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   Chapter 35 A Secret Mission

Enticing Ex-wife: Bound By CEO's Crazy Love By Yan Huo Characters: 6957

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At half past two in the morning, Hugo called Samuel.

When Samuel was still in a daze, his mobile phone suddenly rang. In the quiet night, the sound of the mobile phone suddenly sounded harsh. Samuel impatiently picked up the mobile phone and found that it was from Mr. Hugo.

"Mr. Hugo," said Samuel cheerfully

After a while, Hugo said, "I'm sorry to bother you so late, Samuel. I have something to tell you. I'm going to the United States. You can deal with the company's affairs with several directors. If you can't solve it, call me."

"Mr. Hugo, what happened? Why do you want to leave all of a sudden? Are you going to meet the doctor? " It suddenly occurred to Samuel that he had sent an email to Mr. Hugo before he went to bed. It was the most famous lung cancer expert in the world. Was Mr. Hugo going to the United States to see him?

"Well, book a first-class ticket to America tomorrow morning for me. I'm really worried about it." Mr. Hugo said with a little tiredness. Maybe it was because he dreamed of the tears of Wendy, so he was so afraid of losing her.

He must leave tomorrow.

"But, Mr. Hugo, doctors in America need to make an appointment. How about I make an appointment first? You can go there when it's time, or you will still wait there when you get there." Samuel had planned to go to America with Mr. Hugo after he finished his work. It seemed that Mr. Hugo couldn't wait any longer.

"Pick me up to the airport tomorrow morning," said Mr. Hugo briefly. It seemed that he had made up his mind.

"Okay, Mr. Hugo." Samuel had no choice but to obey. It seemed that Miss Wendy played an important role in Mr. Hugo's heart.

Hugo sat there until dawn. He had prepared everything and was waiting for Samuel.

The earliest flight was to New York was at half past five in the morning.

At about four o'clock in the morning, Samuel arrived at Hugo's house. Samuel carried a small suitcase for Mr. Hugo. The two of them bowed their heads and walked out of the villa in silence.

This time, Hugo left without telling anyone. He didn't want to

him, but what kind of person Hugo was? He just needed to meet the doctor in the United States. How could Samuel worry about him? What a joke.

"When you are useful, I will fly back." Mr. Hugo's words made Samuel speechless.

"Mr. Hugo, Frank · Lee is a reliable doctor in America. He also got a reward last year. Go and find him. " Samuel warned.

"I also noticed that. I'm leaving. Take care of yourself." Mr. Hugo smiled at the pool and then changed into a cold face that had never changed for a thousand years. He turned around and walked to the boarding gate.

"Okay, I know." Said Samuel. He wanted to have a romantic parting with Mr. Hugo, but Mr. Hugo didn't give him the chance. Instead, he just smiled.

Don't Mr. Hugo know that smiles made people younger?

Samuel was always laughing. But standing next to Mr. Hugo, Samuel, who was eight years younger than Mr. Hugo, still looked older than Mr. Hugo. Alas, appearance was really a decisive factor.

Sometimes, Samuel was really envious of Mr. Hugo. But it only took a few minutes. Although Samuel was unreliable and dishonest, he was really narcissistic.

Seeing that Mr. Hugo had disappeared from his sight, Samuel turned around and left. When he walked out of the airport, an idea suddenly occurred to him. He wanted to find out what kind of feud Mr. Hugo had with Miss Wendy. He wanted to help Mr. Hugo more.

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