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   Chapter 3 Not At All

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After a silence, Chris called her in a low voice, "Flora..."

Her heart missed a beat. She raised her head and saw his red eyes. Only then did she notice that the stubble on his chin without shaving and a little haggard in his face. He was used loved his image very much. He must have suffered a lot recently?

Her heart skipped a beat, and her eyes sparkled, but she didn't say anything.

"Drink something! Just take it as the last date." Chris gave a reluctant smile.

They had been classmates for three years in high school, long-distance relationship for four years in college, and had worked for one year. This relationship was valued as good by all classmates, and they even asked when to send wedding invitations. In the end, it would come to an end.

Flora nodded dully and let him pull her away.

Not far away, a black Masalatti slowly moved forward with the movements of the two people.

Flora liked to drink Caramel Milk brick, which was something that didn't exist in L County. Even if it did, it was not as good as the authentic in S City. However, the one she drank today was neither delicious nor sweet. From beginning to end, she kept her eyelids down, and Chris looked at her from time to time.

"I'm going to the bathroom." The atmosphere was so depressing that she needed to vent it.

"Okay!" His eyes followed her until she disappeared at the corner.

Ten minutes later, Flora came back, but she didn't sit down. Instead, she picked up her bag and said, "Let's go back!"

"Wait a minute!" Chris suddenly grabbed her wrist and glanced at her glass of milk. "Finish it before you leave!"

However, it was rare for her to be obedient and drink the tasteless milk. Chris felt a little relieved and said, "I want to take a walk with you as a farewell!"

He said in a reluctant tone, with pain hidden in his faint smile. She felt a sharp pain in her heart and smiled, "okay!"

The wind by the river was a little cold. At first, it was a little cold, but as she walked, she felt something strange. Her body was getting hotter and hotter. She felt even hotter after taking off the sweater. And her eyes were a little blurry, and her hands and feet became feeble.

When she realized that there was something wrong, she stopped and said, "Chris, I think..."

The moment she was held by him, her body trembled.

"You don't feel well. How about going back to my place to have a rest? The hotel I booked is just around here. "

"Okay..." She had never been like that before. How could she know what that reaction was?

Until she was sent to the hotel and Chris closed the door.

"I think I should go to the hospital Ah... " When she still had conscious, he pounced on her and pressed her in his arms.

He put his hand on her face and gently stroked it along the outline. The love and desire in his eyes were mixed. He smiled and said, "You don't need to go to the hospital. You will be fine soon."

In her disbelief, he began to unbutton her.

Even if she didn't understand what happened, she knew what was going on!

"No!" She struggled and pushed his hands away. "You can't do this!"

"Why can't I? We have been together for so long. Do you know how long I have endured? Finally, we are going to get married, but you suddenly say no! Why don't you marry me? Why did you do this to me? !" As he spoke, he took off her clothes regardless of her resistance. The more he said, the angrier he became.

The bed sheet was wet by her tears and her tears were still rolling down. She struggled to resist, "Chris! How can you... "

Ivan just watched from a distance. He saw her arguing with Chris, but he didn't

know what they were talking about. He saw them go to drink. He could have thought that they reconciled and were about to leave. However, he found that Chris had secretly put something in Flora's cup while she was in the bathroom. He followed them all the way to the hotel. He was obviously so anxious, but he calmly contacted the hotel manager to get the room card. However, even though the woman had nothing to do with him, he was still irritated by Chris' behavior. He slammed the door hard. The hotel manager was stunned and didn't dare to come in until he was hurt by Chris.

Ivan frowned and didn't know whether it was good or bad to get involved.

At the same time, in Room 606, Unit Three of the courtyard, Flora sat on the bed and looked at Miya pitifully. The latter pointed the thermometer at her forehead and said lightly, "38. 5 degree Celsius. Just take some medicine. "

When she turned around and was about to give some medicine to her, she saw something strange on her neck.

Usually, Flora liked to wear pajamas at home. Besides, she was sick and wanted to sleep. Why did she wear a high collar shirt today? Miya pounced on her in a blink of an eye.

"Ah!" Flora was caught off guard. In terms of body shape, she was at a disadvantage compared to the model's height of Miya, so she couldn't resist at all and was pressed on the bed.

"What are you doing?" With her hands on her chest, she looked vigilant and frightened. Miya had already unbuttoned her collar. When she saw the marks, she was furious.

"Did you stay up all night last night just because you slept with him? !" Her eyes were as cold as ice. "With Chris?"

"No! No! " "This is not what he left. Maybe he left, but that man took me away! Nothing happened between me and him! "

She remembered that when the man came in, he hadn't succeeded yet. At first, she thought it was a dream, but then she went back home and thought about it carefully. Although the later memory was gone, she was very clear that the man had taken her out.

Hearing that nothing had happened between them, she heaved a sigh of relief. "It's good that the bastard didn't do it! He bastard! How dare he lie to an innocent girl like you! "

"Uh..." Flora smiled again, "Miya, I'm as old as you!"

"That's a physiological age!" Miya raised her red lips and tapped her forehead, "You just don't have many boyfriends. You only have one for so many years! We should have more experiences!"

"But didn't you say that men are all bastards?" She retorted with a smile, "There exists no comparison?"

"But there are also many men who are better than Chris!"

"A controversy!"

"No! They are a jerk of the same character, but at least they are more handsome and rich than him! "

Speaking of being handsome, she thought of the man in the morning. He was indeed much more handsome than Chris. To be exact, he was of a completely different level of Chris! As for money, she didn't know

"Okay..." After what happened last night, her impression of Chris had completely changed. As Miya said, he was indeed a hypocritical man. She nodded in agreement, which made Miya curious, "it seems that something unpleasant happened to you last night?"

In the past, when she said that Chris was unreliable, Flora didn't want to listen to her. But today, she really agreed with her so sincerely?

She was not only unhappy, but also hated him!

Although she couldn't wait to hear what happened to her, Miya insisted on making her a bag of medicine.

"HMM That's to say, you slept with a handsome man." At least it wasn't Chris. Miya felt it was lucky.

"I think so too. It's not a loss."

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