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   Chapter 12 The Confrontation Between Men

Enticing Ex-wife: Bound By CEO's Crazy Love By Yan Huo Characters: 7228

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Seeing Wendy standing in front of him safe and sound, Hugo's heart returned to its original place. He put down his hand and took a deep breath.

What stopped in front of him was an ordinary black Beijing Hyundai car. Normally, Hugo disdained to see who the owner of the car was, but today he had to pay attention to it.

The car turned from the slow platform on the left of Wendy, so the passenger seat was next to her. After the car suddenly stopped, a man ran out from the outer driver's seat. In a hurry, Jeremy didn't even close the door. After receiving the message from Wendy, he drove here without taking off his white coat and just put on a coat. The cold wind in the winter night blew up his coat that was not tied up. He hurried to detour from the front of the car to Wendy.

Wendy was scared out of her wits by the nearly hit car. She stood there for a long time before she came back to her senses. After standing still, Jeremy took off his overcoat and wrapped it around her. The wide men's overcoat covered her, making her look like a little girl who was stealing father's clothes. Wendy was embarrassed, because she knew that Hugo was right behind her and didn't know what to do. Fortunately, Merry, who was sitting in the passenger seat, woke up and saw her mother outside the window. She happily knocked on the glass. Wendy hurriedly opened the door and held her in her arms.

Standing behind them, Hugo furrowed his eyebrows. He held the remote control so tight that marks were left in his hand. This was the first time he saw Wendy standing beside another man. He had imagined countless times how it would be she standing by another man's side, because he knew that day would come. He even couldn't control his anger due to that imagination at the most crazy time. He was jealous of that man. He was jealous of the man who he didn't even know.

He could hardly imagine the scene that she lived with others. He could not control himself when such a thought appeared in his mind. He almost wanted to destroy everything. She, Wendy, that man, and even himself.

Now, all the illusions appeared in front of him, but it came too suddenly. He was not prepared at all and watched helplessly, without any strength to stop it. But fortunately, he wasn't as impulsive and uncontrollable as he imagined. He could still speak calmly.

"Don't you want to introduce us to each other?" Hearing the cold voice behind her, Wendy tremble a little. Well, he finally launched an attack as she expected.

But Jeremy didn't notice that there was another person standing behind her, because he only cared about Wendy. The sudden voice startled him.

With the child in her arms, Wendy turned around slowly, still wearing a coat of Jeremy. At the same time, Jeremy turned around in a hurry. He didn't know who the man in front of him was, and he was confused.

Seeing that Wendy seemed to introduce him intentionally, Hugo slowly walked out of the gap between the two cars and walked towards them.

"What a perfect match! A real harmonious family of three." with a leather glove in one hand, Hugo patted it on the other hand while walking.

Hugo noticed that the girl in Wendy's arms should be her daughter. She was wearing a red jumpsuit and a pair of red boots. Her bright eyes were the same as Wendy's. They could even shine in the dark night.

"Don't talk nonsense. This is the attending physician of my daughter. His name is Jeremy." Knowing that he did it on purpose, Wendy explained impatiently. Because she had told him that she married a high school classmate he knew.

Not knowing th

e relationship between the two, Jeremy reached out his hand friendly. Without shaking hands with him, Hugo raised his eyebrows and said to Wendy, "I underestimated you before. I haven't found that you have the potential to do so. One at home and the other outside. Wow, you are so charming. Tut-tut." He curled his lips and said exaggeratedly.

He thought she would say something or even shout abuse. In the past, if he said something wrong or did something wrong, she would not be angry with him with a cold face like other girls, but would swear. After that, she would laugh with him as if nothing had happened. He had never found such a character from others.

Unexpectedly, she didn't make a sound. Her bright eyes were just covered with mist and tears. She looked at him blankly and then looked away. She had always been strong and didn't want to cry in front of him.

Seeing that, Hugo didn't have a tender heart for her, he was even more reluctant to let her go. "By the way, you haven't introduced me to him yet. "

"This is my ex-boyfriend, Hugo." Wendy knew that if she didn't cooperate with him today, no one could leave. So she didn't look at him and just answered his question automatically.

Although Jeremy didn't know the story between the two people, he felt that Hugo seemed to hate her when he heard these short words. Otherwise, why did he say such mean words? He also knew that he was an outsider and had no right to make any comments, so he didn't say anything but stood there and looked at them.

The CEO of the famous H Group in front of him, whom Jeremy had heard of, but he had never seen any photo of him. Today when he met him, he was really extraordinary. It turned out that he was the ex-boyfriend of Wendy. No wonder when he saw Wendy for the first time, although she didn't wear any makeup, her clothes were plain and even a little shabby, and she didn't have any jewelry all over her body. However, her every move had a different aura, like a princess who was down and out in fairy tales.

Without caring about him, Hugo continued, "Alas, I should be glad. I left you early in the past, or now I am the one who is cuckolded. Looking at the beautiful little girl, Hugo stretched out his hand and teased Merry in her arms, "Tell me, is your father the one at home or this one?" He pointed at Jeremy with another hand. The funny action amused the inexperienced Merry.

In the eyes of Wendy, he was as scared as a devil. He knew there was no way back, but he still pressed her step by step. She couldn't figure out why the once kind and generous young man would become so mean, evil and ugly today? She didn't know him. Wendy didn't want to talk to him anymore. She turned around with the child in her arms.

Standing next to him all the time, Jeremy couldn't stand it anymore. He didn't care what Hugo would say to him, but he couldn't insult Wendy like this. He stepped in front of Wendy, grabbed Hugo's collar and pushed him. Without precaution, Hugo was pushed to the ground. Wendy didn't expect that the elegant and calm Jeremy would be so impulsive. With Hugo's character, she was afraid that if he got angry, the two would fight again.

But Hugo didn't move. He just stared at them. His long and thin eyes became deeper in the darkness. No matter how hard Wendy tried, she couldn't understand what was in his eyes.

Leaving him alone, Jeremy opened the door for Wendy and went back to the driver's seat. Through the thin window glass, Wendy saw him still sitting on the ground and staring at her blankly, as if it was in the rainy night five years ago.

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