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   Chapter 13 He Likes Men

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"Eh? Why did you come back so early today? "

As soon as Flora opened the door, Miya, who was sitting on the sofa, turned around. Her suitcase was still there. It seemed that she was going to somewhere.

"It was Ivan who helped me ask for leave without permission." With a slight grumble, and then she remembered something, "How did he get a leave of absence from my office?"

At the mention of this, Miya stood up excitedly and touched her belly. "I'm going to be a godmother. It's incredible."

Godmother? Uh...

"Who on earth told you that I'm pregnant?" "I don't even know about it. Besides, my 'aunt' is normal. How could it be possible for her to get pregnant?"

"Elsie asked me. She said someone asked her. Not only her, but also several high school classmates came to ask me. I heard that almost all the classmates who know you know that. They just didn't play together before and didn't ask. "

Flora was a little stunned. She felt that this matter was very strange. Why was there such a rumor? Almost at the same time, everyone she knew, including her classmates and relatives, seemed to be talking about it.

"I think someone is deliberately trying to discredit me." She made such a guess.

"So, are you pregnant or not?"

"Of course not! How could I be pregnant? "

Seeing that Flora's tone of voice was so positive, coupled with the fact that she really didn't look like lying, Miya was instead a little lost, so she retorted, "Why not? Aren't you and Ivan... Emm... Well... "

Miya's ambiguous eyes made her uncomfortable. She said, "really not. I even had my period this month. Don't you know that? "

"Oh..." As a matter of fact, it was true. She reminded Flora when she forgot to take out the trash.

"Ivan is really a weirdo. He tricked me into a hotel today, and then --"

"Then he can't help but fall in love with you?" Miya asked with excitement in her eyes.

Miya had been expecting her to have a boyfriend since college. Now it finally came true. How could she not be excited? Flora really didn't understand what she was thinking. Helpless, she pretended to be angry and said, "no! He asked me to watch the PPT for the whole afternoon. "

"PPT? Are you sure you are not watching porn? "

"Uh... It's his self introduction. " Flora complained, "from how his ancestors sold shoes and established the JC Group to the history of the current leading enterprise, I wonder if he is a pyramid scheme, trying to trick me into investing. But he found the wrong person. I'm poor. If he want to deceive someone, he should find a rich second generation like you. "

"Ha ha... Ha ha... " Miya couldn't help but laugh maniacally, then said, "You actually called him a pyramid scheme, haha.... Ivan must be pissed off by you. As the president of the JC Group, I dare not to say that he almost controls the economic lifeline of S City and even the whole country, but half of the country is under his control, and even some economic branches of some foreign regions are also affected by the JC Group. How could you say that he is from the pyramid scheme? Hahaha... "

Seeing that Miya was smiling happily, Flora asked, "does he really want to deceive me?"

"I went to the CEO's office of the JC Group this morning and asked him if the baby was his. He didn't deny his relationship with you. It can't be false!" Seeing the change of expression on Flora's face, she co

ntinued, "if you are really afraid that he is a fake, you can check it online. But he doesn't like media to report him, so there are not many photos. "

Miya was quite familiar with the business circle in S City, and she had been to the headquarter of the JC Group herself. The receptionist there was also very respectful. It seemed that his identity was true.

"But if he is really so rich and handsome, why does he take a fancy to me?" Flora didn't think she was beautiful. In fact, she wasn't tall or had a curvy figure. Why did he fall in love with her? It didn't make sense.

"Rumor has it that Ivan is a weirdo in that circle. Because as you know, if a man is rich and powerful, how can he not be flirtatious? But Ivan was different. He was handsome and rich, but people had never heard of him having a woman. I heard that when he was on business trips, his partner was looking for women, and although he found one for him, he never brought women back overnight. Someone also said that he... But it seems that he won't. Otherwise, he won't be obsessed with you! "

"What did someone say about him?"

"They say that he likes men. Otherwise, a man like him who has the ability to support a woman, why does he keep single? "


"But look, isn't he going to be responsible for you now? I think he is just conservative, which is very suitable for you. "

"But why do you know that?"

"Come on, a man like him is easy to become the focus! But he didn't like to hype, so he didn't appear in the public media. But women in the circle would definitely talk about him in private. As for what he likes to drink and what he doesn't like, it's because my brother's friend is in touch with Mr. James, and Mr. James is also familiar with Ivan. So it's not difficult to know these things. "

For a moment, Flora didn't know what to say.

"I can't talk to you anymore. The plane is about to arrive." After that, Miya straightened her clothes and went out with her suitcase.

After Miya went out, Flora recalled the whole thing in detail and felt that there was something that couldn't be said. If it was a coincidence, it was more like there was a pair of invisible hands controlling everything. But who on earth made up the story that she got pregnant before marriage?

At night, the lights in the room were turned off. Flora had been lying in bed for more than two hours, but she was very sober. After Miya finished her words, she found out on the Internet that Ivan didn't lie. He was indeed a powerful but terrifying person. After thinking for a while, the only possibility was that Ivan really liked men and wanted to find a woman to marry compulsively to cover up.

Flora was shocked by her own deduction. However, if that was the case, then why did he choose her? It seemed that she had to go back before the Gu family went to propose, so that she could be prepared.

Suddenly, she heard some faint voice from the hall, but she did hear it.

Is Lucy still awake?

Flora stood up quietly and opened the door. Sure enough, she saw a person lying on the ground, who turned on the flashlight on the phone and seemed to be looking for something. The person was indeed Lucy.

"What are you looking for?"

Lucy was startled by Flora's sudden voice. She stood up in a hurry. Subconsciously, Flora turned on the lights in the hall and found her standing there with a pale face.

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