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   Chapter 7 A Valuable Gift

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The two girls talked to each other word by word, which made her curious about what was in this small box.

As soon as the box was opened, the two people almost went crazy, pacing and screaming excitedly.

"Wow! The earrings are so delicate!" Her eyes lit up.

It was a silvery white four petal flower. The stamen was inlaid with two bigger diamonds, surrounded by broken diamonds. It was terse but elegant!

"Wow, it's the Forever Series. Flora, give it a try."

With the help of Miya, she took off the ear studs and put on the earrings. Although standing aside, Lucy's eyes were full of expectation and deep admiration.

"Flora, this earring fits you perfectly. Elegant and lucid, which is in line with your temperament. It's the right size! This man is so good at choosing gifts!" Miya praised sincerely.

"A man? Was it a coincidence? Otherwise, how did he know the size of her earrings?" Lucy replied casually.

Suddenly, a strange emotion flashed through her eyes, and the joy in her eyes faded. Then she took off the earrings with a smile and said, "I'm so natural to be beautiful, and my ears are also so natural to be beautiful. They look good no matter what I wear! Do you think so? Miya?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! " However, Miya didn't care about the weird atmosphere between them. She asked happily and expectantly, "Can I have a try?"

"Of course!" She handed the earrings to her, and the latter put them on in a hurry. After appreciating them for a while, she frowned and said, "Well Although it was beautiful, this kind of elegant thing was indeed more suitable for Flora. But It's in a high price, so I add points to my face! "

"Ha ha..." "Do you want to have a try?" She asked Lucy.

Taking her eyes back from the earrings, Lucy refused with a smile, "No, thanks."

Flora took the earrings from Lucy and was about to put them back into the box.

"Why do you put it back? Let me help you put it on!"

"No, I'd better give it back to him."

"Give back?"

"Yes! I have nothing to do with him. Why should I accept gift from him?" Besides, the man named Ivan proposed to her.

"No!" Miya suddenly grabbed the box from her hand and begged jokingly, "If you don't like it, give it to me. He was a man, you give it back but he couldn't wear this! Do you think so?"

"Accept the gifts of others and you have to do the things. Do you think they are easy to take! Besides, you don't lack these."

"The more, the better! Besides, not everyone is as stingy as the Chris."

Miya regretted as soon as she finished the words, because the smile on Flora's face froze and a hint of sadness flashed through her eyes. Therefore, she quickly returned the box to Flora. The latter didn't say anything more but put the earrings back into her bag to avoid forgetting it the next day. Then she went back to her room in silence.

Why to mention it?

Seeing her close the door, Lucy said, "The Su family asked her to pay back the money Chris has spent in the past few years. She is sad for that!"

"Don't mention that Chris. They are all weirdos. These years, the clothes and shoes that Flora had bought for Chris were worth hundreds of dollars. It is the Su family should give it back to her, okay? "

"Yeah!" Lucy didn't like the Su family either. They were not rich but always looked down Flora when talking about marriage.

"This man..." Miya rubbed her chin and thought, "I don't know what his appearance, family and personality. It's impossible for that guy like Flora to take the initiative. S

ince he cares so much about her, we can help her investigate."

"Flora has just been hurt by Chris. How can she accept a new relationship?"

Taking a glance at Lucy, Miya didn't say anything. She smiled and said, "It's hard to say. If fate comes, it can't be blocked. Obviously, Flora was married to a rich man. Maybe, this is her fate!"

Lucy smiled faintly. No one could tell what she was thinking.

The next noon, Flora didn't have lunch with her colleagues, saying that she was going to somewhere. Staring at her back disappearing at the door, Cici took a few more glances at Wally who was still busy, and then breathed a sigh of relief.

"I thought she was going to have dinner with lunch with Wally!" Ola felt sorry for her.

"She is not the type of girl that Wally likes." Cici replied.

"I think Wally has a crush on her." Biber said, "A good girl like Flora must be chased by many people!"

"If someone had chased after her, she wouldn't have been single till now!" Cici didn't think so.

Ola smiled and said, "That's not the fact. Maybe she has someone she likes? Flora is beautiful, especially today's black dress, elegant and not strong. She has good temperament!"

Cici said unhappily, "No matter how beautiful she wears, her temperament is just so so."

Flora liked joking, but she was humorous instead of funny. Biber said that she was happy girl while Cici said she was funny. In other words, she regarded her as a Joker. How could Flora talk about temperament?

Ola and Biber looked at each other and smiled tacitly.

On the twenty-six floor of the QX Building, at the front desk.

"Hello, can you help me find a man called Ivan?" Flora asked politely.

The girl at the front desk was very beautiful. She was wearing a uniform and her hair was tied up. She had a graceful figure and was very gentle and polite.

"Do you have an appointment?"

"Make an appointment? No."

"You register first, and I'll tell you when the appointment is due?"

Is Ivan so hard to see? Make an appointment?

"So Ivan works here?"

"Yes. Iv... "

"Can you give this to him?"

The receptionist's eyes suddenly flashed a trace of caution. She bowed to the person behind her in fear and trepidation. "Sir."

Following her gaze, Flora turned around and saw Ivan standing behind her. He put his left hand in his pocket and his right hand on the small box she handed on the stage. His circled her naturally.

Ivan lowered his head and glanced at her. Then he withdrew his right hand and said, "Follow me."


She also turned around and followed behind Ivan. Only then did she find that there were also two people standing beside him. One was a middle-aged man about forty years old, and the other was relatively young, about twenty years old, with an unruly expression on his face, looking at her with interest.

"Ma'am, your thing!"

As soon as she turned around, the receptionist called out. At the beginning, she was polite, but now she called him with a very respectful attitude. At the same time, she came over and brought the things. Not only did she turn around to take the box, the others also looked over.

The young man smiled at Ivan and thought, 'This guy has returned the gift!'!

The latter's face instantly darkened.

"Thank you!" She took back the delicate box and followed them.

Ivan was wearing a white shirt and a sapphire blue sweater, and the clothes were all of good quality. The young lady called him was "Sir. It seemed that he was not a model.

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