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   Chapter 14 A Seen-Through Conspiracy

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In the dining room of the villa, there were four tall marble pillars, which made the originally spacious area more magnificent. The thick and dark-pattern curtains had just been tied up, and the early morning sunshine filled the whole space. On the square table placed in the middle of the room, there were two people sitting at both ends of the table, respectively, Hugo and Cindy.

Hugo had an important meeting to attend this morning, so he had dressed neatly and tied his tie when he came down. She was sitting on the chair and reading the newspaper prepared by the servant as usual.

As usual, she just brushed her teeth and wore a night robe, with her hair disheveled. Every time she had breakfast with Hugo, she had to go back to catch up on sleep.

Hearing someone knocking at the door, Cindy bit the fork in her mouth and looked at the door nervously. At this time, the housekeeper sent letters in every day. There were often some useless phone insurance or useless letters. Fearing that the envelope inserted together would be ignored by him, Cindy stared at it without blinking.

Hugo's eyes finally moved from the newspaper to the pile of letters. Cindy didn't know which one was the photo envelope in his hand, so when he looked carefully at each envelope in his hand, her heart almost jumped out.

Finally, he saw the envelope. There was no signature on the envelope, nor the name of the person who sent it. Hugo pinched the thickness, as if there was a stack of money or something like photos. The moment he took out the photo, Cindy saw his anger.

In the street, the man was holing a child in his arms and talking to the woman behind at the gate of the hospital. The woman was sleeping in the car with the man was driving. It seemed that Hugo had seen the two of them being together. His originally calm face suddenly showed uncontrollable anger, and his tightly frowned eyebrows and pursed lips showed his dissatisfaction. Sitting at the table far away from him, Cindy seemed to be able to hear the heavy breath from his enlarged nose because of agitation. She had never seen such a Hugo before.

Seeing that Hugo was so angry, she knew that her plan had finally been realized. So she pretended to be curious and got down from the chair opposite. She stepped on the carpet embroidered with large five colored peony flowers, and lowered her head to look at the photos thrown on the table by him.

"Oh, isn't this my sister?" Cindy was always very polite to Wendy in front of him, as if she had infinite guilt to Wendy for being together with Hugo. But she know that this was the result of her plan.

Seeing that Hugo didn't move, she still frowned and thought about something. She felt that she only needed to say something to add insult to injury. With Hugo's strong possessive character, he must find Wendy and that man in a fit of anger. She didn't care how he would deal with the problem, she just knew that Hugo would no longer love her.

Before she could speak again, Hugo, who had been looking up at the envelope, said coldly, "How do you know it's Wendy? Why don't you say it's you?"

She didn't expect that she would get herself into trouble and didn't think about the problem that she looked the same as Wendy. "Well, of course it can't be me, right. How, how could I betray you? " It was no wonder that she had disguised herself for so many years around Hugo. Her ability to react in time was not inferior to that of a spy. She quickly adjusted her thoughts, and the expression of panic on her face just now disappeared without a trace.

"Hugo, please trust me. How could I do that behind your back? I'm your fiancee. As to my sister, you have no right to interfere. You have nothing to do with each other now. As long as she is happy. But I've heard that the man who married her is not the one in the photo... " she knew when to stop.

The doctor was smiling at him in the photo, as if he was the winner. In fact, it seemed that something had blocked his throat. He didn't know whether to vomit or to swallow. But it suddenly occurred to him, who had always been calm, why did someone put the photos of Wendy and the doctor at the door of his house? So this person must know her past sto

ry with him. Who was it? What was his purpose?

Looking sideways at the woman standing next to him, Hugo said coldly, "Aren't you going to tell the truth?"

Hearing this, Cindy's heart beat faster, but she looked calmer than usual. "What do you mean? Do you suspect me? " Then she turned around and went back to her seat.

The two sat face to face, looking at each other and neither of them spoke. The room was so quiet that their hearts could be heard beating.

"Why did you do this?" Without answering her question, Hugo continued to ask.

Seeing that Cindy was about to say something, he raised his hand to stop her and continued, "I don't have time to listen to your explanation. If you are sensible, tell me the truth immediately."

Having been with him for five years, Cindy was very clear about the consequences of not telling the truth in front of him, so she paused and seemed to have made a big decision. "I admit that it's me. But how did you know? "

"Your smell." he was still very calm. "When I opened the envelope and took out the photos, I smelled a familiar fragrance. When you approached to look at the photos, I smelled a stronger fragrance on you." After saying that, he even gave a scornful smile. "Do you still want to fool me with these little tricks?"

Hearing that, Cindy felt discouraged. She didn't expect that she had made such a mistake. What's more, she didn't expect that Hugo could remember her scent so clearly. Did he really care about her? Thinking of this, an unnoticeable smile slowly appeared on her face.

From such a distance, Hugo could clearly see the slight facial change of Cindy. He seemed to be able to see through her mind and asked, "Are you wondering why I can remember your scent and remember it so clearly? This perfume is her favorite, so I have always given it to you. " He picked up the photo and pointed at Wendy.

All of a sudden, the blood in her body rushed to her forehead. She stood up with her hands on the table, pointed at Hugo's nose and shouted. "I see. Hugo, you still miss her. But I advise you to give up. She is already someone else's wife. She might have already slept with someone else. She is no longer that delicate princess. Now she is just a bitch who can't even afford to wear clothes. "

The Butler, who had been standing aside, frowned and shook his head secretly to remind her not to say anything more. Otherwise, she couldn't bear the consequences. The Butler, who had been watching Hugo grow up, knew very well that Wendy was a thorn in his heart. If anyone accidentally touched it, the consequences would be unimaginable.

As expected, Hugo, who had been sitting all the time, suddenly stood up and strode to the front of Cindy. He grabbed her neck and tightened his fingers slowly. Cindy's face turned red and she could hardly breathe. Not only didn't he let go of his hand, but he also tightened more forcefully and said fiercely, "Say it again?"

Being strangled by her neck, Cindy didn't give in. She raised her neck to look at Hugo and said with difficulty, "I've said that, what can you do to me? I tell you, as long as I'm alive, you won't succeed. "

Hugo hated being threatened by others, let alone a woman. He grabbed her neck and pulled her away from his face. At this moment, he raised his other hand and slapped her in the face. Before she could react, he pulled her up and kicked the chair in front of her away, forcing her back to the wall a few meters away.

The Butler and the servants around were frightened by the series of actions. They all knew Mr. Hugo's temper, so no one dared to persuade him. They just prayed in their heart that Mrs. Cindy would not go against him anymore.

"If you have the ability, just strangle me to death. If you don't let me say it, I'll say it. She's just a loose woman, a bitch." Cindy wiped the nosebleed on her face with the back of her hand and stared at Hugo, unwilling to let him go.

Hugo still tried to be rational. He had reached his limit by doing this. He didn't want to argue with her anymore and pushed her down to the ground. He shouted at the people around him, "Lock her up. No one can let her out without my order." Then he turned around and left angrily.

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