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   Chapter 2 That Woman And Last Night

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The pillow hit hard on the forehead of the man who was buttoning up his sleeves with his back to her. The latter was shocked and his eyes suddenly sank.

Last night, Chris threw an ashtray at him, which scratched his scalp. Today, this woman threw a pillow at him again. Did he owe her in his previous life?

However, he didn't stop for too long. In just two or three seconds, he continued what he was doing.

The marks on her body ached faintly. Just as she became angrier, she suddenly realized a problem. The man in front of her was half a head taller than Chris. His posture was improved and his buttoning was unhurried


"I'm sorry..."

She didn't know how she felt when she said that. She had been in love with Chris for so many years, but in the end, he forced her to marry him in such a despicable way. But she had slept with another man for no reason. Wasn't she taken to a hotel by Chris? Why it would become this man in front of her?

The man just paused and did not turn around immediately. She unscrupulously looked at him and thousands of questions in her mind.

Ivan buttoned his sleeves, slightly tilted his head, and said coldly, "It's not in vain that I worked so hard last night."

His face, delicate and tall nose and thin lips was outlined by the gentle sunshine. At that moment, Flora thought it was an illusion. Until the door was closed, she came to her senses from the daze. The handsome appearance and pleasant voice of the man were still lingering in her mind.


"Work hard..."

She muttered and repeated his words with a flush on her face. The next moment, she was like a deflated ball, sighing dejectedly with messy hair. Thinking of the mean behavior of Chris, Flora heaved a sigh of relief in her chest. Tears welled up in her eyes.

She was a conservative woman. She had thought that she would trust Chris and offer herself to him on the wedding day, but she didn't expect this scum would drugged her and made her lost the treasure to a strange man!

What a bastard!

Flora wiped her tears and began to look for her clothes on the bed.

'what? Wrong! This shirt was not hers! Is it from that man?


"This button..."

Most buttons of the shirt were torn off.

Her eyes were filled with disbelief. For a moment, she didn't know if the man had did it himself or it was her did it. She felt embarrassed for it!

"Ah!" She held her head and shouted. Then she gasped and pulled a long face.

There were only three words in her mind: shame on herself!

At three o'clock in the afternoon, on the twenty-six floor of the QX Building.

Looking at a pile of documents, Ivan was absent-minded for the sixth time to recall what happened last night.

At this time, the door was knocked two times, and then it was open, accompanied by a milk fragrance. Closing the door, James chattered excitedly, "I passed by a shop today. The egg tarts there smell very good, even better than the coffee shop downstairs!" He couldn't wait to put a dozen of egg tarts on the tea table. His action was so natural. He took one out and took a bite. He enjoy it and marvel, "Well It's so delicious! What kind of person could make such delicious egg tarts? Ivan, would you like to have one? "

Ivan still had a headache. He rubbed his temples and said, "No, thanks!"

Ivan didn't like sweet food, so James was used to it. He didn't ask any more questions and just wanted

to satisfy himself. Finishing two tarts, he came over.

"Ah!" As if she had discovered a new continent, she leaned her head closer and exclaimed, "your neck..."

Ivan pushed his head away and buried his head in the document again.

"Ivan! You really grown up! " He couldn't believe it. The next second, he was very happy. "Well, now, your grandpa can kick the bucket without worry!"

His grandfather was hale!

Ivan raised his head and gave a cold light to him.

"I was wrong! I was wrong! " James knew that he was particularly filial to his grandpa for the good relationship. He scratched his head again, "by the way, how is your papa?"

"He has left the hospital."

Mr. Gu had always been in good health. Although there was a slight pain in his joints when he joined the army in the early years, he had never been seriously ill. He had a stroke suddenly two months ago and almost died, which scared the Gu family and made Ivan worried.

At the thought of his grandfather, Ivan thought of that woman last night

The yesterday night, S city was as bright as day and night as usual. There were many small lights hanging on the trees on both sides of the street, as if like glowing fruits. The lights were even and not complicated, making the city as bright as day and had the beauty of night. Although the winter in the South was somewhat fake, it was also cold in late autumn.

By the tree, a man lit a cigarette, and not far away, the figure that he hadn't seen for a long time gradually approached. He quickly pulled out the cigarette from his mouth, threw it on the ground, and trampled out the fire of the butt.

When Flora walked over, she looked a little anxious without excitement as she used to be. She had already walked up to him and glanced at the cigarette butts under his feet. She frowned slightly, but soon raised her usual polite smile. "Long time no see."

In fact, Chris was ready to wait for her to throw herself into his arms as usual. However, the distant and polite greeting made his hand stop in air.

"Aren't you going back yet?" His eyes were bloodshot. Frowning, His tone brought a slight of reproach.

"Where I should come back? L County? I think I have made it clear. "

That place was not suitable for her!

Suddenly, Chris grabbed her arms and said angrily, "Can't you stay there for me? !"

"Why for you? Why don't you come to S city for me? "

"Why not? Now I'm working in a company. After I get married, I can buy a house in the city. What's wrong with that?! Why do you look down upon small towns? !" Chris didn't understand what was wrong with the small city? Why did Flora reject and look down upon small towns? If the both of them entered a company and got married, they could buy a house in a few years and have a few children, which was better than the majority of people in the small city!

despise? He always felt that she looked down upon him! She just thought that there were many things in the world worth to try and pursue. She had never thought of the life she could see through at the first glance!

With a sneer, she broke his grip and turned her head away to hide the sadness in her eyes. "Just take it as contempt!"

Two months ago, they had already decided they would live their own lives respectively. Chris said he came to S city and wanted to see her. She thought he was willing to come to S City, but she was still disappointed.

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