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   Chapter 36 She Fainted

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Hugo didn't sleep well last night, so he slept all the way on the plane. When he arrived in the United States, it was already night. He checked in at a hotel he often went to. When he arrived at the hotel, he called an American friend, Luke.

Luke was born and raised in America. He was a college classmate of Hugo, and of course, he was also a classmate of Wendy. Since Hugo came to America, he was not familiar with the place, so he naturally found an old friend.

"Hey, Luke, guess who I am?" Said Hugo happily.

He hadn't seen Luke for several years. He really missed the time when he was in college. He heard that Luke had a career in political area and now he was the Secretary of the mayor.

With luck, things would be much easier.

Hugo explained the whole story to Luke. He wanted to see doctor Frank · Lee and hoped Luke could arrange it. In fact, in the United States, the politicians would not have special privileges. Unlike in China, but Luck happened to know Mr. Frank.

"Hugo, I'm quite busy recently. I'll tell Frank first and you can go to see him directly. I won't go with you." Luke said apologetically.

"No problem. Thank you, Luke." Hugo said sincerely.

In the morning, Hugo left. He had just called Frank's assistant and was told to meet Frank an hour later.

As soon as he entered doctor Frank's office, Hugo was really surprised. It turned out that doctor Frank was nearly fifty years old, but hale and hearty.

"Hello, nice to meet you, Dr. Frank. I'm Luke's friend. I'm from China." Hugo introduced briefly.

"I know you, Mr. Hugo. What can I do for you?" Doctor Frank asked politely.

"Here is the thing, Dr. Frank..." Hugo told Frank about the condition of Wendy and asked for Dr. Frank's advice.

"As you said, there is no medical evidence to prove that this person has lung cancer. The doctor just guessed that it was a cancer. I suggest you take the patient to have a detailed examination." Doctor Frank said honestly.

Maybe Wendy just got inflamed and didn't have lung cancer at all. He was too ner

n results will be sent to you. Don't worry. Miss Wendy will be fine. " Said Samuel,

"Well, I also believe that Wendy will be fine." Said Hugo, with his eyes full of prayers.

Now, Hugo could do nothing but pray.

"Mr. Hugo, have a rest first. I'll inform you as soon as I get any news." Said Samuel.

"Call me no matter what time it is." Said Mr. Hua.


As time went by, the time passed slowly outside the operating room. Although only an hour had passed, Samuel seemed to have been waiting for a day.

And because of Mr. Hugo, Samuel was also very nervous about Miss Wendy now.

Just as Samuel was pacing back and forth outside the operating room, the door opened.

The doctor took off his mask and walked out. The pool hurried up to him and asked, "Doctor, how is my sister?"

Samuel thought he had to pretend to be a patient's family member, but he didn't dare to have this idea of pretending to be her boyfriend, so he said Wendy was his sister.

"She has passed the dangerous period, but there seems to be a shadow in her lungs. I suggest you do a detailed examination." The doctor said tiredly.

"Thank you, doctor. We will do it. Can I go to see her?" Samuel looked carefully into the operating room.

"The patient hasn't woken up yet. She will be pushed out soon." After saying that, the doctor left with an expressionless face.

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