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   Chapter 33 Manager Wyatt In Advanced Menopause

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"Mom has money. Don't worry, Merry." Said Wendy. She took out Merry's clothes and helped her change.

Merry put on her clothes obediently and was very happy. Not long ago, she had seen children on the street eating hamburgers, which were very delicious.

Wendy also wore the most beautiful dress, but it was a yellow long down jacket with bright color. In fact, she had been wearing it for three years.

Wendy took her scarf and tied it up for Merry. Then the two went to KFC, which was a block away, hand in hand.

The wind on the street was very cold, but neither of the two people felt cold. They felt warm, because Wendy really put down all the pressure and forgot everything. She just wanted to have a burger with Merry.

The two of them happily arrived at KFC. They ordered two mini beef hamburgers and a cup of coke. Merry sat at the table and looked excitedly at the people in the shop. Everyone was eating in a hurry, and no one noticed the two of them. But at this moment, Merry was unprecedentedly satisfied.

Seeing Merry's satisfied smile, Wendy felt better.

Looking out of the window at the people coming and going, Wendy finally felt a trace of peace. For a long time, she had been busy making money, and busy going back and forth between the hospital and the workplace. Because of Merry's disease, Wendy was busy like a robot. She had long forgotten the beauty of life.

Just as the two were waiting for the burger with full expectation, the phone of Wendy rang. It was the 4S store's Manager Wyatt Zhang. Did he want her to go back to work? Yes, it was time, but she had just come out of many hospitals and was so sad that she forgot to ask for leave.

Wendy muted the phone and didn't answer it. She didn't want to ruin Merry's mood. She didn't want the beautiful time between the two to be broken.

But the phone kept vibrating. Wendy had no choice but to answer the phone. It seemed that she'd better ask for a leave.

"Hello, Mr. Wyatt." Said Wendy.

"Wendy, do you know what time it is now? Why haven't you come to work yet? Do you think we a

hang without hesitation and paid a deposit.

Wyatt Zhang immediately smiled with more wrinkles on his face. Although Wyatt Zhang was mean, he was really professional in business and had a good chat with that woman.

How could Wendy not know this woman? She was her sister, but because of the poverty in her family, she was sent to an orphanage since childhood, and then adopted by Hale.

As for her sister, she had been living with her parents all the time. She knew that her sister had always envied her life, but her sister didn't know that. She envied her more, because she wanted to live with her parents so much.

"Wendy, go and prepare the coffee. I want the best Blue Mountain coffee." Wyatt Zhang yelled at Wendy, which was totally different from what he looked like in front of Cindy.

Wendy hurried to the kitchen and brought a cup of mellow Blue Mountain coffee, which was the best coffee in the shop and was used to entertain important guests.

Cindy didn't take off his sunglasses. She walked to Wendy and reached for the coffee. But she slipped and poured the coffee on herself. Then she screamed.

At this time, Wyatt Zhang heard the scream and rushed over. He saw Wendy standing there in astonishment, and then looked at Cindy, who was covered with coffee stains, particularly embarrassed.

"Wendy, what have you done?" Wyatt Zhang pointed at Wendy angrily.

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