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   Chapter 37 Lovely Little Girl

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Samuel stood still. The doctors were all so indifferent. When he was thinking, two young nurses pushed Wendy out.

Wendy's face was red and her hair was scattered on her face. She looked very embarrassed, which made Samuel feel sorry for her.

It was the first time that Samuel had looked at Miss Wendy so closely. At this time, she was not beautiful and very haggard.

Samuel carefully pushed Miss Wendy into the ward with the nurse, and then Samuel stood beside her.

"Nurse, when will my sister wake up?" Samuel turned around and asked the nurse behind him.

"Maybe one day, maybe an hour." The nurse said irresponsibly. In fact, Wendy should have woken up now, but she was too weak to wake up for a while.

Samuel remained silent and had to sit next to Miss Wendy blankly. It occurred to him that as soon as he saw Mr. Hugo off today, he rushed to Miss Wendy's residence. Seeing that Miss Wendy was with a little girl, the two of them talked and laughed happily.

Samuel wanted to help Mr. Hugo find out what had happened to Miss Wendy, so he didn't leave and kept observing Miss Wendy's family in the car.

But in the evening, when Miss Wendy came back, she didn't look well. She kept coughing. Finally, she leaned against the wall and coughed for a long time. Then she sat down along the wall.

It was not until then that Samuel found something was wrong. He walked up to Miss Wendy and saw her spit out several mouthfuls of blood. Then he realized that things were not right in a second, so Samuel hurriedly sent Wendy to the hospital.

But now there was another thing. There was a little girl at home, and he didn't know when Miss Wendy would wake up. If something happened to the little girl at home, how could he explain it to Mr. Hugo? Moreover, the little girl was so young, and it was really uneasy for her to stay at home.

Thinking of this, Samuel said something to the bed nurse, turned around and left the hospital.

On the way, Samuel thought it would be better to send the child to the hospital first or to put her off to someone else. In fact, he didn't

t sleep on the bed. But if he didn't sleep, Merry might not be able to sleep either.

"Aren't you leaving?" Suddenly, Merry came to him.

"What? Leave? I'm a friend of your mother. Can I leave a child at home? " Said Samuel.

"I'm not a child." Obviously, Merry wasn't on guard against Samuel anymore.

"I won't leave, I'll sleep. Do you want to sleep or not?" After saying that, Samuel closed his eyes.

Samuel was very sleepy, but the chair was really uncomfortable. He adjust his position several times, but still felt uncomfortable, so he could only sit on the chair and wait for the dawn.

Seeing that the little guy had already hidden in the quilt and was asleep, Samuel thought that she was really a cute little guy.

Samuel smiled. Suddenly, it occurred to him that he hadn't informed Mr. Hugo of Wendy's safety yet.

However, Merry had fallen asleep and he couldn't make a phone call. Samuel sent a message to Mr. Hugo, telling him that Miss Wendy was out of danger.

While far away in the United States, Hugo had been anxiously waiting for the news from Samuel. After waiting for so long, he was about to collapse, but he did not know that Samuel was too busy to tell him the news.

Fortunately, now that he knew that Wendy was fine, he could sleep at ease. To be honest, it was strange that Hugo fell asleep in less than five minutes after he received the message.

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