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   Chapter 16 The Fringe Of Pain

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Wendy carried Merry on her back on the way home. The dim street lamp at night pulled the shadows of the two much longer than one person's. Every night walking on this long road by herself, Wendy felt lonely and impatient. Occasionally, when she picked up Merry and came back with her, the two of them talked and laughed and would got home very quick as if the road got much shorter.

The child was in a good mood today, but before she left, she encountered such a thing in the hospital. Wendy always felt guilty for her daughter. "Merry, be a good girl. I'll buy you pot pork tomorrow, okay?" Facing her daughter, she showed rare obedience, and even pamper.

"It doesn't matter, mom. I don't want to eat it now." Wendy felt even more guilty for her childish words.

It was already seven o'clock in the evening when they got home. The two hadn't had dinner yet. Wendy asked the child to the living room to watch cartoon, and looked for the instant noodles in the cabinet, preparing to have it for dinner.

Before the noodles were ready, Wendy heard a loud knock on the door. It was more like smashing at the door than knocking. White dust fell from the moldy wall on the shabby ceiling, and Merry was frightened to shrink in the corner of the sofa, not daring to move. Before Wendy ran to the door, an impatient man's voice came from outside. "Where are you? Open the door." She knew it was Jeff, so she opened the door immediately.

Today, he didn't drink much unexpectedly, but it could be seen that he was not very happy. There was no smile on his face. Wendy seemed to be used to this situation and showed indifference.

"Why did you come back so early today?"

Jeff didn't look at her and just said one line, "Give me ten thousand."

Wendy turned around and smiled at Merry, who was sitting on the sofa, "Jeff and mother have something to talk about. You go inside and read for a while." Merry knew that the adults had something to say, so she jumped off the old sofa, obediently entered the room and closed the door.

"Jeff, I really don't have money now. Merry is receiving treatment now. It costs hundreds of dollars per time for her to have an intravenous drip, and the operation fees haven't been settled yet. You never take your money home. All the expenses in the family are depending on my money. How can I give you any money?" Wendy didn't dare to tell him that she had raised one million dollars from Hugo for the surgery. Otherwise, he would definitely try every means to get the money to gamble.

"Don't frighten me with your daughter. Do you think I'm afraid. Don't be so stubborn. Fine, I'll ask someone else for it. I'll ask Hugo. " Jeff leaned against the kitchen door and looked at her defiantly.

Looking at the man in front of him, Wendy felt as if he was a stranger to her. Back then, he had been so good to her. Now, he not only drank and gambled, but also often asked Wendy to pay off his gambling debts with money. Wendy had accepted all of these. What made her most disappointed was that every time he mentioned Hugo, he always looked down upon her as if she had done something wrong to him.

"Go and ask him for it. I'd like to see if he will give it to you." Wendy had no strength to quarrel with him. She was really exhausted both physically and mentally.

"Well, Wendy, now you can be straightforward. Don't pretend that I don't know what happened between you two in high school. Now I've picked up the shoes that othe

rs have worn. I feel ashamed even if I tell others. " He even slapped himself on the face. Wendy felt sick to see him like this.

"Go, go now. I'm afraid he doesn't even know your name after being classmates for four years. " Wendy didn't get angry. Instead, she provoked him even harder.

Men were most afraid of hurting their self-esteem, and these words obviously hurt Jeff. He stared at her and raised his hand, ready to slap her in the face.

At this time, Merry ran out of the bedroom, held his thighs and cried, "You can't hit mommy, you can't hit mommy." Jeff, who was in a fit of anger, pulled Merry away, turned around and scolded, "She is just like you, a jinx. Since you moved in, I have lost nine out of ten bets. She is also a parasite. She only spend money when she sees a doctor and takes medicine. " The more Jeff said, the angrier he became. He even scolded Merry.

"Don't touch her. She is sick." she protected the child behind her. "I tell you, you can say things about me as you like, but you can't say bad things about my daughter. She has to suffer so much pain at such a young age. You not only don't care about her, but also say that. You don't deserve to be her future father." At this moment, Wendy was like a crazy female lion that had lost her mind to protect her child. She seemed not to be the same quiet person as she used to be.

"You finally come to this point. I don't deserve it, then who deserves it, Hugo? Don't think that I don't know anything. You have already got one million from Hugo for her medical treatment. Now you tell me that you don't have money? Hugo gave you one million casually, and he thinks he is treating our child. Can he be so kind? "

Wendy couldn't hold back her anger for so many years and rushed madly at Jeff. Before she could get close, Jeff had already slapped her in the face.

"Dad, don't hit mom." Merry, who was hiding behind Wendy, rushed to pull Jeff's leg again.

"Moved away and dodged aside." The irrational Jeff pushed the child away. "I told you not to touch her." It seemed to confirm her worry. Merry lost her balance and fell heavily to the ground.

Wendy rushed over and picked up the child. Her swollen face looked blue and she seemed to be out of breath. Wendy put the child on her side and bent her knees and arms to make sure that she could breathe smoothly. Experienced as she was, she didn't dare to move again. She shouted at Jeff, who was standing aside in a daze, "Call 120."

Merry had been ill since she was little, so Wendy had specially learned cardio pulmonary resuscitation. She was afraid that one day she would see her daughter fall in front of her, but she didn't know what to do to help her. Every time she thought of this scene, her heart was as painful as getting cut by a knife.

Fortunately, the ambulance came quickly, or she felt she was about to suffocate to death. She didn't know how she got in the car and how she got to the hospital. She could only hear the voice of the doctor when Merry was pushed into the operating room, "Merry Wang, a girl, 5 years old, congenital renal failure. . . . ."

Leaning against the wall at the door of the operating room, Wendy looked out of the window with her eyes wide open, speechless. It was late and snow was falling. Under the light of the street lamps, the snowflakes danced like butterflies, like withered petals. They fell on the ground, but no trace could not find showing they had been there.

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