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   Chapter 34 Live Happily

Enticing Ex-wife: Bound By CEO's Crazy Love By Yan Huo Characters: 6275

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"Mr. Wyatt, it's not me. This lady spilt it herself. " Wendy explained. Wyatt couldn't understand why this lady spilt the coffee on herself, but thought that Wendy had done something wrong and lied.

"Wendy, apologize now." Wyatt said sternly.

Of course, Wendy knew the consequences of not apologizing, so she smiled at Cindy and said, "Miss, I'm sorry. I was careless just now. Please forgive me." Wendy said sincerely.

Wyatt also spoke for her, "Miss Cindy, I'm really sorry. We will punish her. Please don't mind her."

"Of course I won't make a fuss with her. But do all the people in your shop have no sense of service?" As Cindy spoke, she squinted at Wendy.

At this glance, there was contempt, hostility, but more hatred. Wendy shivered. She didn't understand why her sister hated her so much. What's more, her sister's outfit was priceless. Had she married to a rich man?

But Wendy didn't say anything. She just handed a few tissues to her.

Instead of taking the tissue, Cindy turned around with a smile and opened a big silk scarf to cover the coffee stains on her chest. Wyatt winked at Wendy and asked her to leave.

At this time, Cindy asked, "What's your name?" Sitting on the wide sofa, she looked extremely charming.

Cindy, who was about to leave, turned around and introduced herself, "My name is Wendy Luo."

What a joke! Her sister wanted her to introduce herself to her, while both of them knew it clearly. Wendy didn't know what tricks Cindy was going to play, but it must be not a good thing.

"Oh, my family name is Luo, too." Cindy smiled sweetly and there was a pair of cute dimples on her face.

Five years ago, Wendy was as beautiful as Cindy. However, with the difficulty of life, Wendy had become a strong mother. Although Wendy was neither beautiful nor charming in front of Cindy, she was confident. She was willing to sac

t Wendy leave him.

In the past few days, Hugo had been busy contacting lung cancer experts all over the country, but the experts had not seen the patient, and it was not easy to come to a conclusion. Now, Hugo was worried about how to make Wendy cooperate with him to receive treatment.

After listening to the explanation of many experts, Hugo knew that the lung cancer was not a terminal disease and could be cured by surgery. But if it continued to delay, it would be impossible to save Wendy even if God was reborn.

Unconsciously, Hugo fell asleep. In his dream, he saw the bright, innocent and beautiful Wendy five years ago.

But all of a sudden, Wendy cried to him with tears all over her face. No matter how hard Hugo listened, he couldn't hear clearly what Wendy was saying.

In a hurry, Hugo woke up. It turned out that he had a nightmare, but why was this dream so real? When he wiped his face, there were tears on his face.

It had been five years. He hadn't dreamed of Wendy for five years. He didn't expect that he still couldn't forget Wendy after such a long time.

Although there was a woman who looked very much like Wendy by his side, the void feeling of losing Wendy never decreased, but became stronger and deeper.

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