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   Chapter 1 The Man Who Suddenly Appeared

Obsessive Kiss: Love Is Consuming Me By Wu Shixian Characters: 6268

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The bed sheets at the hotel room was soaked with Flora Meng's tears. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she cried, "Chris! How could you..."

She had no strength left in her to fight back. She felt like an animal locked up in a cage, waiting to be slaughtered. She looked at Chris Su with fear, like the prey looked at its predator.

As the drug started to kick in, her cheeks became flushed and her sexy collarbones were revealed. Chris Su ignored her plea for help and stroked her smooth skin, his hot breath brushing against her ear. "I want to marry you. I won't marry anyone else but you. You will be my wife, Flora!"

His rough palm brushed against her smooth skin as he touched her neck. She felt as though her skin was on fire, making her squirm at his touch.


she cried out. She was desperate and furious at the same time.

They had dated for two years in high school and had been in a long-distance relationship for four years during their college years. They had never had sex during these years. After fantasizing about her body for days and nights, how could he not want to use it for his pleasure?

She became frightened and her anger turned into a prayer as she begged, "Don't do this, please. You're a good man, Chris. This isn't like you!"

However, regardless of how much she pleaded, he wouldn't stop. He kept stroking her skin, which make every hair on her body stand. He was completely lost in desire. How could he hear her pleas?

"I hate you! I will hate you for the rest of my life!" she roared, using the last bit of strength left in her, as she dug her fingernails into his flesh.

"You will forgive me!" He bent down to kiss her collarbones.

Everything in front of her slowly started to turn blurry and her sanity was falling apart because of the drug. She closed her eyes in despair and tears continued to trickle down her cheeks.

Just when she was about to accept her terrible fate, she heard a loud bang. Chris Su panicked and moved away from her.

She couldn't tell if she was dreaming or if it was real. She felt as though someone was wrapping a blanket around her and lifted her. She could hear a man cursing. The man was holding her, but he wasn't supporting her well, so her body swayed. She had an uncomfortable feeling as though there a volcano had erupted inside her and the magma was burning her from within.

Just for a second, she felt a cool breeze as the man moved her to another room.

He dropped her on the bed and stared at her coldly as he touched the back of his head. He felt a warm liquid oozing out of his head and his expression darkened.

He then turned around and walked away. As he headed for the bathroom, he stopped for a second when he heard her groan. But then, he ignored her and went into the bathroom.

Once he was inside the bathroom, Ivan Gu hastily cleaned the wound at the back of his head. If she hadn't wrapped her arms around him, blocking his vision, he wouldn't have been hit by the ashtray that Chris Su threw at him.

After he cleaned his wound and washed the blood off his hands, Ivan Gu walked out of the bathroom

only to find Flora Meng rolling on the floor. The drug had caused her to feel so hot that she couldn't stand being wrapped in the blanket. However, she grabbed the blanket again, draping it around her, as though there was a fire burning within her waiting to be extinguished.

Ivan frowned and regretted having saved her from Chris Su' hands. He walked over to her and snatched the blanket from her hands. He then wrapped it around her and picked her up. But as he dropped her on the bed and withdrew his hand, she caught his arm.

His cold arm felt refreshing, so she wrapped herself around him tightly, like a vine. He was still in a daze when he felt her arms around him. Something wet and soft was caressing his neck.

He had always been a calm person, but somehow her touch set him on fire and his desire grew uncontrollably.

No woman had ever touched him the way she did.

She was faster than he expected. Before he knew, his shirt fell to the floor as the buttons came apart. He could even hear the buttons falling to the floor. If James Qin and Allen Qi had been here, they would have teased him. Ivan Gu could almost feel James Qin patting him on the shoulder as he said, "Our boy Ivan has finally become a man!"

How could he let a woman control his desires?

He pushed her away abruptly. Perhaps, he had been a little too brute with her that he could see his fingerprints on her smooth skin. With a frown, she pouted and grumbled, "Ouch! That hurt."

She showed her weakness, which caused him to pull her closer. She covered his mouth, making him gasp. He wanted to push her away, but when he saw her tremble pitifully, he couldn't.

With every touch of her lips, she set his skin on fire. His eyes were filled with desire. Ivan let go of her for just a second, but then he noticed her opening her eyes and smiling at him. He could only think of one word to describe the feeling—breathtaking.

And before he realized, he had tightened his grip around her waist, pulling her closer.

Most of her shirt buttons had already been undone in Chris Su's room, and now her breast was almost exposed. Ivan Gu couldn't control himself, even if he wanted to.

She was going to be his sooner or later, anyway, so he wouldn't mind having sex to her now.

He held her flawless back as he thrust himself deep into her.

Their warm breaths intertwined, and his sweat cooled down her body, just the way she wanted it. She sucked him in, little by little. And the more he pleased her, the greedier she became.

The warm sun shone through the crack between the curtains, gradually heating her skin until she felt hot. The drug was starting to wear off, and she could hear some noises in the room.

She saw him by the bed, with his back to her, as he got dressed. Only a second before he put his shirt back on, she noticed a distinct mark on his back. As he put on his pants, she could hear the sound of his zipper.

She closed her eyes again, and what happened last night all started flooding back to her. The panic in her mind condensed into rage. And in the end, all she could say was, "You bastard."

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