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   Chapter 9 Is She Pregnant

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On the twenty-sixth floor of QX Building, in the CEO's office, Ivan had just taken a sip of tea and was about to put it down. James smiled and said, "Your love cried for another man. I don't think you have a good chance."

"She will marry me." His indifferent tone and the sound of the cup falling on the tea table were consistent. His affirmation was not confidence but more like a natural result.


He couldn't help looking at him.

It seemed that Ivan had a complete plan!

"I think this girl is quite interesting. Maybe the future life will not be so boring!" "Oh, I see! I'm wrong. She's already your woman. Why do I say she's a girl? "

Ivan lowered his eyelids and made another pot of tea. The corners of his mouth lifted so lightly that James didn't notice his smile.

"It's a girl."

"What did you say?" James didn't hear him clearly.

"The tea smells good."


Three days later, at seven o'clock in the evening, with the newly bought vegetables in her hands, she tried his best to open the door. She was still listening to her mother's nagging on the other end of the phone.

"Didn't you break up with Chris? I heard that he went on a blind date with some girl last month. Flora, this man has no interest in you. Don't be entangled with him anymore. The Su family is not a good family. Don't try to get close to them."

"Why did you say that to me? Who is getting them close? " She was really going to be pissed off by his mother. She was so unlucky to know someone like Chris. Her mother always scolded her without saying anything to comfort her.

"Why did he say that if you didn't stick to him?"

"What did he say about me?"

"It was said that you destroyed the relationship between her and the girl. Chris went to see you, but you ignored him because you were hooked up with a rich man."

Puff She almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Who told you that?" She was already ignited. She closed the door, put down the dishes in her hand, and waited for an explanation from the phone.

"Yesterday, His mum came to our shop and made a scene. Now everyone knows it! Mrs. Gong, who lives next door, said she wanted to introduce a boy to you. But when the boy inquired about it, she was disappointed. "

She was so angry that she was about to erupt. She took a deep breath and said word by word, "I'm over with him! I'm not pestering him! He came to me but I told him that I wouldn't go with him. "

"The Su family is really..." Via, Flora's mother, was so angry that she touched her chest. "The reputation of you was ruined by this family. Why did you have such a person? Now, who dares to introduce you a boyfriend?"

"Uh..." She didn't care if there was anyone introducing boy to her, as long as her family believed her was good. She calmed down a little and said, "Nothing. If you can judge what kind of person I am just by hearing nonsense, it won't be able to talk about such a person for long."

Such a person with no judgment was not as intelligent as her.

"Yes. You are right." Different from Flora's calm analysis, Via comforted herself by saying that.

"I just got home from work. I have to cook now. I won't talk with you."


She had thought that this matter would be over, so she didn't feel bothered. However, the Meng family in L county was frightened.

It had been two months since Chris came to find Flora. Instead of dissipating with time, the rumors spread had gradually turned into a new process.

"Congratulations! Via."


"The Meng family grabbed a good chance! I heard that Flora is pregnant? "

Not only did Via receive blessings from her neighbors but also from their relatives. If they were asked who told them, they couldn't find the root cause. The news came all of a sudden and fiercely. For a moment, Via didn't know how to respond it.

"When can I feel at ease, Flora?" After she sent the customer away, she said to her husband worriedly.

Even her father, who didn't pay much attention to others' opinions, felt a headache. "It's just a groundless rumor. Whether it's true or not, go and ask her."

"I'll call her right now."

"Don't bother her. Oliver will take care of the shop. Let's go to S city directly!"

It only took more than two hours from W city to S city.

When she was about to get off work, she received a call from her mother.

"I'm almost there."

"What? What are you talking about? " She thought she heard it wrong.

"Your father and I are already here. We haven't arrived yet. Maybe more than ten minutes. We will wait for you downstairs."

"Why are you here all of a sudden?" She could tell that her mother was trying her best to hide her anger.

"Let's talk about it later."

Since her mother agreed with her, she couldn't ask any more. She felt a little uneasy.

After hanging up the phone, she subconsciously clicked on the WeChat. The incoming message made her confused. And so many people asked the same question and the thing was groundless, it was strange. She was shocked. At last, when she thought of what her parents said, she suddenly stood up.

"What's wrong?" Ola saw her pale face and asked.

"No Nothing. " She forced a smile.

"It's time to get off work! I'm not in a hurry to eat. There's something wrong with my head. " Biber said happily. "Shall we eat together?" he asked cheerfully

"No, I have an appointment."


"I'm leaving now. See you in the afternoon."

Cici couldn't help looking up at her, watching her leave in a hurry, and then looked at Wally. She felt a little relieved when she saw him opening the box outside.

When she went downstairs, she saw a very mysterious scene.

Her parents were already standing there. Her father was wearing the collarless flying coat she bought, and her mother was wearing a red woolen skirt, which was her outfit for going out. To her surprise, the two of them were talking politely to a man. The man was wearing a khaki windbreaker with his back to her. She looked familiar, but she couldn't recognize him.


When she was wondering who it was, her mother saw her first and called her. The man also turned around. She was shocked!

Why was him again? He was haunting her all the time.

"Ivan..." She wanted to ask him why he was here and talked to her parents, but in the end, it turned out to be a strange greeting.

Ivan smiled faintly, and his black eyes seemed to be filled with water.

Was it her illusion? This man, who had been indifferent to her since they first met, smiled gently at her? Besides, there seemed to be Love?

At this time, his phone rang. She walked aside to answer the phone. It was a call from Miya

"Miya, I have something to deal with. I'll call you later."

"Okay. By the way, did Ivan call you? "

"What? How did you know he came to me? "

"You together? I'll tell you later. "

The voice on the other end of the phone was light and ambiguous. Then she hung up. Flora didn't have time to think about why Miya knew it. She just felt that everything was unreal.

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