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   Chapter 17 Love Is The Best Time

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Hugo and Howard walked down the stairs side by side. Since Zora was hospitalized because of her old illness, Hugo had stayed in the ward from afternoon to evening almost every day. Because she stayed in the most luxurious ward on the top floor of the hospital, in order not to take the elevator, he walked back and forth between the first floor and the tenth floor every day.

It was rare for Howard to have time to visit in the hospital today. The two brothers, who hadn't seen each other for a long time, decided to have a drink tonight. The two of them turned to the corner of the fifth floor and Hugo inadvertently glanced at the corridor. From a distance, he saw a woman squatting against the wall and looking out of the window, still wearing pajamas and slippers.

"Another poor mother." he thought. Not knowing since when, every time he saw such a scene, Hugo always had an uncontrollable sadness.

Without any hesitation, he went straight to the basement to get the car. Seeing that it was still snowing outside, he decided to go home for dinner. He called the butler, "Mark, I'll go home with Howard for dinner later. You prepare it first." Hugo was always considerate.

No wonder it was the fastest sports car. In less than ten minutes, the two of them sat on both sides of a rectangular table. The Hua family attached great importance to food health and hired a private nutritionist. It was a little cold tonight and snowed. The nutritious donkey meat hotpot was very good. There were also some simple dishes and millet porridge on the table, which looked rich and nutritious.

With a wave of Hugo's hand, the servant standing next to him left the living room, leaving only the two of them. Howard picked up the can of beer in front of him, opened it and took a big gulp. The two of them met at the funeral one month ago at home last time, and they didn't see each other until today. The topic naturally began from that day.

"Tell me the truth, wasn't the woman I saw that day really her?" Howard still remembered what happened that day.

"It's her. I lied to you that day."

His hand holding the beer stopped in the air. "Why?"

Hugo didn't know what he was asking about. Why she left? Or why he didn't keep her?

"She's married and has a daughter."

Hugo didn't stop and continued.

"We once had a child, but it was aborted in only two weeks. Maybe it was not even an embryo. " His soft voice seemed to be afraid of disturbing something, so he didn't say anything more. His lips closed, but his eyes were red.

Taking a sip of wine, Howard stared at him a few meters away, hoping that he would say something more.

"At that time, we were so young that we naively thought that our love would last forever if we traveled all the romantic places in the world." He calmly narrated as if he was telling someone else's story. "We must had that child in Maldives. Later, we decided to go to England to register for marriage. Anyway, my father had already agreed. I have been looking for a house to decorate, but she came back that night and told me that she had an abortion. "

"Why?" Howard asked again.

"She said she had never loved me." His memory seemed to go back to that rainy night. The two of them were fighting crazily in the rain, and her words and sentences were still in his ears, which might never be forgotten for a lifetime.

"Hugo, you have never known the real me. Do y

ou think I like you and love you? Stop dreaming. I just love your family and your money. Although I was adopted by your father and he treated me like his own daughter, I was still afraid of losing everything. I was afraid of losing everything one day. It's different if I can marry you. All these family property and stocks are mine, and will always be mine. But now I regret. I know a richer man than you, so I want to marry him. Remember, I'll get close to whoever has money. "

Now when he recalled, he seemed to pull out the nails that had been inserted in his heart one by one. Although it was not as heart wrenching as before, it was riddled with holes.

He had loved her so much for more than ten years, and he even gave his heart to her. In the end, he was trampled on by the money at will. "Even a child and a life can't compare with these shits." he muttered to himself.

Love once begun, will never end. He couldn't remember when he began to fall in love with her, but he just remembered that he had never changed after he loved her.

That night, Hugo had run in the rain for a long time. How he wished the rain could wash away all the beautiful happiness in the past without leaving any trace, and he would never remember it again. The cruelest thing in the world was to think that everything that once belonged to him was fake.

He didn't want to mention too much pain. He grabbed the empty can tightly as if he was going to hold something. Sitting opposite to him, Howard kept silent. He still didn't believe that Wendy, who grew up together with him, was such a person. Hugo himself also couldn't figure it out. He really hoped it was because he had done something wrong. No matter what he had done wrong, he would change.

"How cruel she is! Even if she just says that she has never loved me. I will be sad to death. Why did she tell me after she had a child? That was a life. I have loved her for more than 10 years. I thought she had loved me for more than 10 years, but finally I found that she had been loving my money for the past 10 years. But I'm still so cheap. Even if she lied to me and even if she was about to marry, I still couldn't forget her. "

Although he didn't drink much, Hugo was a little drunk now. He just cried and smiled, telling the deepest past that had been buried in the bottom of his heart.

"What happened later?"

"I have been dreaming, a dream that I will never have a way out. In my dream, I always went back to the rainy night that day. I shouted as I ran, but there was only fog around me, which was caused by the heavy rain splashing on the ground. I couldn't see anything. Every time I wake up crying, I still can't find the exit next time. " Raising his hand, Hugo loosened the two buttons on his collar and tried his best to breathe, as if he was in that dream.

"It's really a joke from God. I met Cindy after that. I often look at the same face as Wendy's. I don't know who it is in front of me. "

Usually, Hugo could drink much more than Howard, but today he had already been drunk. Howard asked someone to help him into the bedroom and followed him in. Hugo, who was sleeping after getting drunk, looked like a child, with his face wet, perhaps tears or sweat. He held the quilt tightly as if he had grasped a life-saving straw. He was murmuring something, Howard listened for a long time and finally heard him say, "Come back... Come back"

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