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   Chapter 3 It's Not A Complete Loss

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After a few minutes of silence, Chris whispered, "Flora..."

When Flora heard that, her heart skipped a beat. She lifted her head and looked into his bloodshot eyes. That was when she noticed the stubble on his face. He used to be well groomed and cared a lot about his appearance, but now he looked haggard and worn. Did he go through a lot lately?

As she thought of that, her heart ached and tears welled up in her eyes, but she turned away, hiding her feelings.

"Please, let's go and get a drink. Consider this as our last date," Chris said with a bitter smile.

They had dated for nearly two years in high school and been in a long-distance relationship while they were in college. Their friends were even asked them when they were going to get married. But alas, no one had expected that they would break up eventually.

Flora nodded reluctantly and let him take her to a cafe.

Not far away, a black Maserati moved slowly as soon as the two of them started walking.

Flora enjoyed drinking caramel lattes at S City, which was rare to find in a town like L County. Even if they came across a cafe which did serve the expensive drink in L County, it would never taste authentic. But the caramel latte which she had that day was just horrible. She avoided looking him in the eye, but Chris glanced at her longingly.

"I'm going to the bathroom," she said. Flora thought that it was too depressing and had to vent out her frustration.

"All right!" Chris replied, looking at her until she walked around the corner and disappeared.

She returned after ten minutes, but instead of sitting down, she picked up her bag and said, "Let's go back."

"Hold on! Finish your drink first," Chris ordered, grabbing her arm.

Although she hated it, Flora drank it without throwing a tantrum. Upon seeing that, Chris felt relieved and said, "I would like to go for a walk before we say our goodbyes."

There was an unmistakable pain behind his faint smile. When Flora heard that, her heart ached just as bad, but she faked a smile and said, "All right, then!"

As they walked along the river bank, they felt a cool refreshing breeze brush past their skin. However, she felt something was off. She was getting hotter and hotter. Even after she removed her sweater, her body was felt like it was on fire. Her vision started to blur and she felt too weak to walk.

That was when she realized that there was something wrong with her. She stopped Chis and said, "Chris, I think..."

The moment he held her, he felt her body burning and trembling.

"You don't look so well. How about I take you back to my place so you can rest for a while? The hotel I'm staying at is not far away from here," he said.

"Okay," she replied weakly. Flora had never felt like that before. How could she possibly know what had caused her to feel sick all of a sudden?

The moment they entered the hotel room, Chris closed the door behind them.

"I think I should go to the hospital," she said while she was still conscious. But then, he pounced on her, making her scream.

He stroked her cheek, his eyes filled with love and lust, and said, "There's no need for you to go to the hospital. You'll be fine soon."

To her disbelief, he began undressing her.

Even though she was still a virgin, she could now clearly understand what was going on.

She struggled to push him away and said, "No! You can't do this!"

Chris snapped at her, "Why can't I? We have been together for years! Do you know how long I've waited for this? We were going to get married! But then, you suddenly broke up with me. Why wouldn't you marry me? Why would you do this to me? How could you break my heart just like that?" The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He tore apart her clothes forcefully.

The bed sheets were soaked with her tears as she whimpered, "Chris! How could you..."

All this while, Ivan had been watch

ing them from a distance. Although he could tell that they were arguing, he didn't know what it was about. He saw them going out for a drink and thought that they had patched up. He was about to leave, but then he saw Chris sneakily putting something in her cup while she was in the bathroom. He had no choice but to follow them back to the hotel. Ivan was obviously concerned about her, so he bribed the hotel manager to give him a duplicate of their room's key. Chris' despicable actions had angered him. Ivan barged into the room. The hotel manager waited outside until Chris hit Ivan in the head, hurting him.

Ivan frowned and contemplated whether he had made a good choice or a bad one by interfering in their business.

Meanwhile, Flora sat on the bed in her bedroom, looking pitiful. Miya Wei pointed to the thermometer and said, "38.5 degrees Celsius. Just take some medicine and rest, you should be fine."

But then, when she was about to give her the medicine, she noticed something odd.

Flora usually preferred wearing lose fitting pajamas. Besides, she was burning with fever, so why was she wearing a turtle neck sweater? Miya Wei rushed to her side in the blink of an eye.

"Ah!" Flora was caught off guard by her sudden reaction. Moreover, she was at a disadvantage as Miya Wei was much taller than she was, so she couldn't even push her away.

"What are you doing?" she asked, crossing her arms over her chest, as though she were protecting herself. Miya Wei looked into her sweater and saw the hickeys on her neck. She was furious.

"Did you stay out all night yesterday because you were sleeping with him?" she asked, glaring at her coldly. "With Chris?

No! It wasn't him. This was not his doing. It was another man. Nothing happened between me and Chris!"

Flora said. She remembered another man coming in before Chris could have what he wanted. At first, she had not taken it seriously and thought that it must have been a dream. But she thought about it carefully, and she was certain that the other man had taken her virginity last night.

When Miya Wei heard that it wasn't Chris, she felt relieved and breathed a sigh. "I'm glad it wasn't that bastard, Chris. You were so naive, Flora. No wonder he was able to deceive you,"

she hissed, gritting her teeth. Flora smiled, "But Miya, I'm just as old as you are!"

"Only in years! You'd only had one boyfriend all these years. You should date at least a few guys," she said.

"Weren't you saying just the other day about how all men are all jerks? So why should I date at least a few guys?"

"But there are many men who are better than Chris!"

"You're just contradicting your own statements!" Flora protested.

"No! They're all jerks, but at least some of them are handsomer and richer than Chris," Miya Wei replied.

The moment she heard the word "handsome," Flora's mind went back to that man from last night. He was obviously much better-looking than Chris. In fact, he had the looks of a Greek god. However, she didn't know if he was rich.

"Mm hmm." After last night, Flora's opinions about Chris had completely changed. He was a vile and disgusting man. However, her agreement had made Miya Wei curious, so she asked, "Did something unpleasant happen to you last night?".

Of all those times in the past when Miya Wei had warned her about Chris, Flora had disregarded her words. What made her change her mind out of the blue?

'What happened last night was not only unpleasant, but also disgusting!' Flora thought to herself.

Although Miya Wei couldn't wait to know more about the night before, she gave her some pills and watched patiently as Flora swallowed them one by one. Then Flora told her what had happened the night before.

"Okay. I'm glad you slept with a handsome man, who wasn't Chris!" Miya Wei said happily.

"I think so too, so it's not a complete loss," Flora added with a grin.

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