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   Chapter 8 You Killed Our Father

Enticing Ex-wife: Bound By CEO's Crazy Love By Yan Huo Characters: 7205

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Hugo had been living on the top floor of the villa all the time. When he was a child, he was quiet, so he chose the top floor where others seldom went up.

Wendy followed him upstairs and turned into the corridor of his room. When they arrived at the door, he let her in like a gentleman. Wendy didn't go forward but stood at the door.

Hugo ignored her and walked straight past her to the French window, took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up.

Wendy looked around and found that the layout was exactly the same as when she left. The dark-pattern sofa was her favorite, matched with the curtain of the same color and bed supplies, which were carefully chosen by her. Maybe after a long time, she would even have feelings for something lifeless. She could even remember which part of the floor was a little loose, and where there was watermelon juice she accidentally spilled in the corner of the sofa.

Her eyes finally fell on the back of Hugo. He was wearing a black suit and a white shirt today, and a black knee-length Armani overcoat, which gave off an invisible pressure.

She looked carefully and found that his back was trembling violently. It was not difficult to see that he was trying his best to control it. She didn't know how to comfort him, so she stood there and watched blankly.

After a long time, he finally adjusted his mood and turned around to look at her. The light hadn't been turned on in the room. At a not short distance, Wendy couldn't see the expression on his face clearly.

The two looked into each other's eyes, and neither of them avoided it. For some reason, Hugo suddenly walked over, grabbed her neck and pulled her inside a few steps. Then he pressed her down on the carpet and slowly tightened his fingers. Wendy's face became red because of the suffocation, and her breath became faster and faster. At the last moment, he loosened his fingers and threw her away hard.

The plastic clip binding Wendy's hair flew to somewhere, and her scattered hair fell on the carpet in a mess. Unlike the totem carpet in his office, this was a large customized white carpet at home. He was a neat freak, so he never let others wear shoes to stand on this carpet, except Wendy.

He stood up breathlessly, frowned and clenched his fists so hard that his nails were deeply stuck into his flesh. If he hadn't calmed down in front of the window for a while, he would have killed her in anger. He stood high and looked down at her coldly. She still maintained the same posture as before, as if she was silently protesting.

Hugo squatted down again and pinched her face hard to make her look into his eyes. "Do you know why I strangled you?" He said fiercely.

"You killed our father." Without waiting for Wendy's answer, he continued.

With her eyes wide open, Wendy glared at him and said angrily, "Nonsense."

How could it be possible? In the past four years, she had missed Hale so much that she had hidden herself in a secluded place at the door of the company for several times and waited for him to get off work. She had looked at him from a distance, but had never disturbed him. But now he said she killed their father. How could it be possible?

Hugo slowly stood up and walked to the French window, leaving her a back. At this time, he might not want to see Wendy at all.

"We had a fight four years ago, but we haven't heard from you since you left. I have been so angry that I have never looked for you or come back. I found a job nearby and stayed there for four years. I told my family that you were missing, but my father had

a heart disease, so I couldn't tell him the truth, so I told him that you were studying abroad for a postgraduate. You can't go back until four years later. " He had been telling the story calmly, as if he was describing someone else's story.

"He calls you every day, so I lied to him that you didn't have a phone call at the boarding school. He called me every day to ask if you had a good day and if you had eat much. You know what, Wendy, dad is so good to you that I'm even a little jealous. " He paused and continued.

"Four years have passed quickly. We can't hide it anymore. After I came back, I said that you would come back in a few days. Until last night, I finally told him that you had disappeared four years ago. Before he could catch his breath, he... " He turned around and looked at her with his eyes wide open, as if he had seen the scene that Hale died in front of him last night.

"Why? Why did you do that? You can leave me if you don't love me. But dad treats you like his own daughter. Have you ever considered him?" He seemed to be very excited, with big tears falling.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Wendy kept crying and apologizing. She finally understood what had happened, but she didn't want to explain anything, because if it could be said, she wouldn't have chosen to leave at that time.

"It doesn't change anything to be sorry. Can dad come back to life? Huh? " Hugo shouted at her.

She didn't expect that her original decision would lead to today's consequences. However, she had no choice but to move forward without hesitation. Even if she was not understood by others, she accepted everything. But her heart would be more painful.

She didn't answer. She stood up with her hands on her knees, as if she had used all her strength. Hugo was much taller than her. Now standing on the small stairs, he could only look down at her.

It was almost noon and the light was just shining on her body against the window. She stood there, staring blankly at the front, like a body whose soul had been taken away. In a trance, he saw a few white hairs among the scattered hair. She was three years younger than Hugo, and other girls at the age of twenty-five were still acting like a spoiled child in their boyfriend's arms. She not only had to rush every day to live, but also had to take care of her sick daughter.

She looked up at him without any expression and turned to the door.

"Why?" Hugo's low voice came from behind. For so many years, things seemed to be not that serious, but this knot in his heart had not been solved.

Wendy didn't stop but kept walking.

"I'll give you whatever you want. Stay here." His voice was so low that it was almost inaudible, with extreme tenderness and begging. He had always been superior and never compromised. Except for her, no one could make him so humble.

Wendy still didn't stop. She knew very well that if her heart moved, it would be difficult to change the situation. So she just closed her eyes and moved her lips, without making a sound, "Sorry, forgive me."

Hugo was completely irritated. The gentle whisper just now was completely gone, like a wild beast. He pointed at her back and shouted, "Wendy, you will regret it." After saying that, he swung his arm and swept all the things on the nearby desk to the ground. He rushed to the bed, picked up the photo frame of their photo and threw it against the wall. Then he almost threw everything that could be smashed in the room. At last, it seemed that he had used up all his strength. He fell on the bed and stared at the ceiling blankly.

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