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   Chapter 20 Are You Afraid Of A Little Girl

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The Gu family drove two cars over, a Mercedes and a Porsche. Ivan's parents took one, and Ivan drove the other.

This morning, he arrived at the gate of the yard before his parents. When he arrived, Flora's parents just came out of the house. He hear Via said angrily, "she is really ridiculous. She even learned to spend money to deceive us. Fortunately, Mr. Seth was obedient and returned the red envelope. I almost lifted her up from the bed just now and gave her a good lesson. "

Knowing that his wife loved his child, Geroge comforted her, "if she contradicts you face to face, you two will quarrel again. As you said just now, Flora works so hard at ordinary times and she has to cook by herself every day. Don't you feel sorry for her and let her have breakfast before going to bed? Why are you pissed off again? "

"I was trying my best not to scold her. She's asking for trouble. I ask her to stay here and find a job. So she can be with us. She doesn't need to cook dinner when she comes back. "

"She has grown up. It's not a big deal to let her experience it." Geroge knew his wife was stubborn and soft hearted.

"Experience? The Su family came and made trouble from time to time. How could I not be bothered when she went to S City? It is me who experience it, right? "

"Well, don't be angry. It's not easy for her to come back. Let's go to the market and buy some delicious food. How about roast goose?"

"If I were angry now, I would have been pissed off to death." Although Via said so, she looked terrible.

They agreed on the same thing. Ivan stared at her and smiled.

"What are you laughing at?"

Ivan always looked thoughtful, calm and unpredictable. His sudden smile made her vigilant.

Ivan didn't respond, but reached out to rub her forehead. Flora took a step back and shrank her head.

The four people in the room listened to the confrontation between Elsa and Flora. For several times, they almost broke out. After a long silence, they finally couldn't help but come out. When they came out and saw this scene, they were all stunned. Seeing the elder come out, Ivan put his hand back to his pocket.

He shouldn't dare to flirt with her with the presence of the elder. ——Thinking of this, Flora let out a sigh of relief.

During the meal, the four elders didn't have a good time. They all had their own things to deal with. Ivan was indifferent, but Flora was in a good mood. Although she ate quietly, it was not difficult to see the joy on her face.

The night before yesterday, Ivan told his parents at dinner that he wanted to visit Flora's parents and that if they were not free, he could go by himself. But then he thought of something and said, "I heard that it's disrespectful if the man's parents don't go."

Their son, who had been single for nearly thirty years, suddenly said that he was going to get married. The two of them thought they had heard it wrong.

"What did you say?" His father was rarely shocked, and his mother also stopped eating.

"I want to talk about my marriage with Flora with her parents tomorrow, marry Flora as soon as possible." Ivan picked up a dish in front of him and said calmly and naturally.


The two of them had never heard him mention her.

"Yes. Her name is Flora. " He replied.

Then, his mother suddenly couldn't help but smile excitedly and asked, "whose daughter is she? What does she look like? "

Then she asked him a lot of questions, and he answered them one by one. All of his replies sounded serious, but on second thought, they were all ambiguous.

At the same time, Kenneth called his assistant to cancel all the meetings.

At this moment, Kenneth was busy answering all kinds o

f phone calls. Since things were almost done, he couldn't delay too long. After dinner, the Gu family went back to S City. And Flora said he would stay at home for the weekend and go on Sunday.

In the car, both Kenneth and Tiana were silent. After a while, Tiana couldn't help asking, "what do you think?"

"It's better than him being alone all the time."

So she could tell that her husband was not satisfied.

Tiana, born in a prominent family in the south of the Yangtze River, grew up in S City since her family business moved to S City. She had been well-educated since she was a child. She had a strict upbringing and was very particular about her upbringing. The way she sat was much more elegant than ordinary people. Although she was fifty years old, her charm was not reduced, and her temperament was still the same.

Kenneth also understood his son. There were only a few types of women, tall, long, graceful, fat and thin, each with their own characteristics. The taste varied from person to person, or perhaps some men wanted to try all kinds of women, of course, because the woman was young and beautiful. For example, Flora was a pure and young girl. If just looking at her from a man's point of view, what could be said badly about such a flowering year?

"That girl is so eloquent." Thinking of what she had said to Elisa, Tiana frowned and said, "besides, since she is with Ivan, why does she still have an affair with the man she used to be with?"

"Ivan is old enough to know what kind of woman he wants."

But Tiana was worried and said, "he doesn't like to deal with women since childhood. He is afraid of being deceived."

The Gu family was a big family, there were a lot of women who wanted to climb up the social ladder, and there were also women who wanted to lure Ivan.

"For so many years, there have been many women who want to marry into the Gu family. Haven't you found several? He has never been cheated by the women you chose. If Flora can, it's also her skill. "

"But that's horrible, isn't it?" His son was such an excellent man. If he was cheated by Flora, coupled with her character, the Gu family would be in chaos.

"What? Are you afraid of a little girl? " Kenneth smiled and glanced at his wife.

It wasn't that she was afraid of her. Tiana just couldn't figure it out. Whether it was family background, appearance, or ability, they shouldn't have a crush on Flora. No, it should be said that she didn't know whether Ivan would fall in love with her or not, but according to her husband's taste, he would never like a girl like Flora. If he didn't interfere in his son's marriage because he respected his son, it would be more impossible.

"Are you really object them?"

She couldn't object.

Kenneth didn't dare to tell her the reason. He smiled and said, "didn't you say that? We should respect our son and not interfere in everything. The woman who lives with him all his life should be decided by him. "

"Do you really think so?" Tiana didn't expect him to be so open-minded when it came to matters of Ivan's marriage.

"Or what?" She couldn't figure out why Kenneth was still so amiable.

Although Flora wasn't born in a rich family, she was polite. It was just that she always argued with others, which was quite embarrassing. In light of the Gu family's status and status, the worst thing was saying dirty words. Because losing image was not just as simple as reputation. She was afraid that the image of Gu family would be ruined by this little girl. ——Thinking of this, Tiana had made up her mind. Thinking that she would teach the girl well in the future, she felt very tired. But since her son liked her, what else could she do?

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