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   Chapter 5 Should I Send Him Home

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Biber said, "Their department is not very busy recently. I think it's because you stay in the company, so he stay on purpose. I swear on the boy's reputation! If it is not, Wally would gain ten pounds! "

"Ha ha..." Flora and Ola couldn't help laughing, The three of them chatted as if nothing had happened, ignoring Cici's dark face. It was not until she returned to her desk that everyone began to work.

This night, Cici didn't get off work in time. Seeing that Flora was concentrating on the form, she came over and said, "I'm afraid that you can't complete it, so I stay to help you."

Help her? She was not stupid! She was afraid that Wally would stay with her alone!

First of all, as long as there was no accident, she could finish the work with some overtime work this weekend. Secondly, the rest of the work was all Cici's! Most importantly, she really didn't like to stay in the same room with her!

"Thank you!" However, she didn't refuse her to finish her work by herself. She smiled and replied, "These haven't been sorted out yet."

Cici took the document, but didn't do it immediately. She looked at the office outside and found that Wally had indeed stayed. Then she took a look at Flora. Although the latter knew, she always made herself look as if she was concentrating on her work. Cici took the document but didn't open it.

After a while, Cici stood up and threw the documents she had just taken as if she had eaten a bomb. "I have something to go back. You can do it yourself!"

Originally, no matter how hateful Cici was, she had to endure it. Thinking that she would leave in a few months, there was no need to be angry. But she couldn't stand it when she threw the document in front of her because of Wally. Seeing her long face, Cici said happily, "Then I'll go first!"

She almost said dirty words to vent her anger.

How could there be such a freak in the world? It was so speechless.

Half an hour later, someone suddenly came in. She couldn't help but stretched her head.

With a bag of food in his hand, Wally came in with a smile. "I heard from Biber that you liked the chicken feet in that shop very much at the dinner party of your department last time, so I brought some for you!"

When she smelled the familiar scent, she threw her work aside and even her bad mood disappeared.

"Thank you, Wally!"

In front of the food, she stopped being polite. Seeing her smiling face, Wally suddenly felt that he had done a very smart thing. He pretended to go home and let Cici leave, so that he could stay alone with Flora.

It seemed that Flora could get happiness easily. Just like this simple chicken feet, she could enjoy it very much. She always had a big smile on her face, just like the warm sun all the year round. Her smiling was infectious to others.

"Something happened in my dormitory. I have to go back now. The chicken feet are on me." said Wally, feeling a little disappointed

"That's so kind of you. You had treated me yesterday. " In fact, after eating the chicken feet, she felt regretful. She shouldn't have been so close to him. It would be bad if he misunderstood her.

Walking to the door, he turned around and smiled, "Maybe you can treat me next time?"

"Okay." Although she knew what he meant, she had to return the favor. If she didn't invite him alone, he wouldn't be


After his left, the office was quiet. However, Flora preferred this kind of peace.

Downstairs, a black expensive car pulled over. Sitting on the driver's seat, Ethan took a look at the rearview mirror, only to find that the person on the back seat was still frowning.

"She seems to be a diligent child."

"What?" Ivan regained his composure and looked up. After a long while, he realized that Ethan was praising Flora, so he said, "Let's go back!"

However, Ethan didn't start the car. He thought, 'Ivan must like this girl. Otherwise, why does he come here as soon as he gets off work and secretly follow her by the back door of the bus until she comes back home?' And they had been followed her for more than a week?

"The Gu family is well-educated, except that they are unwilling to teach their children how to treat love." Ethan didn't speak out what he really thought. In the past week, every day after work, Ivan came to see her, but he didn't take a step forward.

He thought for a while and finally decided not to influence the children's thoughts. But when he started the car, Ivan suddenly shouted, "Wait!"

All of a sudden, the lights on the third floor, the floor where she worked, were off.

Did Ivan change his mind?

"Are you sending Flora home?"

But Ivan didn't answer him. He opened the door and said, "Wait for me here."

Ivan left in a neither hurry nor leisurely. The night wind was a little strong, blowing his coat up in the air. When Cici came out of the door, she saw a handsome man walking towards her. She suddenly stop. It was not until he entered the door that she turned her head back and muttered, "There is such a handsome young man in our building? Are he new here? "

It was not until then that she came to her senses.

This kind of man is only to be admired. It would be better to vow Wally.

She then thought of Flora, and a flash of jealousy and hatred flashed through her eyes. She sneered, "You played a trick behind my back and wanted to send me back?" She looked back at the glass window on the third floor. It was dark now. She smiled with satisfaction and left.

In the office, Flora was pacing back and stepping around anxiously inside the glass door.

The company's door was installed with an electronic lock, which couldn't be opened after the power was cut off. In anxiety, she picked up her phone and was about to call her colleagues, but she suddenly realized that there was still a property management company to look for! There was a phone number on the company's telephone list.

Huh? The number on the list was cut off! What a bad luck!

She rubbed her head and sent Ola and Biber a message, asking if they knew the phone number. As she expected, they all said no and asked her what happened.

When she was wondering if she should ask her colleagues to save her, the light suddenly turned on. At this time, there was a man standing outside the door. The man was 1.8 meter tall, wearing a sapphire blue windbreaker. At first glance, he looked like a star.

He had fair skin, delicate facial features, aquiline nose and pink lips. If it weren't for the firmness in his eyes, he would have looked like a woman.

After making sure that the person was outside and looking at her, she opened the door and asked, "Excuse me, who are you looking for?"

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