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   Chapter 11 Marry You

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After Flora agreed, her parents repeatedly told the two of them to go back to L County on the weekend. Different from the beginning, Ivan no longer kept a distance from her, but naturally got close to her. After her parents' car drove away, Flora kept a distance from him. The smile on her face was replaced by anger.

After glaring at him, Flora asked, "what's your plan?"

Since the elder was not here, he didn't need to pretend anymore. The tenderness in his eyes returned to indifference, but there was no anger.

He smiled, "marry you."

She raised her head and took a deep breath. She also forced a smile and said, "I don't know where you came from, but please don't disturb me again."

"No way. I just promised to go back with you to see them. " He still said in an indifferent tone.

"If you break up with me, I will tell them that I have broken up with you."

"I think it's necessary to let you know me before we get married."

"Who want to... what? Ah... "

Before Flora could refuse, he had already grabbed her wrist. In no time and took her to another car. There was a man in the car. It was Ethan who had dinner with them that day.


Although he was an elder, he greeted her warmly. "Hello," Flora said, forcing a smile

Being shoved into the car, Flora kept struggling. Before she opened the door, Ivan had already bent over, passed her and locked the door. Ethan cooperated with him and locked all the car doors. As a result, Flora couldn't open the door. Just as she was about to lose her temper in anger, she turned around and collided with Ivan.

Flora was stunned. She shrank her body and kept a distance from him. Her face flushed unconsciously. Ivan paused for a few seconds, sat up straight and coughed.

The two of them had been in a fierce confrontation, but now they suddenly calmed down. To be exact, it was Flora who had lost her confidence.

Sitting in the driver's seat, Ethan couldn't help looking at the rearview mirror with a faint smile on his face.

"Brother, please let me go at the intersection of the LW Square." She said to Ethan.

"Find a quiet place to talk."

"How about HL Mansion?" Ethan asked.

"Okay." Ivan answered and dialed another number. He said to the person on the other end of the line, "take those things to the HL Mansion."

So the car turned around at the next intersection.

How could Flora not know that her words had been ignored? She turned her head angrily, "Ivan, you will make me lose my job."

"You can come to our company." He met her eyes and smiled, "it doesn't matter if you don't work."

Ethan smiled and said, "if Flora doesn't work and stays at home, my wife will have a partner."

What? They made it sound like she'd actually marry him.

Besides, how could her life be controlled by others?

She frowned and asked, "you... Ivan, what have I done to make you want to marry me? "

In fact, she could tell that Ivan had no feelings for her at all. But that was the horrible part. If he really liked her, she could understand. However, his eyes were full of coldness, and he just didn't let her go.

"Well... You have your own reason, don't you? "

"Then what is the reason?"

"Didn't you say that you didn't know me?" He changed the topic.

She didn't know him well, but that was not the reason why she didn't marry him.

"But I have to go to work now." She just wanted to get rid of him.

"I've already asked for leave for you."

"How can it be so easy to ask for leave? I have to apply two day

s in advance and get the approval of the superior before I leave. I'm going to be late. " When she went back, Cici would be angry with her again.

"It's an emergency. Your leader has approved it."

How was that possible? Not to mention asking for leave, it was difficult for her to ask for leave when she was sick. How could she agree to let her take a temporary leave of absence?

Without asking more, Flora called Cici with doubt.

"What's the matter?" The person on the other end of the phone said unhappily.

"Director, I'm in trouble --"

"Didn't you ask for leave from the manager?" Cici said angrily, "by the way, you should ask for leave from me first."

She meant that she asked for leave from the manager directly. Wasn't she pressing her with the manager?

Taking a look at Ivan, Flora answered indifferently, "I happened to meet the manager, so I asked him by the way. He said I could, so I took time to report it to you."

"Okay, go ahead with your work."

Hearing her good attitude, Cici didn't say anything more.

After hanging up the phone, Ivan asked, "did she do this to you?"

His tone of concern was so sincere that she didn't respond for a moment. She was stunned for a few seconds and sighed, "well."

"Quit this job."

"How can I say no? Even if I go somewhere else, I may meet such a person. As long as I don't get caught in the act by her."

Ivan glanced at her, with some incomprehensible emotions in his eyes. But she really felt his care, which made her feel uncomfortable. She shrank her body and leaned back on the chair. Then she turned her head to look out of the window to avoid his eyes.

Flora found that the car was not far from the city, but there were not many people. Occasionally, the cars across the street were all expensive and gorgeous. She turned to look at Ivan curiously. At this moment, he was leaning against the back of the chair as usual and closing his eyes for rest.

She looked at him carefully and noticed what she had ignored before. Ivan's clothes were of good quality, and even his driver was wearing well. The last time they had dinner together, it seemed that the price of the dishes in that restaurant was also very high. Besides, although she didn't know the brand of the car, she could tell that it was expensive. And the earrings he gave her that day...

All the facts showed that Ivan was really rich if he didn't pretend to be rich. But why would a rich man, or a man so good looking and extraordinary, want to marry her?

"Here we are." Ethan reminded him. Only then did Flora find that the car had stopped. Ivan raised his eyelids unhurriedly. Suddenly, a small ball was bouncing in Flora's heart, and she had to sit back in a hurry.

Suddenly, the door beside opened.

Outside the car, seeing her in a daze, Ivan asked, "won't you get off?"

Huh? When did he get off? And he even opened the door for her?

Flora got off the car unnaturally and thanked him out of habit.

She wanted to ask him which direction he should go, but Ivan was already in front, and she had to follow him.

It was a big villa with a beautiful golf course outside. She located herself and searched online. Although it was called HL Mansion, it was a five star hotel, which belonged to the JC Group.

The JC Group? The name sounded familiar.


Flora lowered her head to look at her phone, but she didn't know that the man in front of her suddenly stopped and then she hit him on his hard back. Her phone fell to the ground with a snap.

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