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   Chapter 13 A Strange Woman In The Car

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Since what Hugo said in the restaurant last time, Cindy had been holding hatred in her heart. She couldn't figure out what magic Wendy had. To make Hugo so loyal to her. Maybe even Hugo himself didn't know that.

When she first met Hugo, she was eight years old. At that time, her parents and she would hide under the villa every week and peek at her sister in the yard. At that time, she didn't understand. She just envied her sister who looked exactly like her very much that she could live in such a big house and play in the yard like a garden. When she grew up, she came here every week. Time gradually turned jealousy into hatred, so every time she hid under a tree and looked at Wendy and Hugo in the yard, she told herself that even if she didn't love that man, she had to grab him, because he was the most precious thing for Wendy.

Coincidentally, when Wendy left, she happened to fill in the blank in Hugo's heart. And the blow of Wendy's leaving also made Hugo confused. With a clear mind, he knew that the woman with same face in front of him was not Wendy, but the loss in his heart could be filled by her. In the tangle of emotions and sanity, Hugo felt as if he was suffering from schizophrenia.

However, Cindy was quite happy. When she looked at the man sleeping next to her, she had a sense of success that she had never experienced before. She had dreamed of this scene for more than ten years. She knew very well that she didn't love him, and that Hugo only treated her as a substitute, without any feelings at all. Therefore, she never felt unhappy or pointed out that he often mistook her for Wendy. It was not until she came back and heard the conversation between the two people in Hugo's bedroom and his statement that she decided to take some actions.

It was already late at night. There were few cars in a service area of the North Fourth Ring Road. The dark night hid a black Audi A8 without a tail light more secretly. If it was not seen by the front light of a taxi that came in later, probably no one could notice it.

The short man wearing a hat got out of the back seat of the taxi and looked around vigilantly. Then he quickly opened the door and entered the Audi car. "Miss, I have done what you asked me to do." Then he handed an envelope to Cindy.

Without taking off the sunglasses that covered most of her face, Cindy took it over and opened it. A smile gradually appeared on his cold face, which made the short man feel a shiver.

The short man was often asked by some rich women to take some photos of their husband's infidelity, but this woman asked him to investigate a woman. Although it was a little confused, the man had good professional ethics and never asked. He could tell that the woman in front of him was very generous, so he decided to tell her more information.

"Miss." the short man smiled obsequiously. "I not only completed the task you assigned, but also knew that this man is called Jeremy. He is not only the best doctor in Beijing, but also famous in China. There are many patients coming to see him every day. This man is young but very sophisticated. He is not talkative, quiet and good-looking. "

'As expected, if he weren't an excellent man, how could Wendy fall in love with hi

m?' thought Cindy expressionlessly. "Very good." she said affirmatively after hearing the short man's words. Then she picked up the big envelope at hand and threw it to him. The man picked it up and was about to open the door and get out.

"Don't you check it?" Looking at his anxious face, she couldn't help laughing at him. Since she had been with Hugo for a long time, she often spoke as mean and cold as him.

"No, I trust you, Miss." The man smiled awkwardly and got out of the car. Hearing that, Cindy curled her lips and smiled again. At this time, she was still in the mood to joke, which was enough to see that she was well prepared to defeat Wendy.

When she drove back home, the door was locked. After getting out of the car, she didn't ring the doorbell. Instead, she walked slowly to the mailbox at the door and pushed in the envelope she had just obtained. She seemed to see the angry expression on Hugo's face when he saw these things tomorrow morning, and she could not help laughing.

Her laugh was so hollow and horrible in the quiet gate of the courtyard. She was so excited that she didn't feel sleepy at all. She turned around and walked a few steps. She came to the tree where she had stood secretly for many times and looked at the situation in the yard with her head exposed.

At this moment, she finally understood what was the change of things. She looked at the unchanged yard from the same angle as before, as if she had returned to her childhood. She was so sad that she wanted to cry. However, she was no longer her. She didn't have to peep at her sister in the yard anymore, because now she was the one in the yard.

Looking at the bright window of Hugo in the yard, she made up her mind that she must succeed this time. It didn't matter that she didn't love him. As long as Wendy's reputation was ruined, it was the greatest happiness.

When she entered the bedroom, Hugo had already fallen asleep, but the floor lamp beside him was still on. He had been sleeping with the light on, but he didn't tell the reason to her. Once he was drunk, and Cindy asked him again. The drunken Hugo mistook her for Wendy again. He touched her head and said with a cheeky smile, "You're silly. If I turn off the light, can you see the way back?"

Cindy took off her slippers and walked barefoot across the carpet to step on the light. She had always been very careful. Even if he couldn't see, she had always followed his rules. Feeling something, Hugo turned over. Thinking that he would wake up, Cindy stepped on the light again.

As expected, Hugo woke up, but he didn't open his eyes. In a daze, he knew that it was Cindy who had come back. He only said, "It's so late. Go to bed." Then there was no sound.

The floor lamp that had been on at night was like a thorn in Cindy's heart. The soft light at night was as unbearable as a fire in her eyes, because as soon as she saw the lamp, she remembered what he had said after drinking too much that night, which made her feel uncomfortable all over.

But today, looking at the light that was turned on by her again, she did not seem to be so angry. Because she knew that he would soon get rid of this problem.

That night, Cindy slept soundly and had no dream all night.

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