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   Chapter 25 They Are Going To Take Wedding Photos

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After the two of them had dinner, Ivan sent her home. Maybe it was because she had eaten something, she no longer looked uneasy and upset after dinner. On the way home, she sat on the passenger seat and chattered about interesting things that Ivan had never heard of.

"Thank you so much today." She said happily as she unfastened her seat belt before getting off the car.

"The wedding photos will be taken on the ten day of next month and we will come back on the twenty-fifth." Thinking of this, Ivan was worried that she might forget to ask for leave, so he reminded her.

"15 days?" She was a little surprised. "Half a month..."

Looking at her upset face, he asked, "is it inconvenient?"

"No, No." However, her salary was not high, and the cost of the book hadn't been paid yet. In this way, she asked for half a month's leave, and she could only ask for the rent from her parents next month. But she could go there and have fun. She could make a plan about the rent then.

She frowned and thought for a while. Then she put on a bright smile and asked expectantly, "where are we going to take wedding photos?"

"How about Maldives?"

Flora was too excited to speak for a while. She watched McDull cartoons when she was little, and McDull loved it there. He used to ask his mom when he would take him to the Maldives.

"Really? Maldives? With its blue skies, coconut palms and white sandy waters, the Maldives is a paradise situated in the Indian Ocean."

With its blue skies, coconut palms and white sandy waters, the Maldives was a paradise situated in the Indian Ocean. ——

It sounded familiar. But Ivan couldn't remember where she had heard of it.

"I'm much luckier than McDull."


Oh! He remembered that he had watched a cartoon when he was a child. And in it, it seemed that McDul had mentioned to go to Maldives. All of a sudden, the dust laden memory box in his mind was opened.

"Where is Maldives?" The boy was about ten years old, with a delicate face.

"Why do you suddenly mention Maldives?" His father seemed to be always very busy.

"McDull said it was beautiful. I want to go there too."

"I'm is busy with work. I'll take you there later."

"Oh, what about mommy?" His mother would take him to a restaurant to eat delicious food, but she had never cooked for him.

"The seventh beauty salon opens this summer vacation. She doesn't have time either." His mother was gentle, but she was always very busy.

"Grandpa, there are so many fish in Maldives. You like fish the most, don't you? " The little boy's eyes were full of cunning and expectation.

"You brat, do you want to coax grandpa to take you to play again?" Although he was so serious with a straight face, he still said in a spoiled tone.

"Grandpa, you are too busy to take me there." The boy said in the same helpless tone as his parents.

"Grandpa also has annual leave. Ethan, arrange it for me. "

"Mr. Owen, when are you plan to there?"

"Of course now. How can we procrastinate in doing things!"

"But, Mr. Owen. The meeting is almost ready. The American partner will come tomorrow. "

Every time Ethan would say "but", and his grandfather would say, "but what is more important than my grandson? Call the American partner and ask if they can delay it. If not, tell me again. "

"Okay, Mr. Owen."

Speaking of this, the first time he went to Maldives was because of the cartoon of McDull. Later, he did go to Maldives. After that, he couldn't remember how many times he had been there. It was better to say that he had no time to remember than to forget it.

"Well, I'll go back first."

In Flora's eyes, he seemed to see the bright sunshine of Maldives.

He didn't realize that the corners of his mouth didn't seem to curve at the moment, but there was a smile in his eyes. "Okay."

Looking at he

r back, the memory of Ivan lit up by her was slowly put in the corner.

His peaceful life seemed to be stirred up by her, and even his state of mind became involuntarily. So it was in the wedding shop, and so it was just now when she smiled brightly...

He frowned gradually, not because of her resistance, but because he had unconsciously done such a thing. There was always a bit of danger in this out-of-control stuff.

The next day, she mentioned the trip to Maldives.

"Maldives?" Miya became excited and said, "I want to go with you. Which island are you going to? Let me check the air ticket and hotel. "

"But, Flora is going to take wedding photos. Can we go with her?" Lucy said.

"I don't think it's a big deal. My sister-in-law has brought the bridesmaid team with her. If you feel uncomfortable, you can choose not to go." Miya said with a smile. Although she didn't say anything too harsh, Lucy lowered her head.

"But I still have to ask Ivan."

In the past, she liked to play with Miya and Chris, but neither of them liked each other. Miya never said anything. Normally, when she called her, she would be happy, but Chris said he didn't want to go out with her.

Flora remembered that once on her birthday, she invited them, but Chris said he didn't want to see Miya. Normally, the two people didn't like each other, so she would try her best not to make an appointment with them. But that day was her birthday. "Okay, I'll celebrate with her," Flora said angrily

Because of this, the two of them had a big quarrel later, which was the most fierce quarrel in those years.

Now it occurred to her that even though Chris was not generous, she should respect anyone's opinion on things like going together to play.

Although she had met Ivan a lot these days because of their marriage. However, Ivan had always been cold and indifferent. Even when he responded to her, he was polite and they were not close to each other.

Flora summoned up her courage and called Ivan.

In the meeting room of the JC Group, Ivan was listening to a report. Although his phone was muted, the screen lit up.

Ivan had never been disturbed. Although the employee also saw someone calling him, she continued to talk as if she didn't see it. Because she knew that Mr. Ivan would not answer the phone at this time. All the people present were familiar with Ivan's habits and didn't care about the call.

Ivan didn't pay much attention to his phone, but Ethan, who was next to him, reminded him when he saw the name of the phone, "Mr. Ivan."

Ethan looked at his phone and smiled at him again. Ivan also took a look at the phone. Seeing that it was a call from Flora, he frowned and thought for a few seconds. Then he said, "let's have a rest first."

Then he picked up the phone and answered it when he opened the door.

When the door was closed, everyone felt a little surprised.

It was so weird! Was it a call from a big customer?

"Ethan, who is it?" Kathy was also curious about who could make Mr. Ivan interrupt the meeting. This was rare.

However, Ethan just smiled and did not give a direct answer.

"His family?" The people present began to discuss.

"Yes, maybe it was Mr. Ivan's father. The last time Mr. Ivan answered a phone call in a meeting was from his father. "

"Speaking of this, Mr. Ivan seems to come and go alone all the time. Except for Mr. James who often comes, even his family rarely appears."

"A few years ago, Mr. Ivan's father often came to the company. He seldom came here these years."

"Didn't a graceful woman come to him before? It seemed that she didn't come here for a while since last summer. "

"Cough, cough, cough..."

The employees began to talk about women. But they had forgotten that Ethan was still here. Fortunately, someone cleared his throat and reminded them.

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