much about the customs, and he didn't know if she had to bring a bridesmaid with her.

"Is it necessary?" He asked with respect.

"Not really. They are my good friends. They can buy the tickets by themselves. They just want to take some photos with me to remember. " She was somewhat distant, though she smiled in response.

On the other side, Ivan was silent for a few seconds. Flora thought he didn't want, so she said, "If it's not convenient, forget it."

"It doesn't matter. Send their ID cards to Ethan. "

Flora couldn't figure out what kind of emotion he had, or perhaps he really didn't have any emotion. Otherwise, how could his tone be so calm?

"Okay. Then I won't bother you anymore. " She replied politely.

After hanging up the phone, Flora was about to tell the two girls but she saw the two of them poking their heads out. Miya said, "are you going to get married?"

"What's wrong?" Flora was confused.

"You are so distant." Lucy also felt strange.


Ivan was so calm and indifferent, and she was also a shy person. Although they had eaten several times in the past month, to be honest, every time they went to dinner, she would eat quietly without saying a word. She focused on eating delicious food and waited for him to finish it. He would ask, "do you still need it?"

Most of the time, she would say "no, thank you. I'm full."

However, she didn't feel anything wrong. When they talked about this, she suddenly remembered how she had been with Chris.

"Why are you so good at eating?" Chris teased her every time, "you won't gain any weight even if you eat it. It's a waste of food."

"Work hard, or you can't afford to support me. Besides, I just keep my figure on purpose, not because I don't grow fat. Do you understand? Do you know how many people envy me? "

"Why do you eat so much and you don't gain weight?"

"It's none of your business. What? Are you afraid of being poor? " She pretended to be angry.

"How I dare! How I dare! I can'

t starve you no matter how poor I am. Alas, I will eat less in the future. I will tighten my belt just to make you satisfied. " He pretended to be afraid.

"Okay, I'll buy you some more belts for you later."


Em... It seemed that they were really distant from each other. But she was not familiar with Ivan, so she was naturally so polite to him.

The greatest pleasure of traveling was not to arrive at the destination, but to prepare for the trip over and over again and live with expectations. In the past half a month, Flora hadn't stopped preparing. In fact, she had been busy since she agreed to marry Ivan.

The book that should have been finished by the plan was covered with dust. She had only read a few pages of the lucky books for more than a month. She was so busy with her wedding that she almost forgot the exam time. Fortunately, the wedding photos were taken after the exam. She could relax and prepare for the exam next year.

She and Ivan were in the first class, so she separated from her friends naturally.

She followed Ivan all the way through the dining area and some seats.

"Here it is."

The two were sitting next to each other.

Ivan said, "the plane will be flying for almost eight hours. You can come in and rest if you're tired."


Afraid of boredom, Flora brought a book with her. Just as she took it out of her bag, Ivan also took out a book from his bag. She caught a glimpse of the cover, but didn't dare to keep her eyes on it for too long.

The cover was full of English words, Gone with the wind.

After thinking for a while, she remembered the Chinese name of this book.

She couldn't help but take a look at it and was shocked.

All in English?

Moreover, Ivan seemed to be reading very fast and turned a page soon.

Flora was stunned. To practice her English reading skills, she read children's literature books, still the bilingual kind, which took her a long time to read a page.

"Alas..." She sighed like a balloon.


Ivan heard her but still focused on reading.

Sometimes, the difference between people was so great. After she met Ivan, her life had undergone a tremendous change. In the past twenty years, those exquisite and luxurious things in the window, a spontaneous trip, all of which were unreachable to her.

However, just because of his words, "let's get married." It was a piece of cake for her to get these things.

If it was just the money gap, she could tell herself that it was just his inherent advantage born in a good family. However, Ivan was much better than her, even though they both had been receiving the compulsory education for more than nine years.

After sighing in her heart, Flora opened her book.

The two of them were reading their own books, unaware that time passed a little fast. Until he felt his eyes dry, Ivan put down the book. He glanced at the book in her hand and saw it was a book about war strategy.

Ivan looked at the book and thought for a while. Then he said, "there is an article about a minister persuading the empress to take one prince as a hostage."

Flora didn't expect that he would actually take the initiative to chat with her except for the necessary things.

In surprise, she still answered, "are you talking about the Chulong Say about Lady Zhao?"

"Well, what do you think?"

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