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   Chapter 18 Crying In The Bathroom

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Standing by the bed, Howard looked at Hugo for a long time. He had never observed him so carefully before. In Howard's memory, Hugo had always been the boy who didn't like to talk and was simple and sensible as he was as a child. He didn't know when he had become a man trapped in love. His voice was so deep just now, he was not as arrogant and indifferent as before. No matter how heartless he behaved, in his dream, he begged her to come back. This love only fooled himself in the end.

It was already noon when Hugo got up the second day, but the thick curtains blocked the sunlight. He thought it was in the morning. Fortunately, he didn't drink much yesterday, so he was still sober. He vaguely remembered that he had said a lot last night. Although he didn't remember what he had said, he seemed to be very comfortable now. He didn't feel depressed as usual.

Since there was nothing to do in the company today, Hugo planned to go to the hospital early to accompany his mother. He went upstairs as usual and reached out his head to see if the woman on the fifth floor was there. He didn't even know why he was so concerned about this strange woman.

Looking at the empty corridor, he felt a little disappointed. Although people in the luxurious wards on the tenth floor were all powerful, the doctors and nurses were very interested in this new business genius and wanted to talk to him.

"Son, are you tired recently? You look much thinner. " Leaning against the head of the sickbed, Zora touched Hugo's face lovingly. Zora knew that as long as she didn't mention Wendy, he would listen to her. In order to maintain this rare atmosphere, she had been avoiding the topic last time.

"Mr. Hugo, the doctor asked us to take the reference number to line downstairs for the X-ray. Will you go or shall I go?" The secretary knocked on the door and came in. She knew that Hugo was very filial and always treated things about his parents in person.

As expected, he said, "Give me the reference number. I'll line up."

The line for X-ray examination was on the first floor. When Hugo arrived there, there were already dozens of people in front of him. He had no choice but to line up. Fortunately, everyone was anxious to line up and no one paid attention to him. Otherwise, with the frequent appearance on TV, Hugo would cause a lot of sensation.

A few minutes later, a large group of people came in from the door. They dressed in different shapes, but seemed to come for this matter. The leading man was not tall and a little fat. His thick lips were a little abrupt on his face which was not too big. He felt that he looked familiar. When he turned around, he saw her.

If it weren't for the pair of slippers that hadn't been changed, Hugo wouldn't have remembered that the woman on the fifth floor yesterday was Wendy. Last night's pajamas were now changed into black clothes and trousers. No wonder they had lived together for more than ten years. The same aura always surrounded the two people.

It suddenly occurred to him that he was Jeff, who hadn't changed much since he was in high school. It seemed that Wendy was not in the same direction with those people. She tried to stop Jeff as she stepped back. Although Jeff shook off her arm again and again, she kept repeating the same move.

At this time, somehow, Hugo felt sorry for Jeff. When he was young, Wendy also liked to pull his sleeves and let him do whatever she wanted. No matter how he got rid of her, she could always hold on until others surrendered. Hugo had to admire her persistent spirit.

Seeing that the situation in front of him was not good, Hugo forgot that he was still lining up, and followed the group of people upstairs. A large group of people stopped at the door of room 521 of the in-patient department on the fifth floo

r. It was so noisy that no one noticed him who had been following behind.

Seeing that they were about to make trouble, the passers-by all stretched their heads to see what was going on. Hugo didn't dare to squeeze in rashly, so he could only stand on his tiptoe to barely see the situation in the room.

The people outside were so noisy that Hugo couldn't hear clearly what they were talking inside, but he could see that they were very fierce. On the one hand, Merry's attending physician Jeremy, and on the other hand, Jeff led several people in. It seemed that Wendy was adjusting something in the middle, looking very anxious.

On the other side of the corridor, a group of people moved towards this direction, and there were many people with good eyes around. "The reporters are here," "Look, and the TV station is here." seeing the media, Hugo quickly turned around and walked into the nearby bathroom to avoid them.

He heard the noise in the corridor turn louder and lower. He guessed that they might have entered the ward. When Hugo was about to open the door and went out to see what was going on, he suddenly heard a woman crying in the next room. The bathroom on this floor was designed to be shared by men and women. Moreover, in a hospital, crying was the most normal thing.

The partition was made of wood, so he could hear clearly. Hearing the cries, Hugo's heart sank. His subconscious response was Wendy, but he was not sure. So he squatted down and looked at the small crack between the partition and the floor tile. It was still those slippers, it was her.

Although there was only a partition between the two, Hugo felt as if there was a long distance between them, and he could not touch her no matter how hard he tried. Hearing her crying hysterically like a knife inserted into his heart, he had unspeakable depression and pain.

The woman he had loved for ten years was once the most precious treasure in his heart. He had thought he didn't love her anymore for one hundred or one thousand times. It was not until now that he realized that as long as he knew she was in a bad condition, he would still feel sorry for her.

"Go and see how she is." there was a voice at the door. Hugo opened a small crack. It was Jeremy who ordered the female nurse to pull her out. "The media are going to interview her. Let her out." Then he turned around and left.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Hugo pretended to be the family of other patients and sneaked into ward 521. Suddenly, several people appeared in the ward, which was only dozens of meters away, making it a little crowded. He sat in the corner and no one noticed him. He covered his face with newspaper and looked out secretly.

Jeremy, who got back into the room, stood opposite Jeff and was still explaining something. "I've told you many times that it's normal for a child to still be in a coma. We've taken the most effective measures against her current situation. As for when she will wake up, it depends on each patient's own physical condition."

Jeff, who was standing opposite, still didn't give up. "I don't care. Now my daughter is sent to your hospital for rescue, and she is still in a coma. No one knows whether she is alive or dead. If I don't find you, who else can I find?" He had been drifted along in the society before he graduated from high school, so he was always rude and unreasonable.

The two people standing behind Jeff were obviously gangsters in the society. Hearing that the reporters' questions were biased towards the hospital, and they were constantly doubting Jeff's words, and the photographers were also shooting at them, they suddenly rushed out from behind, grabbed the camera, smashed it on the ground, and stepped hard on it. Several reporters came to stop them, and the scene was chaotic.

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