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   Chapter 10 Hold The Wedding Ceremony!

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Twenty minutes later, the four people sat at the table. Yes, the four, Flora, Ivan and her parents.

She didn't understand why his father asked Ivan to have dinner with them. He said to Ivan, "You should be familiar with this place. Why don't you show us around?"

"Bullshit! When he was in D City, he often drove to here alone to look for food. He was more familiar with this area than her. Obviously, Her father made up an excuse to make Ivan feel valuable."

However, she still didn't know whether her father and mother came to her because of the pregnancy. At this moment, her father was asking Ivan to order some dishes. "Flora likes roast goose, just order one. What would you like to eat?

"He thought for a while and said, "How about ordering all the dishes?"

Roasted goose? How did he know she liked it?

"No, it's too wasteful." Via smiled, "Just order a few dishes."

"Okay." Ivan smiled faintly and looked at her who was still surprised with her eyes wide open.

When the latter met his eyes, she was in a daze for a few seconds because of his smile. Then she calmed down and took a sip of tea.

"So, when are you going to hold the wedding?"

George suddenly asked after ordering. She choked on her tea and coughed.

"What?" Only then did Via see the teacup in her hand. She quickly took it from her hand and blamed, "Why do you still drink tea at this time? There are many things that you are not allowed to eat during pregnancy."


"Cough, cough, cough..." He coughed even harder.

[顾祁君] glanced at her and reached out to touch her back.

"Pregnant?" She coughed so hard that her face turned red. Frightened by her mother's words, she didn't realize what Ivan was doing. He was like a considerate husband, taking care of her.

"I didn't know it until this morning. Why didn't you tell me?" Ivan asked without any blame.

"What did you say?" She didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. She didn't even know she was pregnant.

"So, it's not Chris'?" Asked her father.

"Nothing happened between me and him. How could I get his child?" Flora didn't realize that she had fallen into a trap.

"Is that Ivan's?" Her mother was a little happy. After all, Ivan was more gentle and handsome than Chris. When they met for the first time, he knew that they were the parents of Flora, so he apologized guiltily for not knowing them. He didn't say much, but he was very decent. His words were in a comfortable and well-educated way.

"What's it's Ivan's? I'm not pregnant!" She said hopeless and pushed his hand away.

"Not pregnant?"

How could it swept the every corner in the city? Via asked in disbelief.

"I'm still confused! I didn't check my cell phone this morning when I was working. When you called me just now, I saw a lot of people's congratulations.

Inexplicable! "

"Oh..." Ivan's eyes darkened with unspeakable disappointment.

George frowned and thought for a few minutes. Then he looked back and forth at the two and said, "Go to the hospital for an examination after dinner."

"No need to check! I'm not pregnant! "

Her period was normal! How could she be pregnant?

"Go check it again."

He was afraid that his daughter would hide something and do something harmful to her body since so many girls had an abortion at such a young age.

She wanted to say something more, but his father was stubborn. She'd better be obedient. She wasn't pregnant anyway.

In the hospital, both her parents and Ivan were a little nervous. With an unpredictable expression on her face, the three of them walked up to her.

"What's the result?" Via asked.

She took a look at Ivan and then looked at the test report, not knowing how to explain. Ivan took a look at the test report and smiled unconsciously, "You are pregnant!"



Ivan held her in his arms affectionately before she could finish her words. At least, in the eyes of outsiders, he looked

affectionate and gentle.

Her period was normal. How could she be pregnant? She thought there must be a mistake in this hospital!

"No." "The hospital made a mistake. I need to have a check-up again," she said

George pulled his daughter aside angrily and said with a gloomy face, "There are two choices, marry Chris or Ivan."

"Why?" There were more than two men in the world? Even if there were only two of them left, she could choose not to marry anyone!

At this time, Via came over and said, "Let me talk to her."

Therefore, in the next hour, her mother began to persuade her like a "clasp curse".

"I don't want to get married!" Said Flora defiantly.

She didn't want to get married so early. She had to do a lot of housework every day, sweep the floor, cook, take care of her child She was not obligated to clear the floor, but she was blamed for not cleaning it up and the food was not delicious, and why could not she have a son? The key point was that you could not explain to your mother-in-law that having a boy or a girl depended on men. One day, when you looked at yourself in the mirror, you found that your face was dark and yellow, and looked haggard.

It was terrible to think about it. She didn't want to live such a life.

"You naughty girl! Why did you Did you have sex with him? "

"I..." He didn't know how to explain it.

"Since he is willing to marry you, then get married!"

"Mom! Do you know him? Do you know other people's background? Ivan appeared inexplicably and kept saying that he wanted to marry me. Look at me, Am I so attractive? So, why did he marry me? I just met him for the third time! "

"Did you have sex with a stranger?" But her mother grasped another point and covered her chest.

Via had always had a heart problem. Frightened, she hurriedly explained, "No, no. I lied to you. I was with him after I broke up with Chris. I just had a fight with him. I don't want to get married so early."

Hearing this, Via breathed deeply and seemed to be more serious.

"I'll marry him! I'll marry him... "

If her mother got worse, she would faint and might endanger her life. Before that, her relationship with Chris had been widely spread. When her mother came to her house to make trouble, she was so angry that she poured a basin of water on her. Since then, her reputation had been damaged, and she had been mocked that she had quarreled with her mother-in-law before she got married. Her mother was so angry that she went to the hospital. She didn't want her mother to die, so she had to agree with her in a hurry.

Hearing her words, her anger gradually subsided.

"Why are you still so capricious? Even if you are angry, you can't let yourself be like this." Her daughter had bad tempered. If she didn't marry him as soon as possible, she didn't know what to do in the future.

"Okay." She was like a dumb man eating the cops. Thousands of words that she wanted to resist were swallowed back in her throat.

"But what you said makes sense. Ivan needs to know more about him. I think he is very generous. It's not a big deal to do business. I'm afraid he's making poison or something like that."

"It's so dangerous. We'd better not get married," said Flora, her eyes lighting up.

"By the way, what does he do?"

She didn't know!

However, it seemed inappropriate to say that at this time. When she wanted to find him, the receptionist called him "Sir". Was he a manager?

"Maybe he is the manager."

"Maybe? Don't you know what he is doing when you are with him?"

"I don't care much about his work."

"How old is he?"

"Hmm 26? 27?"

"You Why are you so careless? You should ask him. "

"The time he was born?" Something flashed through her mind, and her eyes lit up.

"Yes, the time. Let's see if you will have a happy life."

"Okay." Suddenly, a bright smile appeared on her face. She believed that they couldn't get along with each other.

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