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   Chapter 8 It Seems That You Are Not Full

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Flora followed them into the elevator, feeling embarrassed. When she was about to press the button, a hand reached out from behind. Ethan said, "I'll do it!"

"Thank you!" She said politely.

The elevator didn't stop. She found that there was a small label on it: This elevator only reached twenty-sixth floor.

No wonder the property management downstairs told her to take this elevator to the twenty-sixth floor.

"What do you want to eat today? Japanese cuisine?" The young man asked.

Ivan looked at her head. At this time, she heard the young man ask, "Flora, what do you want to eat?"


It was really strange to hear a stranger call her like an old friend. She was a little rusty, "I've already eaten! Thank you. "

She didn't want to deal with such a strange scene when she had meal with several strangers and all men!

However, her stomach rumbled unconcernedly.

"It seems that you are not full!" The man smiled with his slanted eyes. There was a hint of interest in his eyes, but he didn't mean to laugh at her.

"It seems so!" In this case, it was better to take advantage of the stage others gave than to be embarrassed! But she was still a little unconfident.

"What do you want to eat?"

This time, it was an indifferent greeting. She recognized that it was Ivan's voice.

"Then let's eat Japanese food!"

After two seconds of silence, Ivan looked up at her and said, "Have some spaghetti!"

Flora was speechless

So Why did he ask her?

She wanted to eat several bites and then left. However, she had no resistance to delicious food. Although she ate quietly, the joy in her eyes was undisguised.

She can find an excuse to leave after eating two more mouthfuls of spaghetti! She thought.

However, when the clams came up.

Papaya clam! Let's leave after eating this! She thought.

Huh? Anderson! It's delicious! She had to take a few bites. She thought.

Each dish was expensive, with a delicate set and a good taste. In this way, she was satisfied with several different dishes. But when she was already full, she felt that it was not appropriate to eat so much impolitely. But the other three people also ate as much as she did! In this way, she was relieved.

"I'm sorry. I have to go to the bathroom." She took the excuse to leave.

"Left." James reminded.

"Thank you."

When Flora closed the door, James took a look at the empty plate in front of her and said with a smile, "It seems that my future sister-in-law is really good at eating!"

Ivan didn't say anything. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

"But She seems to want to return the gift you gave her."

Qin Yi was used to [顾祁君]'s silence. She didn't feel embarrassed at all and said with a smile, "maybe she won't take it back to you if you send her some food. Ha ha... "

The three of them knew that she left because a waiter came in with a delicate box. He said, "Ivan, the lady who is dining with you asked me to give this to you and bring you a message."

At this time, even Ivan was a little surprised and looked at the waiter.

This woman

"What do you mean?" Ivan asked indifferently.

"Thank you for the dinner, Ivan. The dishes are exquisite and delicious, even better than what I cooked."

Ivan "She are so serious."

Ethan couldn't help but burst into laughter. He had refused women for more than twenty years, but today he was refused two times! In his opinion, it was enough for him to talk with Allen for a month!

Even Ethan couldn't help but burst into laughter. "It seems that she is a serious child!"

After all, Ivan and James were good-looking. She only cared about food.

On the other side, Flora got off the car. When she was about to enter the building, she felt someone looking at her. She turned her head subconsciously and saw Chris standing there with cigarette butts all over the ground.

A wave arose in her calm heart, but soon it turned into a pool of stagnant water. She walked towards the door expressionlessly, ignoring him.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm.

"Flora..." Chris called her name.

"Let me go." A cold warning.

"I want to have a word with you."

"We have nothing to talk about!"

When he did that thing to her, she had been desperate for him. Even if she was lonely all her life, she would never be with a man of this kind!

"I know I was wrong! I really know I was wrong! "

Chris felt like weeping and pleading.

They had been together for so many years. It was impossible for her not to be softhearted at all.


A sudden cry interrupted the two of them. After regaining her composure, she raised her head to look at the source of the voice.

"When we had dinner together just now, your stuff was left in the dining room." Then a long and pale hand took the box out of the bag and handed it her. Ivan didn't even look at the man next to him. His eyes were obviously indifferent, but somewhat sharp.

This kind of majesty that could not be ignored let go of Chris. Seeing this, Ivan naturally stood between the two of them, and naturally protected her behind. Flora wanted to say something to show her resistance, but when Chris' eager eyes met hers, she let Ivan stand in front of her.

"Chris, do you have something to tell us?"

"Flora..." Instead of replying to Ivan, he looked pale and looked at the woman behind Ivan.

People coming and going couldn't help watching them, and there were even people waiting for a big show did not go far.

"This is not a place to talk."

Ivan didn't like to be watched as a monkey, so he pulled Flora aside.

There was a small garden near the building. They were talking there.

"I want to talk to Flora."

Chris said in a tone of declaration, as if he wanted to show his identity. He thought that Flora was still angry.

Ivan looked at the person beside him, and the latter asked, "Wait for me a minute?"

Although his behavior as a boyfriend displeased her, Flora didn't dare to offend him now.

Seeing he walk away, Flora said to Chris, "What do you want to say?"

He suddenly stepped forward and tried to grab her wrist. Ivan's eyes narrowed. As soon as his shoes moved to them, Flora took a step back before Chris touched her.

"Just say it." She said coldly.

"You and he..." Chris felt a sting in his heart.

"Chris, we're over." So I hope you won't disturb me again.

"I know it's my fault! You are still angry. I shouldn't have listened to others' bewitchment and done such a thing to you! " He was afraid that she would leave the next moment, so he added hastily, "Ivan, it was my fault. I won't blame you for what happened between you. Please forgive me."

Bewitched by others? If he didn't have such an idea, how could others push the boat with the current?

reproach? How could he blame her? But when did he show mercy to her? How ridiculous!

"Huh!" She sneered, "We're over, Chris."

"Flora..." Before he could say something more, a fit of anger came over him.

Then she turned around and left without looking back. However, Ivan saw her tears flowing out unscrupulously. But he didn't say anything and left with her.

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