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   Chapter 7 I Am Not Wennie

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On the second day, Wendy got up very early. To be exact, she didn't sleep all night, because every time she closed her eyes, what had happened in that villa was replayed in her mind like a movie. She had to keep her eyes open all the time, trying her best not to be brought back to those beautiful and sad past by her dreams and memories.

Wendy walked into the bathroom. After washing up, she looked at her swollen eyes in the mirror. She had to put on some light makeup to cover them. She simply applied eyeliner and lipstick. She had to get up early to catch the bus or subway and take care of her daughter, so she had almost no time to put on makeup.

She opened the simple wardrobe lock and took out the down jacket prepared for the formal occasion. This down jacket was bought at a special price in a shopping mall. Although it only cost around 200, and was totally different from her Armani and Zara coats before. But nowadays when she usually wore clothes worth dozens of dollars, it was already a luxury. Fortunately, the coat was black, or she really didn't know what to do.

Wearing black clothes, black trousers and black shoes, Wendy walked out of the courtyard. The driver who had been waiting at the gate early opened the door for her in a hurry, and then went back to the driver's seat to drive. The earth road was so rugged that she almost left her seats in the car. Wendy looked up and saw the little doll hanging in the car shaking with the jolt. She had once given Hugo a piggy doll. Hugo thought it was too childish, so he often took it off when she was not noticing. But every time Wendy would gently hung up the doll again. It was not until he saw that she was really angry again that he did not touch the little pig again. How many things had happened after that?

The car drove from the south to the north of the city. Wendy leaned against the back of the chair and closed her eyes, thinking about something. After driving for nearly an hour, they finally turned to the hillside road leading to the villa. Hale liked the quiet environment, so he specially chose the top of the mountain where there was very few people.

Slowly driving up along the mountain road, Wendy saw a group of cars dozens of meters long from the gate of the villa, which was very spectacular. "Oh, this family is so powerful. There are so many good cars coming to mourn. Land Rover, Maybach, Lincoln Limousine, Lamborghini. "The driver seemed to have never seen this scene, amazed all the way.

Wendy, who grew up here when she was a child, was used to this kind of scene and was no longer surprised. Therefore, regardless of the driver's shock, she turned her head alone to look at the scenery outside the window. Although it was winter now and the mountains were covered with snow, it was quiet and serene.

"It's not easy to see an Audi, but it is of military license. Different people have different lives." Hearing the driver's complaint, Wendy had to agree with him awkwardly.

After getting off the car and taking a few steps, they arrived at the villa of Hua family on the top of the mountain. It was an old European style building, which was a combination of romance and solemnity, showing its unique charm. The tall hall and magnificent gate, the round arched window and the stone at the co

rner all looked dignified.

Wendy walked into the yard, which she hadn't been back for five years. She looked around and found traces of past that couldn't be erased. The gate of her memory was opened by someone, and something hidden in the bottom of her heart rushed out uncontrollably. She pressed her heart hard, begging for something to stay.

Although today was a day of mourning, there was no lack of an occasion for communication and acquaintance. The elites from various fields shuttled through the crowd and exchanged greetings with each other, but no one noticed this woman dressed ordinary and even shabby.

She stared blankly at the French window, which used to be her father's favorite place to stand. He watched her go to school and come back from school. Now she was back, but no one was looking at her.

She didn't want others to find her abnormality, so she forced back the tears in her eyes. The moment she turned around, she bumped into the man walking behind her.

"I'm sorry, Miss, sorr?" the moment he saw Wendy raise her head, his words choked in his throat.

He was Hugo's cousin, Howard Hua. They grew up together and had a good relationship. She had always called him "Brother Howard".

"Wennie, is that you?" Howard Hua suddenly shouted excitedly.

Wennie, it had been a long time since the last time somebody called her like this. When they were children, the three of them often played hide and seek in the yard. Every time Howard Hua saw her shadow, he would call her "Wennie, is that you?"

Now she wanted to answer naughtily as before, "Brother Howard, it's me. Ha ha, you're too stupid. It took you so long to find me." Things were different and she could never be like that.

"Sir, You have mistaken me for someone else. My name is Tina Zhao, not Wennie." She quickly calmed down, and there was no emotion in her tone.

"Stop kidding. How can I mistake you for someone else? I've watched you grow up. Look at me. I'm your Brother Howard." Excited, Howard Hua grasped her arm nervously and pointed at himself.

"Brother Howard." Hugo trotted all the way to the front of the two people. Like Wendy, he also called him Brother Howard.

"Hugo, you came just in time. I said she was Wennie, but she refused to admit it. Look, is it she?"

"Brother Howard, you really made a mistake. I know this lady. I also made a mistake when I first met her. Wennie has been missing for years. You must miss her too much. "

Wendy moved her lips, but said nothing. She knew that since she left, how could he explain her missing to his family?

"I don't believe it. She must be Wennie." although Howard Hua didn't talk much, he always insisted on what he thought was true. As for Wendy, he couldn't mistake her. He could be sure just by the instant she frowned when she was hit.

"Brother Howard, trust me. You really got the wrong person." Hugo put his hand on Howard Hua's shoulder and pinched it hard.

He didn't insist anymore. Disappointed, he let go of Wendy's hand and said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, Miss. I got the wrong person." Then he turned around and left without looking at her again.

Passing by Wendy, who was still in a trance, Hugo said in a very low voice, "Come to my bedroom." The whole movement was natural, like a stranger passing by.

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